Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 12

“Son of a b!tch” I roar, I have destroyed this room since the attack failed. There are now holes all the way around the room from either my fist or a piece of furniture that is now broken and flipped over.

Blackwater hasn’t seen a significant rogue attack in 15 years I heard, so I hoped that being completely caught off guard would be an advantage for us but it wasn’t they were very well prepared. I had sent in around twenty rogues to distract the Warriors, Alpha and Beta just long enough so the one wolf would be able to sneak into the hospital unnoticed and collect the she-wolf.

Since the she wolf was still in the hospital I figured she wouldn’t be able to fight back to much. Boy was I wrong. Not only was she able to fight off the wolf sent to retrieve her but the Blackwater wolves were able to take out the rest of the wolves I had sent in as well.

My phone starts to ring and I see it’s the pup. “What the hell was that?” He yells through the speaker. My Wolf let’s out a growl, not liking the way this little boy was talking to him.

“You better watch yourself pup.” my Wolf says coming forward.

“Why would you go in and attack like that, s**t man. You were just supposed to sneak in and get the she wolf. Now the whole pack is on alert and border security has been doubled.” He continues.

s**t that’s not good, I sit down on the bed running my hand through my long hair. My Wolf Steele perks up with a smirk crossing his face. “Where’s that map of the area that marks off the territory?”

I quickly pulled it out of my bag and spread it out on the table. Setting the phone down on the table while on speaker Steele comes forth. “There if we set everything up right it would be the best place. The eastern portion of Blackwater is undeveloped correct?” Steele asks the pup.

“Yea, most of that area is used solely for the logging business the pack runs.” the kid says sounding confused on where Steele is going with this.

“How do you plan to get her out there though?” I ask my Wolf. A sinister smirk crosses my face now, “That little friend of hers of course, she is the only person. that the rogue really cares for right now.” Steele says. “If we take her the rogue will gladly take the place of her dearest friend”

“You mean Sara, so you want to kidnap Sara to force Holly to surrender herself.” the pup laughs for a second before continuing, “That’s perfect.”

“How fast can we get this set up?” Steele asks the pup.

“I think a couple days at best, it definitely needs to be set up better then the monstrosity that occurred today.” The pup says laughing slightly.

Steele actually chuckled at that, “I agree, but we still need this to happen as quickly as possible. Can we get it set up in three days?”

“I think so, but how do you expect to even get to Sara in the first place?” The pup ask.

“That I haven’t quite figured all the details out on yet. You will be the one who takes her though.” I say when Steele relinquishes his control. “We need to get set up out there atleast the night before you abduct Sara. What does security look like out there?”

“Don’t worry about that, I can handle it. There won’t be anyone out there.” Mike says

We finish up a few minor details and I end the call. I start calling in some reinforcements for backup. Once the arrangements are all ready to go I take a final look over the plans, this is going to work I say to myself, a smile crosses my face.

“I hope the pup can pull his part off or the whole plan is not going to work.” Steele says.

“I agree, he seemed pretty confident so I think he will be able to pull it off.” I tell my Wolf.

I head into the tiny bathroom to take a quick shower. As I finish I hear my phone begin to ring again. I pick up the phone looking at the caller ID, “Oh shit.” I say to Steele, as the clients number flashes across the screen.

When I answer a frantic voice comes from the speaker, “Well, did you succeed? Did you get her?” The man asks.

“Not exactly sir. We underestimated the response time that it would take the pack once they knew we were there. The she-wolf was also more then my guys bargained for.” A growl comes from the other end of the phone.

“F***, I’m on my way. It’s obviously going to take something special to get to this woman.” He says and I can hear a smile come across his face.”And I have just the thing. I’ll meet you tomorrow night” And he hangs up the phone.

“What the hell does he have planned now.” Steele comments.

The next night:

It was now around 6 p.m. and I just got a message from the client that he was in town at the bar and wanted me to meet him there in fifteen minutes. “Back corner booth.” The text says.

I’m shocked by who is sitting in that booth the moment I walk through the doors of The Black Rose. Alexander Stone, Alpha of the Silver Bow Pack.

I never thought the clients would be the Alpha and former Alpha of Silver Bow when I first got the file.

He is also wearing a masking pendent on him, so none of the other wolves in the bar are able to pick up on either of our scents.

“Alpha” I say just low enough that he would be able to hear me but no one else, I give him a slight bow of my head and I take a seat across from him.

“So tell me how you plan to get my mate for me.” He says leaning in closer. Wait, what did he just say? Did he just say that Holly was his mate?

“This just got more complicated” Steele says to me.

Before I can ask my next question a waitress approaches our table to take our orders. We order two beers and wait for her to return before we continue our previous conversation.

As soon as she is far enough away I turn to Alexander, “Did you just say that Holly was your mate?” I ask, goddess this is really not good.

“Yes she is, I made a mistake in rejecting her two years ago. “I’ve been trying to find her and get her to accept me but she is playing hard to get.” He says smirking a bit.

“He is hiding something, if he really wanted to take her back as his mate why is he sending us in to get her?” Steele says seeing the holes in the Alphas story.

“Honestly I don’t really care why he wants the girl, just as long as he pays us the money.” I tell my Wolf, he isn’t happy with this answer and that’s surprising. Steele usually isn’t one that cares for anyone else but himself.

“So tell me what is your plan now.” The Alpha asks.

I explain the plan to kidnap Holly’s friend to have her surrender herself to us. “I haven’t figured out the best way take the other she wolf yet though.”

A sinister smile now crosses Alexander’s face, “I knew these would come in handy for her.” He says pulling out a small black box, when he opens it there are two darts that lie inside.

Tranquilizer darts, usually they have mild sedatives but those won’t work on a werewolf. You have to have a mixture of wolfsbane and liquid silver to bring us down. The wolfsbane acts almost as the sedatives would, and the Silver represses the wolf. With liquid silver in a wolf’s system they can not connect to their wolf at all. No mindlink, no shifting, no accelerated healing you are basically a human.

“That will definitely make both she-wolves more compliant.” I tell my Wolf.

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