Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 15

I did not think my wolf would rat me out like she did, so when Andra told Knight all about my fears of being rejected again I’m not going to lie I was seriously pissed at her.

I did not expect her to show him the scars that cover my back either. Those marks were from all the times that Alpha Victor would whip me as a child. I never understood what I had done to cause the Alpha to lash out on me the way he did. I did everything I could to stay out of his way but just like his son he would seek me out.

Those marks were the really deep whip marks that scared over since I didn’t have my wolf at the time so I healed at a similar rate as a human. Once I got my wolf the frequency of whippings began to slow down. Andra does not know exactly how those marks got there either, I never told her.

It was not long after Andra appeared that Alexander started his abuse. Thankfully his was just beatings and the stair thing with him and not the whip again.

Now after seeing just how understanding Knight and Jason could be I am starting to see why the Moon Goddess gave me him as my second chance mate. He seems to have all the patience in the world.

The fact that both Jason and Knight are ok with us taking our time with the whole relationship is wonderful. It would definitely take some time to unpack all my baggage, I never thought that he would say that he loved me yet but I could see the truth of his words in his eyes. That was what finally broke me.

All I have ever wanted was to be loved and love someone in return. I thought that after everything Alexander had done that I would never find love or even be open to it. Now this amazing man stands here telling me he loves me, Andra may have actually swooned herself if it was possible for a wolf when they said that.

“I told you I had a good feeling about this place.” She says happily, her tail wagging back and forth.

It didn’t take me long to change clothes. Surprisingly the closest in my room was stocked to the brim with every type of clothing a girl could ever want, and shoes too. Dresses, jeans and leggings, t-shirts and blouses and they are all my size.

“How has he had time to get all this? I ask my Wolf.

“He had to have a pack member help, and I like her style.” Andra retorts.

I grab the first thing I see which just happens to be a Navy blue knee length dress. Searching through a set of drawers I find a bra and panty set, grabbing those I head to the bathroom and quickly strip down and shower.

Once I’ve finished I pull the dress down over my head an run a brush through the knots in my long brown hair. I make my way back to the closest and grab a pair of simple black ballet flats. When I walked out Jason was leaning on the wall outside my door still in his sweat pants.

“Why didn’t he go go change too” I murmur to my Wolf confused. I know it took me a good fifteen to twenty minutes so he had the time.

Jason takes my hand in his and he leads me into his room. It’s decorated in navy blue, cream and gold accents. It’s amazing, there’s a king size bed in the middle of a navy accent wall, the bed has navy sheets and a cream colored comforter placed in the middle. There is a sitting area directly across from the bed with a sofa and a large screen TV that you can see from the bed. There is a door on either side of the TV.

Assuming they are the closet and bathroom when Jason come out of one with clothes and into the other to change.

It doesn’t take him as long as me. Goddess he looks delicious he is wearing a pair of dark wash jeans and a fitted black t-shirt. I realize I have been caught oogling him when he clears his throat and I look away embarrassed to be caught staring again.

“Never look away Little Mate.” He says gruffly. “I want you to look as much as you want always!”

Lifting my eyes back to his incredibly handsome face I see that Knight is present too. They lean in and his lips brush mine softly, my arms instinctively wrap around the back of his neck in a attempt to bring him closer. He chuckles as he pulls away and that causes me to pout at him, that only amuses him even more.

He leans in again and kisses the tip of my nose, “More later” He says with a wink while trying to readjust himself.

“At least I’m not the only one wanting more.” I tell Andra, she laughs and begins to send me mental pictures of just what she wants ‘later’.

Now we are finally heading out to his office. He reaches down as he closes the door to his residence and pulls my hand to his lips for another kiss, he holds my hand the entire time we walk to the office.

“What’s the meeting for if you don’t mind my asking?” I ask looking up at him. Goddess he is so tall, how have I not realized that.

Andra snorts in my head, “umm because you have been only focused on running away for him.” She says sarcastically.

“I get it ok, I’m sorry” I tell my Wolf. She nods her big wolf head in acknowledgment.

Jasons voice snaps me out of my conversation with my Wolf, “I don’t know yet, Eric just said that I needed to hear something.”

“Oh ok” I say and we continue walking farther into the pack house.

We make it to the office and walk in still hand in hand. Jasons parents, Eric and Sara are all once again seated in the sitting area of the office. Everyone stops talking and the room goes completely silent when we walk in, smiles then slowly start to appear on every one of their faces.

Jason’s dad walks over to us, “Congratulations you two. We all are so happy that you have found each other.” He gives the two of us a quick hug, I am now turning red once again.

“Thanks dad” Jason says and he pulls me to sit in his lap in one of the empty chairs. I try to move to the open chair when a small growl comes from him.

Turning to look at him. “Did you just growl at me” I ask c*cking my eyebrow at him.

“Maybe” he says with a wink and pulls me in close burying his face in the crook of my neck, his nose brushes my marking spot and a shiver runs down my spine. I can feel a smile spread across his face at my reaction to his touch on my sweet spot, he then places a kiss to the same spot causeing another shiver to run all the way down to my toes making them curl in my flats.

“OK love birds” Eric says moving to sit by Sara on one of the little couches. She looks very nervous as she plays with the hem of her shirt and trying her hardest not to look at anyone especially Jason. She tries to avoid eye contact with him the most I notice.

“What do you think is troubling her?” I ask Andra.

“If I had to guess I’m going to say it’s because her mate is in the cells and I bet that is why we are all here now. ” my Wolf says a sadness now in her voice.

“Sara has something she needs to share” Eric said looking at her to continue.

When she finally looks up at all of us there are tears in her eyes and she tries her hardest to blink them away the best she can. I jump out of Jasons lap and wrap my arms around the woman who has become my best friend. Andra was right this has everything to do with her mate.

“What do I do Holly? He’s my mate!” Sara says breaking down in my arms. Sara now burys her face in my hair as her tears continue to fall. My heart is shattering for my friend. Looking over to Jason I can tell he is clueless as to what is happening.

“The rogue that tried to take me from the hospital yesterday is her mate.” I say softly to him. Eyes flashing red as Knight comes forward, a growls begins reverberating throughout the room.

“What” Jason and Knight say together, I can see fur start to sprout from Jason’s hands has Knight trys to shift. His anger over the incident is still very strong.

Poor Sara is now not only scared for what will happen to her mate but now seeing Jason’s reaction to the mention of the man she begins to tremble in her seat.

“ENOUGH” I say, I can feel Andra also come forward now and the new found power begins to flow through me.

His head snaps in my direction and his eyes are red with Knight now in full control. He is not happy with the way I spoke to him either, I know but he was terrifying Sara who is already a mess at the moment and needs to be handled gently.

“You want him to live after what happened yesterday? After what he tried to do to you?” He yells out at the room. Looking to Sara he adds, “I’m sorry Sara I really am but this has to be done.”

Now it is my turn to look confused as I scan everyone in the room and I notice they all seem to know something that I obviously don’t.

“What must be done?” I ask as my eyes flashing gold at my mate. Andra becomes instantly protective of her only friend.

Knight sighs looking back to me, “He will be held at The Halo Pack prison until there is a trial. He will then be sentenced to either death or life in prison.” The shock evident on my face as he continues ” Holly attacking and attempted kidnapping of a Luna is a serious crime.” He says sighing again and rubbing his hand down his face.

“He is merely a kid. A kid who was taken advantage by someone else because of his naivety.” I say as I get to my feet, “Once he saw Sara I saw the conflict in his eyes. He was commanded to kidnap me, he tried to fight it but the command won. This was not something he was doing on his own accord.”

I look at Knight pleading with him to think about this. To think about his friend sitting in this very room with us.

“If anyone deserves to be sentenced to death or imprisonment it’s whoever is behind the attack. Not the kid they used as a pawn.”

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