Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 21

I knew I was pushing my luck when I decided to get in the shower with Jason still present in the room. Even through I have slept in the same bed with him and Andra has already shown him the scars that cover my back I still didn’t like being completely vulnerable yet.

After last night at the bar I realized just how much I really wanted him. I’m not sure if Andra was pushing through lending me a little of her confidence to finally give in or my heat starting to set in but out of no where I want nothing more then to be his.

When he saw me in his shower I could see the desire swirling in his eyes as he fought to control it, and Knight.

When he k!ssed me I swear I saw stars flash before my eyes.

“Please Holly doesn’t fight it anymore,” Andra said pleading with me.

When he abruptly ended the k!ss and winked at me I was beyond frustrated. If I’m going to be Luna I think it is time to truly be His Luna I say to myself.

Andra begins howling in joy when she hears that, happy to finally be marked by her mate. Deciding to act now before I lose all my confidence I step out of the shower quickly the door slamming behind me.

“No towel,” Andra says her voice low and raspy with her own desire.

I stop at the door and Jason has his back to us as he finishes getting dressed. When he turns around you could hear a audible gulp come from him.

“Checkmate, Mate” Andra say a seductive smirk on her wolfie face as she sees her mates shocked look.

Jason’s eyes are now completely swirling with red as Knight comes forward. He looks as if he is ready to devour me whole I think to myself as moisture pools between my legs.

Andra snickers, “That’s the point”

With another boost of confidence I stride towards my mate, his Adam’s apple bobs in his throat. I reach out one hand running my hand down the front of his shirt. A shiver ripples through his body at my touch.

Looking up at him I do my best puppy dog eyes I can muster, “Do you really have to go right now?”

I lean my body into him some and he wraps his arms around my wa!st to where I am pinned to his body. He leans in to my neck taking in my scent, his breath causing a shiver to now run down my spine and my toes to curl into the carpet.

“Do you realize what you are doing to me?” He as gruffly into the crook of my neck.

A m0an escapes me again as my desire soars even higher. His hands run up and down my body, the electric shocks from the bond traveling with every movement.

Lacing his fingers into my hair he tilts my head back to where I’m looking at him once again.

“Are you sure this is what you want, that you are ready?” Jason asks with so much concern in his voice that it makes the decision that much easier. I know deep in my soul this man was truly ment for me.

Nodding to my mate, “Yes, I want th….” I’m cut off by his l!ps attacking mine again.

He picks me up wrapping my legs around his wa!st as he strolls to the end of the bed. Laying me on my back on top of the covers he begins peppering k!sses all down my face and neck.

He stops at the sweet spot of my neck that seems to come alive at the simplest touch from him. The spot that will soon bare his mark, telling everyone that I am his.

He continues moving down stopping and lavishing each of my peaks with the attention they crave. Stroking and rolling the pebbled points between his fingers while his tongue worked at the other.

M0ans continue to spill out of me and my body seems to be moving on its own.

Moving even lower he countines to k!ss his way down my abdomen swirling tounge around my navel an continuing down futher he stops burying his face in the apex of my thighs taking in the scent of my ar0usal.

When he looks back at me his eyes are almost completely red now.

“Goddess you smell amazing.” He growls out looking back up at me.

He takes a finger and runs it through my folds coating his fingers in my essence. Lifting his fingers to his mouth then svcking them clean.

“Mmm and taste even better.” He adds smirking back at me.

He then truly devours me. My back arches off the bed as he circles his tounge around my cl!t, he adds a finger then pumping it in and out of my pvssy.

I can feel a tightening starting in my belly as it continues to be wound tighter. He adds a second finger while adding more pressure to my sensitive cl*t, my body begins to thrash and my h!ps buck from the bed. Jason uses his other hand to hold my h!ps down, a growl comes from his throat as he continues to devour me.

That’s it, the vibrations from his growl combine with everything else sends me crashing over the edge.

“Fu*ck” I yell out as my org@sm ripples throughout my body. Stars now dancing in my vision as I come down from my high.

Jason makes his way back up my body, his l!ps finding mine, I can taste myself on his l!ps. His k!ss is now so full of need and desire, I push his shirt up his chest letting my fingertips just brush his skin as they go. I can feel the goosebumps rise across his skin and his body shutters from my touch.

He stands up and removes his shirt and my jaw falls open looking at the man before me. He had to be sculpted by a God, his skin tanned for working and training outside. He has a six-pack and a very and I do mean very well defined v-line that has me drooling just from looking at him wondering what lies below.

He then slips his pants and boxers off in one fluid movement, his manhood springing free from its confines, standing tall and proud. The tip is glistening in the light from his pre-cu*m.

“Like what you see Little Mate?” He questions.

Licking my l!ps from the urge to taste him I pull my eyes from his enormous erection to look at him seeing a satisfied smirk on his face.

He reaches out and using the pad of his thumb c@resses my bottom l!p.

“If your not ready I understand we can wait.” He voices, I can see his struggle in his eyes. The fact that he would stop now if I said I needed more time only reinforces my decision. I what this and I want Him!

“I want this, I want you. I want to be your mate and Luna completely.” I say earnestly looking at my se.xy mate.

His eyes flashing bright red. His l!ps crashing to mine as he leans me back down to the bed. His hands finding my peaks again, rolling the tips between his fingers. I can feel his manhood as it rubs on my thigh now.

Reaching between our bodies he postions the head of his shaft at my entrance, rubbing his tip over my sensitive cl*t coating himself in my essence. A hiss leaving him from the action.

Reaching between our bodies he postions the head of his shaft at my entrance, rubbing his tip over my sensitive cl*t coating himself in my essence. A hiss leaving him from the action.

“Are you ready?” He asks gently.

Nodding a yes he begins to inch his way inside little by little, giving my body time to adjust to his massive size, stoping when he hits resistance. Looking at me the realization that I was still a virgin hits him.

A giggle leaves me suddenly seeing the look on his face now. “I told you, I’ve never had a boyfriend.”

“But I still figured you would have…” He starts but I stop him with a finger on his l!ps.

Shocking my head, “No, I have never been with anyone. You are my first everything.”

“MINE” Knight comes forward to say.

Holding his face between my hands now, “Yes, YOURS” I say Andra also coming forward briefly.

He leans forward and tenderly k!sses my l!ps and places our heads together.

“I will be as gentle as possible but it will hurt some.” He says concern lacing his voice.

“I know, I’m ready.” I tell him k!ssing his l!ps again.

He quickly deepens the k!ss and reaches between our body’s again gently rubbing my cl!t. After a few moments he thrust forward through my barrier, pain flashes through my body as a yelp leaves my l!ps.

Jason stills and peppers light k!sses all over my face and neck paying close attention to my marking spot to try and erase the pain with pleasure.

“Are you ok?”

“Yes, I think so.” I say with a smile for him. ” You can move now” I add.

Slowly he begins moving in and out of me, trying to not hurt me. As the pain fades it is replaced with the most amazing sens@tion I have ever felt. I can feel that tightening starting in my belly again.

Needing more of something that I’m not entirely sure of in that moment, I instinctively roll my h!ps against him. A hiss leaves him as he throws his head back.

“I think he liked that, do it again!” My wolf prompts.

Taking her advice I continue to roll my h!ps, and that’s just what I needed. Jason again hisses and begins to pick up his speed some, thrusting slightly harder then before.

“Fvck Holly you are so fvcking tight.” Jason growls out.

M0ans spill out of me continuously as the cord in my belly tightens more and more until it finally snaps. My body convulses as each wave of my org@sm rolls through me.

“Yes” Jason gr0ans out and I can tell he is close to his own release. A loud growl rips from his chest as he reaches his own org@sm.

Suddenly the urge to mark my mate is so strong and I can feel my canines begain to elongate. Jasons is still moving, though slower and gently inside of me as he continues to coat my walls with his seed. His face is buried in my neck as he places a soft k!ss on my marking spot and runs his tounge over it.

“Y-yes” I stutter out. The sens@tion is completely otherworldly and causes me to m0an once again and my walls to sp@sm again, milking every last drop of seed from his body.

I can feel Jasons now elongated canines brush my sweet spot. Just as his teeth start to pierce my skin the door is thrown open suddenly.

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