Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 24

Making my way to the center of the pack house stopping in the kitchen to grab something that I can scarf down quickly.

I stop our head Omega housekeeper.

“Edith could you please send a tray of food to the Luna in a hour or so?”

“Yes Alpha anything in particular you think the Luna would like?”

Thinking for a moment “Something with Bacon will be perfect. Thank you Edith”

I continue through the house taking the large staircase up to the second floor to my office, as I enter the office I see Eric followed his Luna instructions, he is seated in one of the chairs in front of my desk.

Hearing the door open Eric rises to his feet making sure to keep his eyes to the floor.

“Alpha” he says.

“Eric” I say and he looks up a sigh leaving him as he realizes that it is me and not Knight in control right now. “Sorry about earlier Knight kind of lost it.” I apologize for how Knight acted.

“I’ll say” He says as he rubs his neck where Knight held him.

“You good” I say as I lean forward on my desk looking at my Beta.

“Yeah, I’m fine man. Jax probably would have reacted the same way had Ella and I been interrupted.” Eric says a smirk on his face. “Well are congratulations in order now?” He adds his smirk turning into a wide grin.

Shaking my head at my Beta and best friend, “Partially, Knight kind of wore her out, she did not have a chance to mark me yet.” I smile as I think about her mark, I can not wait to complete the bond when she marks me in return.

Eric burst into laugher, “Well if she is anything like Ella I’m sure she handled him well.” He says with a wink.

Shaking my head again at him I stand to grab a couple glasses and a decanter of whiskey, pouring us each a glass as I return to my chair.

“So what was so important that had you busting in my house and bedroom.” Raising my eyebrow at him.

“So apparently The Halo Pack is sending a representative for Holly’s Luna Ceremony.” Eric says seriously.

Confusion washes over me, “Why would they send someone for that. They normally don’t do they?” I question my Beta in case I had over looked a small detail.

Shaking his head he confirms my theory. “Nope, this is the first time anyone from the Royal pack has attended a Lunas Ceremony.”

That’s strange, “Did they say what the reason was for why they were coming?”

“No Sir. The lady on the phone just said that the a representative would be coming.” He replies.

“I want security increased more since they will be here. I do not want to risk any kind of attack during that time.” I add after a few moments.

Eric nods in agreement, “Do you think Silver Bow would risk it. I mean if they attack while the rep is here we will have all we need to go in and wipe that miserable pack off the face of the earth.” Eric growls out the last part.

He knew how they had treated his Luna and he hated it just as much as Knight and I. Knight wants nothing more then to burn the entire pack to the ground.

“I would not put anything passed them. If Alexander is determined to get to Holly he won’t care much that someone from the royal pack is here.”

“He will surely be furious when he finds out that she has now been claimed by you” Eric says with a amused look.

Smirking at my Beta, “Yeah I bet he would not like that to much.” Taking a sip of my whiskey, “There has to be another reason for why Alexander would be so adamant to have her now after his original rejection.”

“We need to see if doc got those test results back. Maybe they will tell us something ” I add as I remember we still have not heard anything about why Holly stayed unconscious as l ong as she did.

“Well let’s go then.” Eric says standing to his feet and downing the last of his whiskey. “Hey Alpha there is something else I wanted to talk to you about.”

I look over at my Beta I can tell he is nervous, so what he is about to ask must be serious.

“Sara believes that her mate and the others who attacked that day may have been under a Black magic spell. I think she may be on to something sir.” He adds as a growl echoes through the room.

I can feel Knights agitation begin to grow from just the mention of the rogue in the cells.

“Alpha” Eric says bowing his head at Knight as he comes forward shoving me to the back of my mind. “I mean no disrespect, but there is some merit to what she says if it can be validated.”

“And what would that be then, what good could come from it if they were all under black magic?” Knight growls out.

“If we can prove he was under the effects of magic with orders to take another Alphas mate and we can tie that to Alexander and Silver Bow, we would then have all the proof we would need to bring them down.” My Beta says looking at Knight.

“I take it your sister hopes that if this can be proven factual that it would sway the Elders judgment on her mate.” Knight asks.

“Yes Alpha, she hopes that it would atleast allow him his life if it is proven they were working against their on free will.”

“You know Holly would agree with him” I tell my Wolf. “If she finds this out from anyone else and that you deny looking into it she will kick your a**.”

Knight growls lowly knowing both his Beta and I are right. As much as he wants to just rip apart the rogue he knows his mate would never forgive him if there is a chance he could be proven to be under the compulsions of black magic.

“Fine” Knight says defeated. “If it can be proven that he acted out of compulsionary means due to magic I will have the Elders take the death sentence off the table” He adds now giving me back control.

“Thank you Alpha!” Eric says happy that his sister may not have to lose her mate.

Downing the last of my glass as well, “Well let’s see if Doc has found out anything with Holly’s labs. Maybe he can help with the magic portion too.”

I stand and we make the short walk over to the pack hospital.

“Alpha, Beta” the young woman at the desk says as we walk through the front doors of the hospital. “What can I do for you today”

“We need to see Doc, is he free now?”

“Yes Alpha, he is in his office down the hall to the right. You can go on back.” She replies with a bow of her head.

“Do you have any idea of what Alexander wants with her then if it’s not just as his mate?” Eric ask as we walk down the long hall of the hospital.

Knight growls menacingly, not happy with the idea of someone else trying to mate with Holly other then him. He wants to rip into Alexander and shread him to peices. Now that we have marked her his possessiveness is worse and it’s only been a hour.

“No I don’t but there has to be something he knows that we don’t. We need to figure it out soon and stop him before a all out war starts.”

Stoping in front of Doc’s office, “He can’t be that stupid, to start a war with one of the strongest packs. He has to know he will lose that battle.” Eric says rasing his hand to knock on the door.

“You would think but if he has black magic on his side it very well might not turn out how we want it to. We need to be very carefully with who we share this information with.”

knock knock knock

“Enter” comes a man’s voice from the other side of the door.

“Oh Alpha, I’m sorry, I did not know it was you. What can I help you with?” Doc says quickly standing and rounding his desk as Eric and I enter the room.

“We wanted to see if the results from Holly’s labs where back yet” I ask hopefull to have some kind of answers.

Shaking his head “I’m sorry Alpha they have not come back yet. I can call an see when we can expect them though.” Doc say as he picks up the phone on his desk dialing the number to The Halo Packs lab.

ring ring ring

“Hello, Halo Laboratory, this is Maria how can I help you?” Says a female voice through the speaker.

“Maria, this is Doctor Stevenson from Blackwater. I sent a sample last week to have analyzed. I need to know how soon we can have the results?”

“Yes sir what’s the name please?”

“Holly Winters”

You can here the tapping of the keys as the woman types on her computer. It goes quite for a moment and we hear her whisper something but it’s to low for any of us to understand what she said.

“Doctor Stevenson, there was a issue with the sample and they are running it again. The results should be ready in two days and they will call you.” She says now sounding a little nervous.

“Thank you” Doc says and the call ends.

“Well they obviously found something or they wouldn’t be doing the test again, right?” Eric asks.

“Maybe, or the test may have been faulty. There is not anyway to tell until they call back.” Doc says as he places his glasses down on the desk. “Is there something important you think might be in her labs Alpha?”

“I am not sure yet.” I say defeated slightly. I wish they were back already.

“If I hear anything sooner I will let you know.” Doc says.

“Thanks Doc. I could use your help with another mater. Do you know anything about how magic would effect a wolf, especially Black magic?” I question him.

His brows rising at the mention of magic, “Well it is not like it has really been studied, but most side effects of someone under the influence of magic could be anywhere form headaches, nausea and vomiting to more serve symptoms like loss of consciousness and memory loss.”

Eric and I immediately exchange a look with one another.

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