Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 19

A lot more happened last night then I had anticipated after we got back to the Alphas apartment. I even surprised myself at my sudden willingness to pretty much dry hump my mate.

I may still be a virgin but I have touched myself before but Goddess the intense urge that seemed to wash over me to have my mate. To claim and mate with him was so strong that the desire over took my mind.

I saw stars as Jason pulled my orgasm from my body. The feeling of utter bliss and floating on air surrounded my body that I had never felt before. At some point I had fallen asleep only to be awoken to my mates wonderful scent of Sandalwood and Frankincense an something particularly hard pressing into my side.

I move my bottom a little to figure out what was poking me and a groan comes from behind me followed then by a laugh.

My body stills as I begin to take in my surroundings better, from the intensity of the scent I realize I must be in Jason’s room, that means Jason was who is behind me.

I bolt up and to the edge of the bed my breathing at a now frantic pace, looking back Jason now looks concerned. All at once the events that happen only a few hours ago come rushing back to me.

Images of me grinding myself on my mate, the way I begged him for my release. That compelling urge to be his, oh sh*t did he mark me? I begin to frantically search my marking spot for any sign that the bond had been completed.

Not feeling any puncture marks I sigh in relief. Thank the Goddess it didn’t go any farther then it had.

Andra had talked me down during my almost panic attack. She said that because we have yet to complete the mating process that my heat would start soon. She explained that was why I had acted so wantonly and to be prepared because it was only going to get worse.

Great that’s just what I need right now I thought at the time.

I was now on my way to the Lunas office to meet with Jasons mother Alison for lunch. I was pretty apprehensive about the meeting, the what ifs were now beginning to roll through my head.

Andra is normally trying to calm me down and even she is quite right now only causing me to spiral even more.

I’m standing out side the door to the office pacing pack and forth trying to pull myself back together the best I can. Finally pushing forward I open the door and to my surprise it is not just Luna Alison there but also Sara and another woman with bright red hair and shining emerald green eyes.

They are seated around a small table by the french doors that lead out onto the balcony, there are several different finger foods on a platter in the center of the table.

Sara notices my entrance first and comes and wraps her arms around me so tightly that I can’t breathe.

I have to tap her shoulder to get her attention, “Umm, Sara I need air.” I say causing everyone in the room to laugh.

She finally let me go and I can see she is holding back tears.

“Thank you so much for yesterday.” Sara says while wiping the tears away that had escaped her eyes.

“There is nothing to thank me for, it was the right thing to do Sara. He should be given a chance to redeem himself.” I reassure my friend, tears now trying to make their way to my eyes now too.

“Okay girls, no more tears or we all shall be crying.” Luna Alison says as she also approaches Sara and I. Her and the other woman I notice also have moisture in their eyes.

“Sorry, sorry I didn’t mean to make us all start crying.” Sara says with a small giggle now.

“Holly this is Ella she is Beta Eric’s mate” Luna Alison says as she leads me to the table now and we take our seats.

Ella bows her head slightly to me, “Luna, it is so nice to finally meet you.” Ella says I shutter some as she calls me her Luna, “Please just Holly, I don’t think I will ever get used to being called Luna.” I tell the table with a nervous smile.

Surprisingly Luna Alison reaches over grasping my hand. “It’s ok dear, it is perfectly acceptable to be nervous about becoming a Luna. That’s why you have us, we are here to help you with whatever you need.” She says patting my hand.

Looking at the rest of the ladies here their faces all say the same thing, they wanted to help.

“Thank you all.” I say nodding trying to hold in my emotions back.

“How was your visit with your mate Sara?” Luna Alison says trying to move the conversation away from any Luna talk.

Sara stills and looks down at her lap, her hands ringing the cloth napkin. “It wasn’t bad except for not being able to touch him. He is very confused and does not understand exactly what’s going on, he says he is unable to remember the past few days. Just that he was to come in and take Holly from the hospital”

“That’s strange, I wonder what could be the reason for his memory lose?” Andra questions.

“Sara, what exactly can he remember?” I ask my friend, I have a feeling that there could be more going on here then we realized.

Ella reaches over taking Sara’s hands in her own. Sighing slightly “He said the last thing he remembers was hanging out with some other rogues in Shreveport at a club. After that he said its just black he can’t remember anything that’s happened.” Sara brings her eyes to meet mine once again, “He is beyond grateful to you Luna for not only allowing him a second chance but for protecting me when he couldn’t.”

Looking around the table they all have sympathetic looks for their friend. Even though I had convinced Jason to keep the trial here there was still no guarantee what the outcome would be.

“I think we need to have him examined by the doctor. Something just doesn’t sit right with me on this, there must be a reason for his sudden memory lose.” I tell Sara.

“I agree, there is more going on and we need to get to the bottom of it.” Luna Alison voices.

“But Alpha said he is not allowed to leave the cell. Do you really think he will let him out for a doctor visit?” Sara mumbles now nervous for her mate.

Ella coughs with a mischievous smile, “I think the Luna may be able to reason with the Alpha on this one.”

Paling at her comment, Andra backs her up an begins projecting images of just how we should convince our mate. My upcoming heat was definitely not helping things much and with Andras constant bombardment of images causes my body to unexpectedly began to heat up, like a full body blush.

I take a sip of the ice water in front of me in the hopes that the rise in my body temperature stops soon. The talk continues to flow around the table for a few minutes and I hear the former Luna ask if the trackers had found anything from their searches last night.

That grabs my attention and I’m able to push my discomfort to the back of my mind. Andra is also now paying attention instead of lusting after her mate for a moment.

“Hey I am not the only one who is lusting after our mate.” She says with a snort.

Ignoring her I turn my attention back to the conversation about last night.

“They didn’t find anything at the Runs but they did find some paw prints in the forest that appeared to stop at the clearing near the gazebo.” Ella mentions.

“So I wasn’t just imagining things when I thought I was being watched again as we walked back.” Andra comments now wondering why and who would have been watching us.

“If that’s true then we were most likely also being watched at the Runs too. ” I say to the entire table.

“Dear, I know you said that Silver Bow was following you and that the Alphas wanted to bring you back. Do you have any idea why?” Asked Luna Alison.

“None, it never made since to me either after I left. Once Alexander rejected me I accepted and left the pack right after. I didn’t want to stay there any longer then needed.”

“Alexander was your mate?” Sara asks wide eyed at me. Shock clearly evident on her face.

Shocked looks now mirror on everyone’s faces at that revelation. I guess I hadn’t elaborated on exactly who my ex mate was.

“Does Jason know this?” Ella asks urgently all of the sudden.

Shaking head no, “No I honestly didn’t think it was important. I thought they simply wanted me back to torment me more.”

Ella’s eyes cloud over in a mindlink, once they clear she looks over to me. “Jason and Eric are on their way, he needs to know that Alexander was your first mate. It could be possible that he is trying to get you back in a attempt to restore the bond for some reason.”

“He can’t do that. That’s why the Moon Goddess gave us Jason.” Andra says agitated at the thought of Alex trying to claim us. Her l!ps raise in a snarl in my head.

“But that does hold merit, think about it. The Moon Goddess said we have a great power that our mate would also share in that power. What if somehow he knows about it and that’s why he wants us back.” I ramble out to my Wolf now extremely nervous.

“How would he know though. We only just found out ourselves?” Andra says pacing my mind.

The door opens and Jason and Eric stroll into the office. Jason makes his way to my side. Pulling me to stand up, he appears to be checking my body for marks, his eyes are swirling with red.

Eric also went to his mates side and the two appear to be having a conversation through mindlink. I guess she is filling him in on who my first mate was in case his Alpha goes berserk.

“What’s wrong?” Jason asks me.

“I brought up the searches from last night and what was found, I think we may have a idea about why Silver Bow has been searching for Holly.” Luna Alison tells her son.

A growl rumbles in Jasons chest his eyes are now almost completely red.

“Jason,” I say timidly now worried about how he react to this. “Alexander was my first mate that rejected me. We think he may be trying to restore the bond for some reason.”

A loud deafening growl fills the room as I watch Knight take full control. He pulls me into his chest wrapping his arms around my body causeing the tiny electric shocks from the mate bond to erupt on my skin again.

“MINE” he’s says angrily.

The entire room goes quiet, I wrap my arms around him instinctively. I slip my hand under the hem of his shirt and begin to rub small circles on the small of his back in a effort to calm him back down.

It seems to do the trick and I can see Knight relinquishes his control back to Jason. He looks down at me then and rubs his thumb across my cheek.

“Why didn’t you say he was your first mate?” Sadness in his voice.

“I didn’t think it was that important since he rejected me and I accepted. I figured the only reason he wanted me back there was to torment me for leaving the pack.” I look back down to my feet.

He places his finger under my chin forcing me to look at him again.

“I understand, I just wish you would have told me. It makes since now.” Jasons says placing a gentle k!ss to my l!ps.

“That went better then I thought it would.” Eric jokes beside his mate. I guess he is right that could have gone horribly wrong.

Jason pulls me into his lap as he takes my original seat at the table. This is becoming his normal thing when ever we are in a room with others.

“I know you don’t want to have your Luna ceremony soon but I think it may be better to go ahead and have it. That way you are officially a member of the pack.” Alison states looking at both Jason and I.

Everyone in the room also voices their agreement on the ceremony being held soon.

Looking at my mate I can see he is hopefull and nervous at the same time about my answer.

“Okay, how soon are you thinking though?” I ask Luna Alison.

Her eyes sparkle at my agreement, “I think next Friday will be the perfect time. It will also be a full moon.”

One week, in one week I will officially become Luna to The Blackwater Pack. I don’t know if I am truly ready for this but we will find out now.

“On one condition.” I say looking back to my mate. “Sara’s mate is allowed to be seen by the doctor, he has no memory other then the order to take me, we need to see if we can find the cause.”

“No” Jason says with out a second thought, not even considering it.

“And why not? There is obviously something going on for his sudden memory loss. He needs to be seen by the doctor.” My anger beginning to rise.

“Because I don’t trust him. Its not safe to let him out.” Jason says his anger also starting to rise some.

“Then allow the doctor to examine him in his cell.” I say digging my heal in. “We need to know how they are controlling the rogues without their knowledge.”

A defeated growl leaves him as he runs his hand down his face. “Fine but if he makes one wrong move its over with.” He says gruffly still annoyed with me.

A smile spreads across my face. “Thank you,” I say placing a k!ss on his l!ps gently.

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