Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 13

Waking up to sun light streaming in from the large French doors that lead out onto the balcony that wraps around the entire house. There are divider walls that separated each set of homes so everyone on the right wing has plenty of privacy. The entire pack house is absolutely gorgeous, the room I’m in now is beautifully decorated in cream and light pink with a touch of gold.

The bed that I’m currently laying on is the softest thing I have ever laid on and I seriously don’t want to get out of it, the comforter is cream colored an so thick it could swallow you completely. The walls were a soft pink with gold accents placed sporadically around the room.

After the attack last night I told Jason and the others about everything that happened before I moved here, and after seeing the way they all acted as I told them had helped me to realize they might not be like Silver Bow. I’m not going to lie I’m still a little apprehensive about the whole situation.

The three men had left for a bit to go talk to the only rogue that they let live, he confirmed they had been sent for me but didn’t know why or by who. This left me feeling even more guilty for the attack on their pack. During the time they had been gone I asked Sara the question I had been dying to ask.

“Is the rogue in the cells your mate Sara?” I ask her gently, her head snaps to me and I see the tears gather in her blue eyes as she fights to hold them back. I instantly just wrap my arms around her and do my best to try and comfort her.

This girl has become my best friend and to see her so upset like this just rips mine and Andras heart to shreds.

“What am I going to do Holly? My Mate tried to kidnap my best friend and Luna. And in the process he hurt me and didn’t even care.” Sara crys out as her tears began falling.

“Hey now, I might not know what all was going on in his head but I do know one thing. When he realized he had unintentional hurt you it broke him a little. Honestly I think that’s why he didn’t put up as big of a fight in the end. He knew if he did Eric and Jason wouldn’t hesitate to kill him.” I tell her, trying to ease her mind atleast some.

Sara lifts her head from my shoulder her blue eyes shining a little brighter. “Do you really think so?” She asked me so full of hope for her mate.

Nodding my head I take her shaking hands in mine, “I do, and if the person behind this is Alexander then I don’t place all the blame on that young man.” I say smiling at her.

Sara grabs me quickly and hugs me so tightly that I have a hard time breathing. “Hey, umm I kind of need air.” I say laughing at her.

She releases me a small smile on her face, “Thank you Holly!” She says, she nods to Jasons mom who I had honestly forgot was there and leaves the office.

“Well done my dear.” Jasons mom says a proud smile now on her lips. “You handled that just like a Luna.”

Now I lay here in this big comfortable bed wondering what to do now. Everyone here has been so nice to me, well almost everyone if you don’t include Mike. Andra has been on cloud nine ever since Jason had called us his.

I have to remind her that he could still reject us and probably would now after the attack. The sudden protectiveness could only be the effects of the mate bond and there were no actual feeling towards us.

“It’s not just the bond, please just give it a chance Holly.” Andra pleads with me.

My wolf seems so needy now that she found her second mate. It’s not like her at all, she is normally a very confident and independent kind of wolf.

I’m deep in my thoughts trying to figure out what I’m going to do, am I going to continue running from my ex mate or am I going to stop running and accept my new mate. “Ugh,” I say as I bury my face in the fluffy pillow.

There is a knock on the door and reluctantly I leave the fluffy cloud of a bed and I move to open the door. There standing before me is my incredibly sexy mate, Andras tounge is now hanging out her mouth. This man stands before me in nothing but a pair of grey sweatpants holding a tray full of different foods.

“Forget about the food, I want to eat him. Could he get any hotter” Andra pants. She sends me mental pictures of just how she intends to eat this godly looking man and my cheeks flush red.

“Will you stop it. Horny ass wolf” I say back. She does have a point though, this man was delectable.

He smirks at me like he knew what I was thinking about and I go even redder if that was even possible.

“I got breakfast, I wasn’t sure what you liked so I got a little of everything.” He says, a charming smile on his face. If I was the swooning type I definitely would have then. It should be illegal to be this good looking.

Clearing his throat I’m pulled from my thoughts, Andra full on laughing at me as I realize I’m still just staring at him. I look to the tray and noticing there is more then enough food for two so I step to the side and allow him into the room.

Andra bombards me with more mental pictures of Jason and I in very compromising positions. Making me go bright red once again. I try to compose myself and chastised my Wolf while closing the door. When I turn around I run right into a wall, a wall of hard muscles that cause every inch of my skin to erupt in tingles where our skin touches and goosebumps rise. A shiver running through my body.

“Hey, are you ok?” Jason asks as he grabs my shoulders to keep me from falling on my a** and sending more tingles across body. I look up and I’m met with his amazing Hazel eyes. I’m instantly lost once again in everything that is this man as my eyes travel down his face an stop on his lips, it’s like they call to me to just lean in a taste them.

I resist that urge, his hand reaches up and brushes the side of my cheek as be moves a peice of my hair that has fallen forward into my face. The tingles spead across my cheek causing another shiver to corse through my body settling low in my core.

His nose flares slightly as my arousal hits him, his irises swirl with the red of his wolf’s eyes. I’ve never met another wolf who’s eyes are a different color then their humans the way Andras and mine are.

What in the world is wrong with me. How can something as simple as his touch cause such strong feelings. I’ve never felt this way before.

I take one step back and try to regain my composer again, my heart rate starting to slow back to a normal rate. Jasons hand falls back to his side and he closes his eyes while taking a few deep breaths his fist opening and closing. When he opens his eyes again there is only his Hazel color staring back at me.

I clear my throat, “Maybe we should eat before it gets cold.” I say with a small awkward smile. I am so not good at this, I say to myself.

He nods his head and walks over to the little table that sits beside the windows, he pulls out a chair an looks back at me. I’m still standing in the same spot. That charming smile crosses his face again as he looks at me.

“Well, aren’t you going to join me?” He asks playfully.

A small smile now on my face, “Sorry I’m just not used to all this.”

“It’s ok Holly, we can take our time.” Jason says.

“I don’t want to take our time, I want to sit on his face.” Andra grumbles not happy, causing me to choke on the water I was trying to drink.

He pats my back as I try to catch my breath with out dying, “Hey are you ok?”

“Yep, yep I’m good.” I say as my face countines to burn bright red. Andra is still pouting and I do my best to shut her out.

We lapse into a awkward silence as we begain to eat. I’ve never been good at talking to boys. Hell none ever talked to me in my old pack, so having any male attention on me makes me nervous and I have absolutely no idea what to say.

I take a bite of bacon and a small moan slips from me, its been a very long time since I’ve had the simple pleasure of eating bacon.

Jasons eyes begin to swirl with red again for a moment before he regains his control, he clears his throat, “How long have you been in town?” He ask.

“Hmm, two weeks I believe.” I say with a small laugh, “Honestly my days kind of run together since I started working at the bar. Beth definitely keeps us busy.”

I’m hit with the realization that I haven’t been to work in two days, nor have I been back to my motel room and I think today is the check out day unless I pay for more, since I’ve been out of work I don’t have the money for it.

“s**t” I mutter to myself, now what am I going to do. I have to go back to the motel to atleast get my things but I don’t know where I will go after that. With no more money left my options are none.

“We will stay here with our mate.” Andra says still very grumpy with me.

“You know that we can’t do that. He hasn’t even asked us to stay. He was probably just being nice because of us just getting out of the hospital and the attack. Hell after the attack I’m pretty sure he wants us to get out anyway.” I ramble off to my Wolf trying to justify my actions in leaving. I don’t want to cause them anymore trouble then I already have.

Andra just shakes her big head at me a sighs but doesn’t respond.

“I know you must have a lot of Alpha duties to get to today, Sara can just take me back to town today and I’ll be out of your hair.” I mumble out, Andra begains whimpering again upset that I want to leave.

A shocked look settles of his face, “I don’t have anything for today. Eric can handle anything that comes up today. What do you need from town?” He asked as he continues to eat his breakfast.

Not what I thought he was going to say, “I need to talk to Beth about missing work and get my things from my room and figure out where I’m going now.”

His fork drops from his hand and before I hear it hit his plate he is in front of me, his irises are completely red now. His wolf is present and he isn’t very happy with me now. A low rumble comes from his chest.

“First, we can go together to get your things, second Beth already knows what has been going on so your good on that. Lastly I hope you listen very very carefully to what I’m about to say because it is the most important. You are not ‘Going’ anywhere else Holly. You are our mate, you belong here by our side.” He growls out and slams his lips to mine stopping any argument I might of had from leaving my lips.

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