Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 2

Goddess it felt so good to finally be back home. I had been away for a few days at an ally pack in Texas who had been having Rogue issues for a while. The rogues were constantly attacking them every few days and they were having a hard time getting the situation under control.

Normally I wouldn’t go myself for this type of issue but this was a small pack and the alliance was new between us, so it seemed a better show of faith to be there an oversee the issue personally.

Our sister pack, Black Willow also joined in to help. Their Alpha Emmitt Black was my cousin, our grandfather’s were twin brothers. They tried running the pack together but they each had a different style of managing it. This caused alot of issues within the family so instead of starting a war they choose to split the land and the members could choose where they wanted to live. Since then both pack have flourished and expanded their territories.

Emmitt and I took a couple of our warriors and best trackers to help shore up their defenses and track down the rogues that had been attacking their borders. Our packs might not be the biggest with each pack having close to 500 wolves. Together we made a formidable force and other packs took notice.

What set ours apart from the rest was that we trained hard and early. Most packs didn’t start training new wolves until their 18 birthday when werewolves can shift for the first time. Our packs start training at 13 when our wolves first present themselves. It’s mostly self defense, hand to hand combat and some weapons training so should there ever be a breach or they are attacked when outside our borders they had a better chance of making it out alive.

We have several warriors in each pack who strictly do contracted work for other packs in warrior an pack training. Mostly smaller packs who are struggling with repeat attacks, our guys go in and give them a crash course of training and new techniques to improve on. The Texas pack learned quickly so we didn’t need to stay the whole week like we originally planned. My guys would check back in in three months to make sure everything was progressing normally.

I walk in the front door of the pack house an I’m almost knocked down by Jaxson and Clare my Betas twins. These two are always getting into some kind of mischief, they kept all of us on our toes.

I haven’t found my mate yet, most find their mates once they shift but not me. At 27 not having your mate isn’t necessary bad for most wolves but for a Alpha its not good. Most expect for us to already have a kid or two to secure the continuance of the pack. Since I have yet to find mine The Elders have been on my case to take a chosen mate. The Elders are a group of the older members of each pack. It’s typically the previous Alphas, Betas, Gammas and sometimes top warriors are allowed. They are there to countine to provide guidance to new Alphas.

I countine to tell them that Knight and I will not accept any she-wolf that isn’t chosen for us by the Moon Goddess. None the less they countine pushing, going as far as bringing she-wolves they think are good enough to be Luna to dinners and pack events with out my knowledge or consent.

Pushing all my problems to the side I bend down laughing and scoop up the two little trouble makers and tickle them an their giggles and laughter echo around the foyer.

“Jaxson, Clare where did you two go this time?” Ella their mother calls out as she round a corner coming from the kitchen looking exasperated with her children and their antics. Ella is our Beta female, she may look fragile but never underestimate that woman, she has put several of our top warriors in their place. She five foot eight inches with fire red hair that certainly matches her personality and her eyes are emerald green. “What have I told you two about running off?

“Sorry momma” They both say in unison.

“We were just so happy to see Uncle Jason was back” says Clare as she looks up at me her eyes sparkling.

Clara is the spitting image of her mother the only difference is Clare has golden flakes in he eyes while Jaxson looks just like his father with blonde hair and ice blue eyes.

Just then my Beta Eric walks in to the foyer and wraps his arms around his mate and kisses her temple. Knight whimpers in my mind, it’s hard seeing all my closest friends find their mates and start families and not have my own yet. I look away from the two mates to hide my emotions that want to rise to the surface as I know the hurt and jealously would be visible in my eyes.

“She’s close Uncle Jason” Clare says with a small grin on her face and my head snaps in her direction. Knight is trying his damnedest to push his self forward to ask who she is talking about but I have to force him to stay back.

“Does she mean our mates is close?” Knight ask me waiting to see if the child continues. The fact that she pretty much sensed what Knight and I were feeling makes me wonder if Clare has other abilities that we have yet to discover. Clare was one of the few wolves that are gifted with special abilities from the Moon Goddess. She has visions of events that may happen in the future, different choices we make can change the outcome she sees. Sometimes she says a woman also speaks to her while she sleeps.

“Who is sweetheart?” Ella asked her daughter.

Clare shrugs her shoulders, ” I’m not sure, she just said that a woman was close and that she is very important and that you have to protect her Uncle Jason.”

Knight is now positive that Clare is talking about his mate and immediately starts trying to take control to find her. He growls at me “She is close Jason we need to find her now. She’s in danger.” He roars pissed that I countine to fight him for control.

“We can’t just go off all crazy. We aren’t even sure Clare is talking about our mate, we don’t know where to even start to look for her.” I say trying to reason with my very pissed off wolf.

I can see Knight snarl and bare his teeth at me in my mind. “It’s her, I know it. And if you don’t go and find her I will.” He says speading his front paws out and lowering his head while continuing to snarl and growl at me.

“Jason, Knight hey man I know what your thinking and if it’s her we will find her. Knight you have to stop fighting Jason, give him back control your starting to scare the kids.” That’s gets Knights attention and he looks to where Ella stands with both her children behind her with tears in their eyes. She’s ready to kick our ass if we make any movement twords them. Hell she is probably still going to kick our a** just for scaring them.

Knight looks at our hands an sees his fur and claws trying to come out, he takes a deep breath and reals in his anger at me and our claws and fur turn back into my hands.

Knight kneels down to where he is at the kids level, “I’m sorry guys I didn’t mean to scare you,” Knight says as he looks down ashamed that he lost his temper in front of the kids. He is extremely protective of any and all pups no matter who’s they are.

Clare steps out from behind her mother and walks over to us. As she gets closer I notice the gold flakes in her eyes are shining bright, yeah that’s definitely new, she places her little hand on our cheek. There’s a flash of white light and I can see her, the woman Clare is talking about. It’s not a clear picture and it’s very distorted flashing in and out like how a old TV picture would be when the signal was weak. The only thing that stands out are her eyes, they are shining bright gold almost like the flakes in Clare’s eyes. They are the only part of the picture that remain clear.

“MATE” Knight says and then we are snapped back out of the vision with another flash of light when Clare removes her hand from our cheek. Knight relinquishes control of my body finally and I stare dumbfounded at the little girl who stands before me. Her eyes no longer shining but a small smile on her little face.

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