Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 10

I didn’t want to leave my mate at all when my dad mindlinked me about a meeting. I figured he might have heard about me bringing a rogue into the hospital. Knight was upset as he wanted to turn around and go back to the hospital to be with his mate again. Now he sat pouting in the back of my mind.

“She will be ok man. You know Sara won’t leave her side.” He says with a smile, “It looks like those two will be inseparable.” He says laughing.

“I know, I just want to be by her side right now. We know she is in some kind of danger from what Clare told us, I just feel like something is going to happen if we aren’t there with her, Knight thinks the same thing.” I tell my Beta.

He nods in understanding, “Let’s get this meeting over quickly then, and then we can get her moved up into the pack house.”

I smile at the thought of her moving into the house, “Let’s go” I say happy with the thought of my little mate moving into my house, we make our way into my office eager to get through this meeting quickly. My dad the former Alpha and now Elder is already there waiting for us to arrive. He is casually sitting on the sofa in the room reading the newspaper. When he see us enter he sets it aside.

“Dad” I say and make my way around my desk. “What is this meeting for?”

He looks straight at me “Is it true that you brought a rogue to the pack hospital last night?” He asked not beating around the bush.

“I did, but she is not a rogue.” A smile spreads across my face. “She’s my Mate”

He stands from the couch an comes and gives me a man hug and slapping me on the back. “Congratulations son!” He says genuinely happy and excited. “So when can your mother and I meet her?”

Laughing I say “Soon, she should be out of the pack hospital in a few hours. I plan to move her in to the house then. She is very nervous right now, so we all need to take it slow with her.”

Now he laughs, “We’ll be good, I promise.” My parents can be a little much sometimes but they always mean well.

“You should let your mom go over and get the house ready for her to come home.” He adds.

“That’s a good idea” Knight says. “We need to make sure we have everything our mate might need ready for her”.

My dad pours us all a glass of whiskey to celebrate but before we get the chance we all get a pack wide mindlink, “BREACH”

The drinks are quickly forgotten as the three of us sprint down stairs. Knight wants to go to the hospital right away to protect his mate but I remind him we have to make sure everyone in the pack is protected. Once we make it out the front door we can see wolves emerging from the tree line.

How did they get this far into our territory with out being seen sooner. The woman and children normally would go to the bunker in the pack house during a attack but because these rogues were able to sneak in undetected somehow leaves me no choice but to tell them to hide in their homes.

I shift into Knight, his solid black coat glistens in the sunlight his red eyes shining bright. No one knows why my wolf’s eyes were different form mine. Usually when a werewolf shift our eyes stay the same but mine didn’t. And now that I think about it neither does Holly’s. I shove that thought to the back of my mind to analyze later.

Eric and my dad also shift quickly, Eric is a dark slate grey wolf that makes his ice blue eyes stand out, while my dad’s wolf is also black like mine, only his Wolf has white socks on his hind legs and Hazel eyes.

Knights growls out a warning for the intruders to stop but they continue advancing on the house. “Well you warned them,” I tell Knight and he smirks slightly ready for a good fight.

Crouching down low he lunges at the closest wolf. Knight rips him to peices with in seconds, the Rogue wolf didn’t even see it coming. Dad’s wolf Max also has a rogues neck between his jawls, he shakes him until there is a satisfying crack, he drops the dead wolf and quickly moves to the next one.

More warriors start to join us, and it seems as if the rogues are only attacking right here. There aren’t any reports of breaches throughout the rest of the territory, or into any homes.

Knight finishes off another rogue an sees his Beta has two rogues on him. One has ahold of his hind leg while the other continues to try and get to Eric’s throat. Knight takes off and leaps over them to grab the one going for Eric’s neck.

He latches on and the other wolf lets out a yelp. He turns around to focus on the new threat instead. Knights muzzle is now coated in the blood from the rogues, he snarls at his new target, his eyes flashing bright red. You can see the rogue questions rather to continue or not now. He lunges first trying to grab my throat but I’m quicker and dodge his attack. Turning around quickly I latch onto his neck with one shake I hear the snap of his neck breaking, I drop him and quickly attack the next rogue I see.

Erics wolf Jax is able to break away from the wolf on his leg, that gives him a minute to get back up, Jax is now enraged, he circles the rogue waiting for the right moment to strike. He has a slight limp from his injury but he doesn’t let it slow him down any. The rogue makes the mistake of taking his eyes off of Jax for a moment when he sees I have killed his conrad. Jax then takes the opportunity coming back around and grabbing the rogues throat finishing him off quickly.

There is now around 20 or so dead rogues that are laid out around the the pack house. Kinght lets out a long howl letting the rest of his pack know it’s safe now.

“Something isn’t right here. They all were so focused right here they didn’t attack anywhere else in the territory. They didn’t try to go after anyone in their homes.” Knight says as he surveys the bodies and trying to make sense of the situation.

“Its almost as if this was ment to be a distraction, but from what?” I ask him. Suddenly Eric takes off toward the hospital. ” What’s going on?” I ask through our mindlink.

“The girls are being attacked” he yells through the link.

Knight takes off quickly out running Jax and skidding to a hault in front of the hospital doors. I shift quickly and throw them open. Making my way down the corridor as fast as my legs can carry me with Jax right on my heels. We can hear the sounds of fighting, a loud growl suddenly shakes the ground of the hospital.

I throw open the door to Holly’s room and see a white wolf with glowing gold eyes standing protectively over a knocked out Sara as a smaller red wolf lunges for the the white one. Before he could even get close Jax has him pinned, jaws snapping dangerously close to his throat wanting nothing more then to tear this wolf apart for harming his sister and Luna.

“Shift” I say using my Alpha command as I walk over to the two wolves. He trys his hardest to fight it but is no match for my Alpha aura. As he shifts we all notice he is nothing but a young man probably around 19. Jaxs continues to keep him pinned until more warriors arrive.

“Take him to the cells, make sure he is secured with silver.” I tell them and they lead him away. Jaxs leaves the room with those warriors and Eric comes back in quickly handing me a pair of shorts to put on. He then walks over to Sara and the white wolf.

The wolf let’s a low growl out bareing her teeth and continues to protect Sara. Not letting him get anywhere near her.

“It’s ok now I swear, please let me check on my sister” Eric says. That seems to get the wolfs attention and it steps back to let him pick Sara up and place her on the bed.

The sound of bones breaking starts as the wolf starts to shift back, Holly now stands in front of me. She looks a little shaken from the events that just happened. Knight is stunned briefly admireing his mates beauty until he realizes there are other males in the room with his now very naked mate. He let’s a loud growl out, that not only sends the rest of the warriors scurrying out the door but also pulls Holly from her thoughts an she rushes into the bathroom.

“Mom, can you bring some clothes for my mate to the pack hospital please” I mindlink my mother.

“Mate, did you just say Mate? You found her?” My mother rambles off to excited.

“Yes mom, I found her. She needs some clothes please.” I say smiling at how happy mother sounded knowing I found my mate.

“On my way” is all she says and with in 10 minutes my dad and her both walk into the room.

“Everywhere is clear, no loses just a few injured” My dad says. I nod in acknowledgment thankful that he was here to help out after the attack.

“Where is she?” Mom asks as she scans the room looking for my mate. This wasn’t how I wanted my mate to meet my parents. I point to the bathroom door and mom goes to knock. “Sweetheart I brought you some clothes.” Mom says in a gentle tone.

We hear the lock disengage and the door opens just enough for Holly to poke her head out, “Thank you” She says taking the clothes from my mother with a small smile and closes the door locking it again.

Sara starts to wake up, thankfully she only has a bump to the head that should heal with in a few hours. She tries to get her brother to stop fussing over her but we all know that isn’t happening until he is satisfied that she is not in danger anymore. Eric is alot like me he is extremely protective over his loved ones.

“I’m fine Eric, you’re more hurt then I am.” Sara tells her brother pointing down to his leg that is still bleeding slightly. She forces him to sit on the hospital bed so she can start to clean the wound.

“What happened? We have not had a rogue attack in ages.” Mother ask pulling my attention away from the bickering siblings.

“I’m not sure yet. It seems like the initial attack was a distraction to keep us all occupied and away from the hospital since this is the only other place they attacked. How they managed to get into the territory as far as they did with out being noticed I have no idea yet.”

“Why would they want to distract us from the hospital in the first place.” My mother asks, all of us asking the same question. What exactly were they looking for in here?

The lock sounds and Holly emerges for the bathroom, she now wearing a pair of black leggings and a t-shirt.

“I think they were here for me” She says and all eyes turn to her.

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