Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 23

Mating with Holly was even better then I could have imagined. When I hit her barrier Knight howled with excitement. I know she had said she did not date anyone but I still figured she had s*x atleast once.

I never expected my mate to be a v!rgin, it was unrealistic to expect she-wolves to remain chaste while males where able to do whatever they wanted.

Though knowing I was her first time was a amazing feeling.

Just as I’m about to claim my mate, our door is thrown open without any warning. A loud deafening roars leaves me.

I know my eyes are almost completely red, Knight scratches at the surface to come out an tear whoever had interrupted us to shreads.

Quickly I cover Holly’s body with my own to shield her from the intruders eyes.

“Oh fck, sht man I’m sorry” Rambles the intruder.

“Eric?” I question Knights voice melding with mine as he is still royally p*ssed off at his Beta for interrupting.

Eric takes a step back noticing just how bad he f*cked up, “Yes Alpha” he says bowing his head in submission realizing that Knight is livid and slightly unstable at the moment.

“I didn’t mean to interpret, there is a emergency and I couldn’t reach you via mindlink. I understand why now” He says looking past me to Holy, “I’m truly sorry Luna.”

Knight takes over grabbing his Beta by the throat and pushing him against the wall seeing nothing but red.

Suddenly Holly is standing beside Knight with her small hand on my arm looking into his eyes.

“Knight it is ok he did not mean to bust in like that. Let him go.” She says concern for Eric in her eyes. That seems to agitated Knight even more, squeezing tighter on his Betas throat.

“Let Eric go, Knight, NOW!” She commands her eyes flashing gold her voice now melding with Andras.

The authority in her voice rushes over Knight as he trys to fight it. My hand finally loosens and Eric slips from my grasp. Knight makes a move to try and grab him again but Holly steps in the way, stopping Knight in his tracks. Her aura spilling out of her.

“Eric go to Jasons office please, he will be there I’m a moment.” Holly says her command final.

“Yes Luna” He says quickly closing the door after him.

A growl leaves my lips, Knights anger rising again at Holly taking Eric’s side and allowing him to leave.

“Knight” she says softly placing her small hands on either side of my face. “It is ok. I promise. You need to give Jason back control.”

“No” He says shaking his head. Knight is beyond agitated right now, his control is so strong that no matter how hard I try to take control back he is able to stop me.

Knight trys to get around Holly to go after his Beta but Holly quickly steps in front of him again.

The sheet the was wrapped around her flutters to the floor in a pool of fabric around her feet.

‘Sh*t’ I think to myself I can tell what she is thinking right now. Distraction from his original frustration to another.

She is not ready for Knight though, he is much rougher then I am and with the fact that earlier was her first time ever, I am scared she will not be able to handle him right now.

A growl leaves his chest at the sight of our beautifully naked mate that is standing before him. Knight pulls her naked body to ours, crashing his lips to hers. Holly wraps her arms around our neck returning his kiss in earnest.

He pushes her up against the wall now, he wraps his hand around her throat giving it a light squeeze to the sides to see just how she will react.

Holly’s eyes roll back into her head as she leans her head back against the wall with a low moan. The scent of her arousal thick in our room that drives Knight even crazier.

He quickly turns her around to face the wall. He places her hands on the wall now so that her pretty round a** pokes out slightly.

“Do not remove you hands from the wall. Do you understand?” He asks gruffly in her ear.

“Knight she is not ready for this yet” I yell at my Wolf. But he pays no mind to me, putting up a block he only allows he to watch the events as they unfold.

Holly nods her head in acknowledgment.

“Words Little Mate, use your words” He says softly in her ear.

“Yes, I understand.” She says looking back at Knight from over her shoulder her eyes sparking with gold once again.

Knight lifts her hair from her shoulder and begins kissing from her ear to her marking spot. Her body shivers from his touch.

Reaching around he runs his hand down her abdomen to the apex of her thighs. As he runs his finger through her folds coating his finger in her arousal she lets out a small moan. Circling her cl*t, she begins to pant as Knight applies more pressure to her sensitive bud.

Knight pinches her cl*t between his fingers slightly and she instantly comes undone.

“F*ck yes” She moans out loudly.

He postions him self behind her and using his cck he continues to rub her clt to draw out her orgasm more. He then thrust into her warm wet core, her walls instantly clench around his shaft.

A growl of satisfaction rips from him. His thrust are hard and rough, the animalistic side of us coming out. Holly takes everything he throws at her in stride, meeting him thrust for thrust as he drives himself home in her warm core.

Her hands obeying his earlier request, not once budging from the wall in front of her.

Her walls begin to clinch around his shaft again exciting another loud roar from Knight. I can feel my canines as they elongate again.

Leaning forward Knight wraps his hand around her throat again tilting her head to the side.

“MINE” He growls then piercing her marking spot, claiming her as ours forever.

A scream ripping from her body as another orgasm rolls through her body, her walls clenching so tightly drawing out Knights own release with her.

Retracting his canines he licks Holly’s neck clean from the blood that had trickled down.

Letting go of her neck Holly’s head falls forward and her body goes slack. The wall and Knight are the only things keeping her upright.

Slipping himself from her warm body he picks Holly up bridal style carrying her to the bed. Laying her down gently he sees she has already fallen asleep. Mating twice and marking has taken everything out of her.

He goes to the bathroom running a wash cloth under warm water. Coming back out he cleans her up and pulls the covers over her naked body. Placing a kiss to her lips he finally releases control back to me.

Going into the bathroom I step into the shower.

“Dude what the hell” I yell at my wolf.

“What” He says nonchalantly like all that didn’t just happen.

“Umm you tried to kill our Beta and if Holly wouldn’t have stepped in you probably would have.”

He literally shrugs his wolfie shoulders, “He shouldn’t have interrupted” he says as he lays down and also drifts off to sleep.

Well that’s just great I have no idea what the hell has gotten into my Wolf to make him act this way

Cutting the water off I wrap a towel around my waist, heading back into the bedroom Holly is still sound asleep. I step into the closet grabbing some random clothes throwing them on quickly before returning to the room.

Stopping at Holly’s side of the bed she has a contented look on her face. Her fresh mark is still red around the punctures holes. My chest fills with joy even if it wasn’t exactly how I had hope it would happen I am ecstatic that she bears my mark now.

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