Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 16

Knight and I are stunned to hear our Little Mate plead for the kid not to be killed or imprisoned for her friends sake. She was so willing to give this kid a second chance to redeem himself even through he was going to kidnap her and do goddess knows what with her.

The thought of Holly being taken away from him still enrages Knight. Looking back at Sara as she stares wide eyed at the two of us, her tear stained face looking hopeful as she waits to hear what Knights decision will be.

“You know she does kind of have a point. He could have hurt them if he really wanted to, he also could have fought back more when Eric and Jax pinned him but he didn’t. He choose to surrender.” Knight says to me.

Knight let’s out a small growl in defeat “Fine, we will hold our own trial then.” Knight states looking to Sara, “I won’t promise you the outcome of the trial will be in his favor. We will let the elders decide his punishment. For now he is not allowed to leave his cell. After the trial depending on his judgment he will remain in his cell for the time being until I am sure that he is no longer a threat to my Luna.” He responds and gives me back control.

“Thank you Alpha,” Sara says standing to her feet a hopefully look in her eyes that her mate may be spared, “Would it be alright for me to atleast see him?” She asked me clearly nervous again about what my answer would be.

I nod, “Yes you can but you are not allowed into the cell for any reason. Understood?”

Nodding her head, “Yes Alpha!” She says excitedly and runs out the door to see her new mate.

Eric chuckles at his sister’s sudden enthusiasm also standing now as he stops in front of me. “Thanks man” he says and also makes his way out of the office. Probably to follow his sister and make sure she is safe.

I look to Holly who is still standing in front of me, a sweet smile on her face as she looks as me. Reaching out I pull her into me quickly, “What does the Alpha get for granting his Lunas request?” I ask winking at her.

She groans playfully, leaning forward on her tippie toes she pressed her lips to mine. She ment for it to be just a simple kiss but I take charge an deepen it the first chance I can. Pulling soft moans from her, a growl now slipping from me as I tighten my grip on her hips at her reaction.

Goddess this woman is perfect. There is the sound of a throat clearing and we pull away from one another. S*** I forgot my parents were still in the room, they both have bright smiles on their faces as Holly tries burying her face in my chest to hide her burning cheeks.

“I love it when she blushes” Knight says wagging his tail in my mind.

“Well done you two, I think that was the right decision.” Dad says looking at Holly.

She finally unburies herself from my chest and turns around, “Thank you Mr. Black” She says bowing her head slightly to my father.

“Please call me Charles or dad” he insists. A proud look in his eyes.

“And call me Alison or mom which ever you prefer dear.” my mother says stepping forward and taking my mates hands in hers. “We will get out of your hair now. But I do hope we can have lunch tomorrow to start working on your Luna ceremony.” Mom says pulling Holly in for a hug.

I know Holly is still very nervous about having another mate and even though she has agreed to give us a chance I think The Luna ceremony talks can wait a bit.

“Mom I think it is a little to soon to start planning the ceremony.” I tell her looking down at Holly to see a grateful look on her lovely face.

My mother notices the little exchange between Holly and I, “I guess your right, I hope we can still get together and just chat then. We will save that conversation for another time.”

Holly turns her attention back to my mother, “I would like that very much Luna Alison.” A beautiful smile on her lips.

Mom hugs Holly one more time before she and dad make their way out of my office, “We need to do something special for mate.” Knight mentions excitedly.

“What do you have in mind then?” I question him.

“What about a dinner date out at the gazebo? We could get Ella to help set it up since Sara will be with her mate” Knight responds enthusiastically.

“That’s a great idea, we can show her around the pack while Ella gets everything set up” Knight barks in agreement to our plan, know I just hope that Ella will be able to help out.

I quickly send her a mindlink, “Hey Ella, I need your help!”

“What’s wrong Alpha.” She asks sounding a little but concerned.

“Knight and I want to set up a romantic dinner date tonight for Holly” I murmur to my Beta Female.

“Say no more, I will handle it an get everything ready by six.” She says quickly cutting the link.

“Well that was easier then I thought it would be,” Knight says laughing.

Now looking at my little mate she looks concerned noticing that I was in a mindlink. “Is everything ok?” She ask.

“Everything is perfect” I say pulling her back into my arms and pecking her sweet lips. “I have an idea, how about I show you around the pack some?” I ask.

“I would like.” A bright smile now lighting up her beautiful face again.

Taking her hands, I lead her all throughout the pack house first showing her all of the common rooms we have that are for all member of the pack, the game room, movie room, gym ballroom, kitchen and the dinning room.

We are stopped a couple of times when pack members see the two of us coming to introduce themselves.

We finally make our way down to the training grounds. Its basically a large football sized field. There is a group out training in hand to hand combat, they are some of our younger pups that are getting ready for their first shifts in the next few weeks.

Everyone is paired off and sparing with one another, practicing the techniques that they have been learning. Holly seems to be extremely interested in everything the group is doing as she watches them intently never taking her eyes off them.

“Have you trained much since you left your old pack?” I ask, curious as to where she might be in training.

She shakes her head, “I’ve taken a couple self defense classes but thats about it. I was never allowed to even train while in Silver Bow. Since I was a Omega they said it would just be a waste of time.”

“Those a**holes” Knight comments in my head.

“We can get you into training as soon as you are ready and Doc clears you for it.” I tell her.

“Really? You would let me train?” She asks her eyes sparkling as the gold from Andra begins to shine through.

“Yes I would, everyone trains in our pack starting from the age of 13 regardless of a wolfs rank. I think it would be good for you and Andra, if that’s what you want.”

She nods enthusiastically, “Yes I would like that, Thank you.”

I pull her to my side and kiss the top of her head. “No need to thank me Little Mate. Come now I have a surprise to show you.” I say leading her in the direction of the gazebo.

“Where are we going?” She ask as we make our way down one of the trails that leads to the little white gazebo that sits on the lake at the edge of our territory. The sun is just starting to set as we start to get close to the end of the trail.

“Come here and close your eyes” I say placing my hands over her eyes to insure she can’t peak.

She giggles, “This is silly you know.”

Goddess the sound of her laughter is so beautiful. We finally make it to the end of the trail, and as we emerge from the trees I remove my hands from her eyes, “Well, what do you think?”

A small gasp leaves her mouth as she sees the gazebo all decorated with a table for two set up inside that overlooks the lake.

“You did all of this for me” She says a little teary eyed as she looks up at me.

Nodding I pull her flush against my body, tucking a small peice of her hair that has escaped back behind her ear. I tilt her chin up until she is looking directly at me. “I would do anything for you Little Mate”

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