Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 22

Once I had come too after the attack my Wolf was frantic to know what had happened to her mate. The both of us had been shocked when the red wolf pushed the door open and walked in to the room.

Sasha was howling like crazy in my head, he looked to have a internal battle going on with in himself. Then out of no where he went after Holly, I made a move to step in between the two to hopefully stop him from doing something stupid.

I’m the only one in the pack that has seen Holly’s wolf, and let me tell you that Andra is not a wolf to f*ck with. Andra is easily twice my wolfs size, she could have torn him into tiny pieces if she wanted too.

I had hoped the bond would stop him but it was almost as if he was possessed. His body and mind seemed to be working as if on auto pilot doing whatever it had been told to do.

Knight was surprised to say the least when Holly told him that the rogue was my mate during my break down in the office. I have never seen the Alpha act that way, but being as it was his own mate that was apparently the target would merit that type of reaction.

Holly fought back against her own mate for me. I was beyond grateful that she had talked Knight into allowing my mates trail to be held here instead of at the royal pack.

It’s been several days since that night and I’ve spent almost every day down in the cells with Liam. When I’m not with him I spend a lot of time in the pack Library trying to find anything that could help explain the situation with him.

My wolf and I have a suspicion that he and the other rogues who attacked the pack may have been under some kind of magic. With Liam being the only rogue to survive we don’t have a way to find out for sure without the help of a witch.

The last thing he says he can remember before the hospital was being out with his friends in Shreveport. He has

No memory of anything that happened in between those days.

Since he does not have any compulsions to try and take the Luna anymore we think the mating bond was strong enough to over ride the effects of the magic.

I have not mentioned my theory to anyone just yet but today the doctor is supposed to come and give him a check up and run test to see if there is anything there.

If magic is involved then it will not show up on any type of medical test.

Sasha is depressed about not being allowed to be with her mate and she has not talked to me very much in the past few days. Even when I shift she is still quite and refuses to speak, the most I can get out of her is whines and whimpering.

Right now I’m combing through book after book in the library hoping to come across anything that can help.

knock knock knock

Looking up I see my big brother standing there looking at me with concern. This is not the first time he has seen me here like this.

“You can’t keep doing this you know.” He says walking over to the table I am currently sitting at.

“I have to try and find something. Anything to prove that he did not do this on his own free will Eric.” The desperation in my voice prevalent as I continue to flip the pages of the old books. “I can’t just give up and let the Elders sentence him to die.”

Pulling out a chair next to me Eric picks up a book opening it.

“What are you doing?” I question him.

“Isn’t it obvious, I’m helping my baby sister.” He says turning his attention to his current book.

His brows drawing together in a confused look, then looking up his eyes scan the rest of the books I have collected on the table.

“Sara, why are all these book about magic and witches? He ask his eyes now locked with mine.

Crap I kind of hoped he might over look that but being the Beta means you notice everything.

Sighing I guess there really isn’t a reason to keep it to myself any longer. Having the help might help me find the solution faster.

“Sasha and I believe that Liam may have been under some kind of spell.”

Shock crosses his features as he takes in that information.

“Why do you think that?” He ask.

“I mean what else would be able to cause someone to be completely oblivious to their actions and then not remember what they had done?”

“You know that’s a good point, I did not think about that. We do not have a lot of witches in this area though.” He says as he continues flipping through the book in front of him.

“Yea but it doesn’t mean that they could not have come from elsewhere. There are alot of witches in New Orleans. Silver Bow could have easily recruited one from there.” I say realizing that fact myself.

“Yea but it doesn’t mean that they could not have come from elsewhere. There are alot of witches in New Orleans. Silver Bow could have easily recruited one from there.” I say realizing that fact myself.

“But this would have to be Black Magic. Most witches do not openly practice it. They wouldn’t just go around asking if a witch does Black magic or not.”

“So if it is some kind of black magic then Silver Bow would have to already know this witch.” I say.

Nodding his head Eric adds, “Yes, word would get around if there was anyone asking about it.”

“What about White magic?” I ask, “Would a White witch be able to tell if black magic had been used on someone?”

“Maybe, I am not sure on how the hocus pocus stuff works but I guess they might be able too.” He says meeting my gaze. A smile spreading across my face now, hope now blooming in my heart.

Sasha also begins to perk up as she listens to our conversation.

“If we can get a white witch here and she can tell if black magic was used do you think he would be allowed out?” I ask hopefull.

Watching Eric’s face fall slightly he shakes his head, “I can’t answer that Sara. That would be up to Jason and the Elders. After the way Knight acted the other night I highly doubt it.”

“Can we atleast try. What would it hurt?” I say pleading with my brother to help me save my mates life.

Another sigh leaves him as he closes his book and reaches over the table taking my hands in his. “I will see what I can do.” Rasing his hand to stop me as he sees my excitement building, “There is no guarantee that this will turn out how we hope it will. I just want you to be prepared just incase.” He adds softly.

“I know” I say look back at him, “Thank you for atleast trying for me.”

He kisses the top of my head as he stands up from the table.

“I’ll always help you Sara.” He says and leaves me alone in the library once again.

“I hope he can help” Sasha suddenly says and tears instantly spring to my eyes apon hearing her voice again.

“Me too”

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