Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 14

*This chapter starts from Knights POV and will adjust into Jasons POV*

I lost it when I heard Holly talk about leaving us. I pushed myself forward so fast Jason didn’t have a chance to try and stop me.

I slammed my l!ps against hers in a bruising k!ss to stop her from even mentioning leaving again. Moving one hand down her beautiful body and stopping at her h!p, while I move the other around the back of her head and into her hair, pulling her body flush against mine.

Deepening the k!ss, I run my tongue softly across her soft bottom l!p begging for entrance. I wrap my hand in her hair and give it a soft tug causing a soft m0an to escape her l!ps, taking my moment I slip my tongue in exploring her mouth. Our tounges now dancing as they battle for dominance of the k!ss. The scent of her ar0usal hits me as it now fills the air.

“She isn’t ready yet” Jason yells at me from the back of my mind. He’s trying to push himself forward but my hold is more then he anticipates.

Holly places her small hand on my ch.est, causing me to pull away from the k!ss. Her l!ps are now swollen and pink, I want to capture them once again. Deciding not to push her to hard to fast I lean my forehead against hers closing my eyes. Neither of us says a word as we try to catch our breath again, the scent of her arousal still clinging to the air. When I open my eyes again I notice that Holly’s wolf is also in control now.

“Settle down Human, I know she isn’t ready for that just yet! But I don’t want her to continue talking about leaving.” I tell Jason causing him to stop trying to take back control.

“What is your name Little Wolf?” I ask looking into her mesmerizing golden irises.

A small smirk graces her l!ps, “Andra, and yours?” She says as she wraps her arms around the back of my neck and c0cks her head to the side slightly.

I purr as she softly strokes the back of my head, “Knight” I say, desire clearly evident in my voice as I look down into her beautiful face.

I want nothing more right now then to wrap her beautiful legs around my wa!st and drive myself home into her welcoming body but I force myself not too think that way. Andra may be more willing to right now but I know Holly is still extremely nervous right now. I place a chaste k!ssed on her l!ps before the two of us sit back down at the table.

Andra has a slight frown on her face, confused on why I stopped. I know she is wanting more just as I do.

“Little Mate, why does Holly want to leave us?” I ask, a sad look now shining through her golden eyes.

Sighing she looks down at her hands, “Holly’s been through more then you know, she has always been alone until I came. But even then I wasn’t able to stop some of the awful things that happened to her.” Andra says while wiping a few tears that slip down her cheeks. “If only I had been able to protect her back then she wouldn’t want to leave.”

“She also feels guilty for the attack yesterday. She thinks it has something to do with Alexander and she doesn’t want anyone else to be hurt because of her. She is scared that you will also reject her for not being good enough.” Andra finally looks up at me and I can see the struggle the two of them are having. Holly’s blue/grey color now mixing with Andras gold.

“What did those as*sholes do to our mate.” Jason says now agitated at the thought of Holly feeling inadequate because of her first mate and the trauma she suffered in her last pack.

“What happened Little Mate? What did they do to the two of you?” I know it’s going to agitate to me and Jason but we need to know exactly what happened to her while in The Silver Bow Pack.

Shaking her head Andra says, “I don’t know if that’s a good idea. Holly plays some of the stuff that happened off a little to well to cope.” She says, her eyes pleading with me to not make her answer.

I move to pull Andra into my lap wrapping my arms around her wa!st, reaching up I move a peice of her hair that has fallen out of her face. Cupping each of her cheeks I stare into her swirling gold an blue/grey eyes.

“It is important that we know what happened Andra. Please tell me what happened to the two of you Little Mate.” I plead with her again.

“I don’t know what happened before I showed up exactly. Holly doesn’t talk about it and never has but after well, I think it may be better to show you.” She says rising to her feet and stepping away from the table.

She turns around facing away from me and lifts the back of her shirt. A menacing growl rumbles deep in my ch.est as I see the numerous white scars that litter her back. I suddenly realize I am standing right beside her when my hand reaches out on its on accord, tracing one of the longer scars that crosses her back.

Looking over her right shoulder, “I told you this wasn’t a good idea.”

I notice there is something else marking her skin. There on her right shoulder is a mark, like a tattoo but it is a shimmery white that you can only see if the light hits it just right. It is in the shape of the moon with a wolf Howling at it. A shiver courses through Andra as I run my fingers over the mark.

Andra lowers the back of her shirt, turning to face me. I can see the pain in her eyes, as if she is now waiting for me to reject her. Letting Jason finally bring himself forward enough to were they know we are both present now, “Little Mate we want you to stay. We want you here with us forever. We want you as our Luna. We will never reject you Little Mate.”

Giving Jason back control I watch as Andras tears stream down her cheeks as her eyes slowly fade into Holly’s blue/grey ones.

Jasons POV starts now

Hearing Andra tells Holly’s fears of being rejected again and her guilt for the attack yesterday tears at my heart. And when she showed Knight all the scars on her delicate back I was livid. She didn’t need to say a name I knew every mark there had been inflicted by either Alexander or his sadistic ass father.

Lifting my mate up bridal style I move to lay her in the bed. Her eyes now puffy and red from her tears that ran down her face.

Laying her down and pulling the covers over her, I crawl in behind wrapping her up in my arms, pulling her close to my ch.est.

I can feel her tense up. “Shh, it’s ok. I’m not going to do anything I just want to hold you Little Mate.” I say placing a k!ss to the top of her head, I hold her until she finally falls into a deep sleep.

“We will make those as*sholes pay for every mark on her back.” Knight growls out.

At some point I also drift off to sleep with her still in my arms. I’m woken up by a mindlink from Eric. “Hate to bother you Alpha but there is something I think you need to hear. Can you meet me in your office?”

“Yea give me ten minutes” I tell my Beta.

Looking over at my sleeping mate I place another k!ss on top of her head and make my way to the bathroom. When I come back out I see she is now awake and sitting at the edge of the bed looking up at me.

Sniffling a little “Sorry about earlier. My wolf can be a blabber mouth sometimes.” She says with a little chuckle.

“I’m glad she told us, I understand now why you are nervous about having a new mate. But I want you to understand something though, I do want you Holly, both Knight and I want you and Andra.”

Tears began to fall once again as she trys to look away from me but I stop her and make her look at me once more. Taking her hand to my l!ps I place a k!ss on top of her knuckles.

“I know saying I Love You right now may seem a bit to soon but I do. I Love you Holly. Knight and I love both of you!” I tell her. She gasps, in shock of my confession.

She is quiet for a while, Knight begins whimpering as he waits for her to speak. She suddenly flings her arms around my neck surprising both Knight and I. The tears have started back, I feel her nod her head ever so slightly, “Ok” she mutters. “I will try” She mumbles into my shoulder.

Pulling her back so I can hear her more clearly “What did you say?” A grin spreading across my face.

Laughing, “I said, I will try.” And before she can say another word I capture her l!ps again, pouring all my happiness in that moment into the k!ss to show her just how happy she has made us. Knight is howling with joy.

She breaks away first placing her hand on my cheek, I turn to plant another small k!ss to the inside of her hand.

“You looked like you were about to go somewhere, I hope I didn’t make you late.”

Smiling at her I grab her hands. “Come with me and then we can get something to eat after.” Leading her to the door her stomach let’s of a ferocious growl of its own at the mention of food.

“Lets change, and then we can go and feed that beast.” I say with a wink making her laugh and turn bright red. Man I will never get tired of this.

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