Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 17

I could not believe what was in front of me. There is a beautiful little white gazebo that sits at the edge of the water with a large Live Oak tree standing tall next to it, its branches dipping and curving all around the gazebo as it looks over towords a small waterfall. The soft sound of the trickling water is very relaxing making this spot the perfect place to relax and unwind.

The gazebo has fairy lights that are strung from its rafters with a small table set up in the center with covered plates and a bottle of wine. There are Rose petals scattered across the ground with candles places along the walkway into the gazebo. The sun was starting to set, casting its hues of pink and orange through the trees.

“How did you get this all done?” I question as he guides me inside and pulling a chair out for me. Andra is absolutely smitten now as she looks at the effort our mate went through to make this happen for us.

“Being Alpha does have its perks.” He says jokingly with wink.

I laughed whole heartedly, taking in this amazing set up. “I guess it does, this is very beautiful.”

“Not nearly as beautiful as you!” He adds as he takes his own seat across from me causing me to blush once again.

“Smooth one there Mate.” Andra purrs in my head.

I know I agreed to give us a chance but I am so out of my element right now causing me to nervously fidget with my hands in my lap. I have never actually been on a date before.

“Easy, it’s going to be ok, it’s just dinner. It’s not like he is going to bite.” Andra says. “Well atleast not yet”. Now chuckling to herself.

“Dang wolf, you’re seriously not helping.” I say exasperated with my Wolf as she continues her laughing fit.

Noticing my uneasiness settling in Jason uncorked the bottle of wine pouring each of us a glass. “What made you decide to move to Louisiana in the first place?”

Taking a deep breath I try to calm myself back down. “I don’t know honestly, at the time I just picked a random place I thought.” I replied. “Now thinking about it I guess I was kind of drawn here for a reason.” I just did not know the reason at the time.

A pleased smile appears on his face, “Maybe you were.” He says looking at me from across the little table. “Maybe the Moon Goddess was guiding you here.” He says as his grin proceeds to grow larger.

“Well maybe she did.” Taking in his handsome face I do think the Moon Goddess was leading me to Jason. Andra agrees by purring at her mate, I swear you would think she was a cat with as much purring she has been doing.

Clearing my throat when I see his smile turning into a smirk as I stare at him just lost in my own thoughts. “So, exactly how large is Blackwater?” I ask genuinely curious.

“We have 525 members right now.” He says as he lifts the metal domes from the plates of food.

It smells absolutely amazing, there is a ribeye steak with a loaded baked potato, steamed broccoli and a basket of bread sticks that sits in the center of the table. I had not realized just how hungry I was until my stomach decides to let out another loud growl causing us to both laugh.

We dig in an eat in a comfortable silence for a few minutes. Once my hunger has been sated for the time being I look over at my mate. “Let’s play 20 questions.” I say as he burst into laugher.

“Seriously?” He questions.

I nod in response. “Do you have a better idea then?”

His eyes began to swirl with the red of his wolf’s, and he slightly raises his eyebrow. Laughing I throw a peice of the breadstick I had broken off at him, “Be serious.”

“Okay, okay. You start then” he says still smirking slightly at me.

“Besides being Alpha, what do you do exactly?”

“We actually have several business for the pack. Our main source of income is from contract work with other packs. Blackwater and Black Willow help with warrior training and border control training. We have done very well with it that we actually train The Halo Packs warriors now.”

Now that was seriously impressive. His pack trains the royal packs warriors means that these guys are some of the best in the world in what they do.

“We also run a local logging company that alot of our other members work for, with a lumber mill. We can cut and mill our own boards for any projects with in the pack instead of having to buy them. We sell most of that lumber to Black Willow though for their construction company. ” He says nonchalantly taking a bite of his steak.

“Wow, that is truly incredible.” I say. ” Have you ever actually meet the Alpha King and Luna?” I question. I have only seen pictures of the Royal pack grounds while in school and I have always wanted to be able to see them for real.

To my utter surprise Jason nods ” Yes I have. Alpha Emmitt and I have been there a few times over the years” He says a sparkle now in his eyes as he looks at us.

“What about you, what did you do before you moved here? And where have you all been since you left Silver Bow?” He inquiries as he takes a sip of his wine.

Now my nervousness begins to set in again having the conversation turned back to me since there isn’t really anything to tell that he already does not know.

“Well, I lived outside of Atlanta for about six months, after that I went to Tennessee stayed for maybe three or four months. I’ve also been to Florida and North Carolina. When I decided to leave for Louisiana I was back in southern Georgia.” I say in response to his second questions. “As for what kinda work I did, well it was mainly things like being a cashier at a grocery store or convenience store. Did a couple jobs waiting tables in restaurants and bars. Nothing to exciting though.” I add laughing.

“My life’s always been on the boreing side of things. I stayed mostly to myself growing up and in school.” I say with a shrug of my shoulders.

The sun has fully set now and the only lights are now from the fairy lights and candles. It is better then you can ever imagine a first date to be. The lights cast a warm glow across Jasons handsome face making it even harder to concentrate.

He clears his throat looking slightly nervous now. “What about boyfriends?” He asks and I can see his fist clench on the table afraid of what my possible answer would be.

I can’t control the sudden eruption of

laughter that bubbles out of me. He is worried I have a boyfriend out there, “No, I don’t have and never have had a boyfriend. I’m not most guys cup of tea.” I say pointing to my figure. “Most guys what a slimmer she-wolf.”

“They are stupid to pass up a stunning woman like you.” He replies his eyes swirling again with red as Knight comes forward.

Jason stands up holding his hand out his eyes still swirling with red, “We should probably start to head back now since its getting late.”

I had not noticed how much time had passed since we first arrived. Placing my hand in his he laces our fingers together pulling me into his body. The tingles of the bond begins to spread all over my body as he leans in and whispers.

“They will never know what they missed out on. Now you are MINE!” He says with a low deep growl that sends a pleasurable shiver down my spine. I can feel my panties dampen and I know he can smell me as his nostrils flare and his red eyes become a even darker red as his desire becomes stronger.

Janson lightly kisses my lips before he pulls away again and we start to make our way back down the little dirt path through the forest. The sound of the trickling water slowly fades away the farther we get into the forest, replaced by sounds of the night time animals that now fill the air around us.

“Something doesn’t feel right.” Andra suddenly mentions out of no where.

“What do you mean?”

“I can’t be sure but it just feels as if we are being watched again” Andra is now nervous and pacing. I stop in my tracks, taking in my surroundings looking for anyone who would be watching us but I am unable to see or sense anyone that may be lurking in the darkness.

“What’s wrong?” Jason asks concern in his voice.

“I’m sure it’s nothing, probably just a animal” I say pushing down the strange feeling. I try to continue on to the pack house but Jason won’t budge now.

He is scanning the area just as I did for any sign of danger but just like Andra and I he also can not find any sign of trouble.

His eyes then cloud over from a mindlink suddenly. When his eyes clear he lifts my hand to his lips, “Come on let’s go.”

We finally approach the edge of the forest I can see the lights from the pack house shining brightly through the windows. As we get closer I can see Eric is standing at the edge of the garden with several other men who look to be warriors.

“I want from here to the lake searched thoroughly for anything that seems abnormal, I what it reported back to me immediately.” Jason orders once we reach the others. His Alphas aura spilling out some.

“There isn’t any reason to send them on a wild goose chase. Like I said earlier it was probably just a animal in the forest.” I try to reason with my mate but he still won’t let it go.

Eric nods to his Alpha, “Got it, where did you start your feel off?” His full attention now on me.

Sighing I know there is no sense in arguing. Neither one of them will listen, “Maybe about halfway down the trail I think. Andra just said something felt off, like we were being watched again.”

Jasons gaze snaps to me then, “Again? When else have you both felt like you were being followed?” Jason asked.

“In the forest that Sara took me to run the other day. It was just for a split second. Andra couldn’t pick up on anyone there though.”

Eric and Jason exchanged a knowing look and with out Jason even asking Eric says, “I’ll send another team out there to see if they can find anything.” The team begins their search of the forest behind the pack house.

Jason slips his arm behind me and guides us back towards the Alpha Residence. Once the door closes behind us Jason spins me around and pins me between his body and the door. My breath hitches at the suddenness of his actions. His red eyes now tells me Knight is in full control.

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