Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 11

Holly’s POV from the Attack

I’m not sure if the danger the moon goddess said was coming for me has anything to do with the attack or if they are one in the same.

I do know this has everything to do with Alex. I don’t have physical proof, but I know in my heart this is all his doing. The wolf that had attacked Sara and I didn’t seem to want to hurt her. He seemed to be in disbelief when he entered the room. When he looked back to me he looked as if he was having a war within himself. It seemed the side of getting to me won in the end as he lunges forward.

Sara put herself between the two of us before he was able to stop, causing him to run straight into Sara and knocked her out of the way so hard that she hit her head on the floor and passed out. The look of anguish on the wolf’s face told me that Sara was his mate. He just hurt his mate while trying to get to me. This enraged Andra as she took control and shifted.

The Little red wolf was shocked when he saw her. Andra shook out her fur, looking at the wolf who hurt his own mate and her friend, she pulled her lips back in a snarl showing her sharp canines. Andra waste no time in lunging for the wolf, he skids out of the way trying to evade her but in the small room it’s not easy.

Andra grabs him by the scruf of his neck and slings him against the farthest wall, she then stands protectively over Sara’s still unconscious body, a loud growl coming from deep in her chest, so loud that it shook the ground.

The red wolf gets back up to his feet now really pissed off and snarls at Andra until he looks back down at Sara’s body and he whimpers. Suddenly the door to the room slams open, Jason takes in the room, a blur of dark grey rushes past him, a slate grey wolf now pins the red wolf to the ground and snaps ferociously at his neck.

Jason releases his Alpha aura and commands the wolf to shift as the dark grey wolf continues to hold him down and growls.The red wolf fights the command for a few seconds but ultimately loses that battle and shifts back to his human form. Everyone gasps seeing that its nothing more the a kid around 18 or 19 years old.

Jason has the warriors take him away to the cells to question later on, the grey wolf goes with them as they exit the hospital room. Eric comes back in the room now in nothing but a pair of basketball shorts and hands a pair to Jason.

I realized that the grey wolf must have been Eric now as he comes in front of Andra, as he trys to reach for Sara Andra growls again posed to attack anyone that gets near her friend.

Eric stops and trys to coax Andra to let him get to Sara. “Andra it’s Eric her brother he isn’t going to hurt her. That was his wolf that came in. Let him get her off the floor and checked out.” I ask her. She finally relents and allows Eric to pick Sara up and place her on the now empty hospital bed.

Andra then gives me back control and I shift back. This is why I typically stay to myself, knowing someone is out there constantly trying to get to you makes it hard to have anyone close. Now the one person I’ve really let in in the past few years is the one in the hospital bed.

“It’s not your fault Holly, it’s Alexander’s. He is the one that caused this not us.” Andra says.

There is a loud growl that is almost deafening that rips from Jasons chest that scares all the warriors out of the room.”Why did he do that?” I ask my Wolf.

“Well it could be that now your standing there naked in front of him and he doesn’t like to share” Andra says smirking at me. I snap out of my haze and rush to the bathroom. Andra now belly laughing at my predicament. Damn wolf did that on purpose, I think and she has the audacity to snort at that.

There’s a soft knock on the door and the voice of a woman comes from the other side, “Sweetheart I brought you some clothes.” I crack the door open and see the smiling face of a older woman who hands me a t-shirt and a pair of leggings. Saying ‘Thank you’ I quickly close the door and dress as fast as possible.

As I open the door I hear the same woman ask “Why would they want to distract us from the hospital in the first place.”

“I think they were here for me” I tell the room as I exit the bathroom.

After I stated that revelation that I was the cause for the attack Jason decided to move the discussion to his office for more privacy. Sara and Eric sat on one couch, Jason’s parent’s were in the two chairs side by side, it was his mother who had brought me the clothes at the hospital I realized and Jason sat beside me on the matching couch. He pulls me as close to his body as he can get me.

“Now why do you think you are the cause for the attack?” Jason asks looking at me with concern etched on his face.

“Well, it’s not the first time I’ve had someone come after me.” I say looking down at my hands in my lap.

“What do you mean not the first time?” Jason asks lifting my chin to look at him once again. His Hazel eyes showing so much concern for me in them.

“The last time was about two years ago. Six months after I left my pack and became a rogue, two warriors found me in my cabin in the woods in Georgia. They said the Alpha and former Alpha had demanded I return to the pack immediately.” I tell them.

Sara notices that I am struggling and moves to my other side, she grabs both my hands giving them a little squeeze of encouragement. “Andra my wolf killed them when they attempted to force me back.”

“I still don’t know why they want me to come back.” I say still just as confused as the day those warriors showed up. It just didn’t make any sense to me.

“Can you tell us more about the pack you were in.” Jason asks.

I nod my head, “I was a Omega of the Silver Bow Pack from the time I was dropped off at their gates as a baby. I don’t know anything about who my birth parents are or why they left me. “

Jasons mother gasps and looks shocked to hear that I was abandoned, I can see the unshed tears that have gathered in her eyes as she tries to hide then.

“I was allowed to stay at the pack house with the Alphas family but it wasn’t so great. The Alpha and Luna never paid me to much attention growing up, it was almost as if I wasn’t there to them.” I say remembering all the times they had completely ignored me and ignored the pain their son was causing me.

“Their son Alexander, well he paid a little to close attention to me.” I say and Jason growls out.” No matter how hard I tried to stay out of his way he always seemed to be there. It started with him just teasing me when we were little but once my Wolf appeared, well then it got physical.”

“Never liked that boy or his father.” Jasons dad says shaking his head. “They always have had a mean streak in them.”

I don’t want to tell them about all the beatings I would get from Alex or the times he pushed me down a flight of stairs. I don’t think Jasons wolf can deal with that right now.

All three men now look pissed, “We’ll good thing we didn’t mention the scars either. With the looks on their faces right now I think their wolves would go straight to Silver Bow if they knew about them” Andra comments. She has a point there.

“Why did you leave your pack to become a rogue to begin with then?” Jason’s dad asks.

“I left the pack on my on accord,” I stop and look at the man beside me. Is what I’m about to say going to make him also reject me, will he also think I’m not good enough. “after my mate rejected me.”

There is an audible gasp around the room followed by a low growl. I’m suddenly picked up and placed in Jason’s lap. He wraps his arms around me and burys his face in my neck taking in as much of my scent as he can to calm his wolf.

“MINE” He says his voice melding with his wolf’s. I can feel his chest rumble beneath my hand as low growls reverberate through him.

I look at the man who seriously has a death grip on me, like if he let’s go even a inch he will lose me forever. I’ve never had a feeling like this. Of being cherish, of having someone else so afraid that something could happen to me.

“This is where we belong” Andra says perfectly content to be wrapped in her mates warm embrace.

We finished up the meeting after the men went to the cells to interview the Rogue wolf they had captured. Everyone then left, leaving Jason and I alone for the first time. He finally releases me and our eyes lock, neither one of us were able to look away.

“Goddess you are so beautiful!” He says causing me to blush bright red. No one has ever said I was beautiful, I was always called fat in my last pack so many times that it’s hard to believe this man could see me any other way.

“Come on I’ll show you to your room.” He says and stands up taking my hands and pulling me up with him. He leads me down the stairs to the first floor the whole time he has my hand in his. There are two hallways on either side of the entry way and he takes the one leading to the right wing of the house.

We made our way down the long hall, there was large windows on the left side of the hall that looked out into a garden that had beautiful roses blooming all through it. There is only three doors on the right side, that is a little strange to me. I figured there would be alot more guest rooms in a house this big.

Jason stops at the last door, pulling out a key to open the door. He steps to the side for me to walk through first, and when I do I am shocked. It’s not a guest room at all, I’m now standing in another foyer, there is a living room off to the right side and the kitchen and dining room is directly in front of me. It’s amazing, the entire design is a modern rustic design that is beautifully decorated.

Then it hits me this is his part of the pack house, The Alpha Residence. He reads the shock on my face an laughs and continues farther into the home.

“Well go on now follow him,” my Wolf says winking at me in the back of my mind. I now hurry to catch up with him as he makes his way up another set of stairs and down another hallway. He stops at a door turning to look at me.

“If you need anything my room is right there.” He says pointing to the door just a little bit from the one we are at now. He then leans in and kisses my cheek, leaving me speechless as he goes into his on room.

Opening the door to my room without even turning on a light I walk straight to the bed, flinging my body down I fall asleep within seconds.

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