Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 18

*This chapter will be mainly a smut scene.*

Knight went nuts when Holly said that this wasn’t the first time she has felt like she was being watched. I mindlinked Eric to meet us at the back of the pack house with a team of our best trackers to search the forest by the lake. I knew the area Sara had taken her to run, it was the only stretch of forest that was in neither Blackwater or Black Willow territories.

Eric also sent another team there to scout the area for any signs of recent activity. Once we made it back to our apartment Knight was frantic about Holly’s safety. Clare had said she was in danger and needed to be protected but from what we still were not sure if it was just from her former pack or some new threat.

Knight takes control as we enter our home, he spins her around and pins her to the door, breathing in her scent to calm himself.

“Mine” He growls out.

Holly wraps her arms around our neck. Turning her head upward to whisper in our ear, “Yes, Yours!” She purrs sedvctively.

Knight is momentarily stunned by the desire that is laced in her voice, his temporary shock allows me to take back control. Grabbing Holly under her lovely round a*ss I pick her up wrapping her legs around my wa!st, continuing to keep her body pinned between me and the door.

Taking her pretty pink l!ps in mine I devour her mouth. Soft m0ans leaving her l!ps as I deepen the k!ss. I feel tingles erupt on my abdomen and look down to see she has pushed up my shirt and is currently running her hands across my abs. A shiver runs through my body, my d*ck now straining against my pants just begging to be set free.

A sudden possessiveness to claim my mate over takes me and I can feel my canines as they elongate. I bury my face once again in her neck my teeth grazing over her marking spot causing a loud m0an to rip from her lovely mouth.

This sudden urge for both of us can only mean one thing her heat is near. When mates find each other and do not complete the mating process the she wolf will go into a heat cycle to urge the couple to mate.

It starts small with more urges to be with one another and if the process is not completed it progressively builds and gets worse. For the male they can become unstable with anger and aggression but for a she wolf it will become painful the longer the mating is put off.

I know she isn’t ready to mate yet since she still has her reservations about any new mate.

“That doesn’t mean we can’t make her feel good.’ Knight growls out just as ar0used.

“I know that this is now coming from her approaching heat but does she realize it?” I try to reason with not only my Wolf but myself as well.

I grind my h!ps into hers letting her feel just how much I want her. Another m0an comes from her as she starts to pant.

I mange to pull myself from her l!ps for only a moment, “Holly, I think you are starting to go into heat.”

She grinds her h!ps into mine seeking the friction she needs. I growl slips from me as she does this, a coy smile graces her l!ps.

‘Mmm please, Jason make it stop.” She pants out between breaths. Her eyes are dancing with gold and desire.

I lose the battle with myself then. I slowly slip my hand down her body to the hem of the navy blue dress she was wearing is. Inching my way up her th!gh I pay close attention to any change that could mean she was uncomfortable in continuing.

Holly again grinds her body against mine and I take that as a my cue to continue. My l!ps attack hers as my fingers continue to work their way up to the apex of her beautiful th!ghs until my fingers are brushing against the thin fabric that is her underwear.

The fabric is already saturated with her ar0usal. I rub her p*ssy through the fabric causing her breath to quicken even more and a loud sedvctive m0an to come from her throat.

I move to k!ss her marking spot as I lightly rub small circles my over her cl!t.

“Yes” She m0ans out and again her body begins to rock against my hand more and more to increase her pleasure. Slipping a finger between her w.et folds and into her warm p*ssy I slowly start pumping in and out of her.

Her breath hitches as I began to add a second, Goddess she is so tight that the second will just barely fit. I can feel her walls start to quiver as her [email protected] begins to approach, taking my thumb I begin to rub small circles on her sensitive cl!t while still pumping my fingers in and out of her. Her walls now clenching around my fingers as her [email protected] ripples though her body.

I have her ride out her high as long possible, as she pants to catch her breath I lean in and k!ss her once again.

Her eyes are cloudy with satisfaction, a small smile on her l!ps as I lower her back down to her feet. She buckles some under her own weight, so I slip one arm under her knees and carry her bridal style up the stairs to my room.

She lays her head on my shoulder and manages to fall fast asleep in the amount of time it took me to climb the stairs. Opening my door I head for my bed laying her down gently and tucking the comforter around her.

She subconsciously snuggles as deep as possible into the bed while burying her nose in the blankets.

I head into the bathroom for a cold shower to cool my raging hormones. But not even the bite of the cold water helps this time, surrendering I reach down and wrap my hand around my shaft, imagining that it is my pretty little mate.

Knight replays the events that just happened down stairs and that’s all I need to erupt all over the shower.

I now wash quickly and step out of the freezing shower wrapping a towel around my h!ps, I step into the bedroom again and Holly is still sound asleep.

“I guess that took a lot of energy out of our little mate,” Knight says a proud look on his Wolfie face.

Putting on a pair of boxers from the closest I make my way to my bed, I slip in under the covers. reaching over I pull Holly’s body flush against mine.

Subconsciously she snuggles in, her bottom doing a little wiggle that instantly has my d*ck standing at attention once again.

A gr0an escaping me at her actions causing Knight to start laughing hysterically in my head at my current predicament.

“Just you wait until it’s you in the same situation,” I tell my Wolf now also laughing. Apparently, I actually laughed out loud an Holly begins to stir.

A contented sigh leaves her l!ps as she tries to snuggle closer again, until she pokes herself on my raging member. She instantly stills, turning her head slightly to look over her shoulder at me. She then looks down to where my member is poking into her side now.

Her eyes grow wide as saucers and she jumps to sit up. Her breathing picks up as she now looks like she is going to have a panic attack.

“Ouch” Knight says whimpering in my mind.

“Hey, it’s ok.” I tell my mate, her gaze snaps to mine. She is now completely white as the color drains from her face. She reaches up to her neck searching her marking spot only finding no mark.

“You, you didn’t mark me?” She asked still some what shocked.

Shaking my head, “No Holly I didn’t, beacuse I know you aren’t ready for that yet. When we mark you I want it to be because you want it just as much as Knight and I do.” I explain to my mate.

She looks back to me tears glistening in her eyes as she holds them back.

“Thank you!” She says.

“Come now, we should get some sleep. I’m sure my mother is going to talk your ears off at lunch tomorrow.” A smile on my face now thinking about it.

Holly looks down to my member who is now only half awake. She looks more nervous then before. She begins to stand up to leave the room.

“Umm maybe I should just go back to my room”

I reach out quickly to stop her before she can leave my bed. “Stay, please. We won’t do anything, we just want you here with us.” I say pleading with Holly to stay.

She appears to consult her Wolf for a moment and what ever Andra said worked.

“Okay, I’ll stay” She whispers out. We both lay back down, Holly is trying to keep as much distance between us but Knight is not having it. He pushes forward just enough to reach out and drags her body back to ours.

A gasp leaves her at the sudden movement.

“Shh, little mate. I promise nothing will happen, we just want you in our arms.” Knight says purring into her ear.

After a few minutes she finally begins to relax and she drifts off to sleep. Listening to her steady breathing it is not long before I also fall asleep with her.

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