Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 25

Soft hues of red and orange light were filtering into the room from the windows of the balcony.

I watch as the sun slowly sinks in the sky casting even more colors of light into the room. Turning over and stretching my body I wince in pain. Memories of the events from this morning begin to fill my mind causing my body instantly heat up just at the thought of my mate.

Reaching up I touch my marking spot and a shot of electricity runs through my body. A slow smile spreads across my face, He marked me I think to myself.

Siting up and pushing the thick blanket from me, chills cover my body at the loss of warmth. Swinging my legs off the side of the bed I try to stand up, my legs shake slightly and my knees start to buckle but I am able to catch myself before falling to the floor.

Standing up slowly again I carefully make my way to the bathroom. Debating on using the shower or the massive bathtub the sits in the center of the room. I turn on the faucet to the deep tub filling it with hot water and a lavender scented bath bomb. The relaxing scent quickly fills the entire room.

Turning around I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror above the sink. I can see my mark for the first time, I stare at it for a few moments, I never thought I would have another mate and it feels so surreal. Reaching up I run my index finger across the spot, a shot of electricity runs through my body.

I turn back to the tub cutting the water off, stepping in I lower my aching body into the hot water, leaning back I let the water completely cover my body and loosen my sore muscles.

As the water starts to grow cold Jason’s scent of Sandalwood and Frankincense invades the bathroom suddenly.

“Hello Little Mate” Jason says, his voice gruff as he watches me from the door of the bathroom.

Standing from the tub of now cold water I keep my back facing my mate, a low deep growl comes from Jason.

“Hello to you too mate,” I smirk at him, turning to look over my shoulder. His eyes are swirling with red, his ch.est rising and falling quickly.

I wrap a fluffy white towel around my body and step out of the tub. Walking over I place a small k!ss to his l!ps as I try to walk through the door.

Stopping me by wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me to his ch.est. His eyes are dancing with amusement.

“And where do you think you are going Little Mate?” He says leaning into my hair taking in my scent. “I have missed you.” He adds as he nips my new mark causing a jolt to shoot through me, a m0an slips past me l!ps.

I can feel him smile at my reaction. Giggling now I push his ch.est to get him to release his grip on me. “I am sorry, I didn’t mean to sleep as long as I did,” I say leaning my head back to look up at my mate.

“It is ok, it was a very eventful morning.” He says, his smirk turns into a smile that lights up his face.

He leans down capturing my l!ps in his, he lightly nips my bottom l!p causing me to gasp in surprise. He takes that moment and his tounge dives forward, exploring every inch of my mouth.

Pulling away from his l!ps I try to catch my breath. Jason peppers even more k!sses across my cheeks and nose.

Placing both my hands on his ch.est I giggle again as he continues to k!ss every inch of my face.

“I have to find your mother” I say now laughing even more. “Jason, you have to let me go. I need to see when your mother wants to do the dress fitting since I slept the entire day.”

He literally pouts at me now, “She will be at dinner you can ask her there.” He says pulling me back into his arms, his smile growing even more as his eyes swirl with Knights red.

“You know you will have to let me go sooner or later right.” C*cking my eyebrow at Jason.

“I disagree on that. I can keep you in my arms all day.” He says a warm smile crossing his face as he looks down at me.

Laughing as I push on his che.st again getting him to finally release me. I make my way across our room to the closet to look for something to wear to dinner then.

Settling on something that is simple and comfy I grab a pair of leggings and a flowy shirt that has flowers printed on it.

Dropping the towel I grab a black bra and panties, Jason watches me the entire time as I dress, his eyes are almost completely red now as he watches me getting dressed.

Applying a light amount of make up and running a brush through my long hair, I

put it into a simple side braid.

“You look beautiful” Jason says, the truth behind his words easily visible in his eyes as he wraps his arms around my waist from behind me looking at our reflections in the vanity mirror.

“Thank you,” I say turning and placing another k!ss to his l!ps.

Taking my hand he leads me out of our room and down the stairs of our apartment, as we approach the front door I realize then that I am starting to truly think of this place as my home. A broad smile spreads across my face then.

“What has got you smiling like that” Jason says with a wink.

Looking up at my mates handsome face, “Just about how this really is becoming my home now. It’s a little surreal” I say reaching up I place my hand on his cheek. “But I am so happy to be here.”

He lays his on hand over mine, his smile growing even bigger if that was even possible. He places a k!ss to the inside of my hand then lacing his fingers with mine.

“I am so happy that you are finally here with me.” He says his eyes shining.

We walk down the hallway to the pack house dinning room in a comfortable silence. I had expected it to be bustling with activity like it normally is for dinner but it is much quieter. Only Jason’s parent’s, Eric, Ella and Sara are there tonight.

Broad smiles are on everyones faces as we make our way into the dining room. Luna Alison looks as if she will burst into tears at any moment, she rushes to me and embraces me tightly.

“We are so happy for you dear, for both of you!” Luna Alison says.

My mark I realize is what this is about and I instantly blush bright red. Andras snickering in my head reminding me that everyone now knows exactly what happened earlier. This only causes my body to become even redder. I swear I blushed from my toes to my hair line.

Sara stands directly in front of me her own eyes shining with unshed tears as she tries to hold them back herself.

“I am so happy you walked into the shop that day. You are going to make a very wonderful Luna.” Sara says also hugging me tightly.

As soon as her arms leave me another set of arms wrap around my waist from behind me, Jason leaning down k!ssing the top of my head.

“Yes she will be a amazing Luna.” He says. Andra puffing out her che.st a little at her mates compliment.

Jason leads us around the big table and we take our seats, Jason sitting at the head of the table with myself sitting to his right, Eric and Ella to his left. Jasons dad sits at the opposite end of the table with his mother to his right and Sara siting between the two of us.

Conversation begins to flow about everyone’s day and about the Luna Ceremony as the Omegas begin to bring out the dishes. Steak and grilled shrimp with baked potatoes and a side salad now fills the table and everyone begins to dig in.

After a bit more talk Jason gets everyone attention by clicking his fork to a glass drawing all our eyes to him.

“I wanted you all here tonight for a few reasons. One of the most important is to let you all know that a representative from The Halo Pack is being sent in for Holly’s Luna Ceremony.”

Everyone including myself stare at Jason as if he has grown two heads.

“Why would they do that? They have never visited other packs for Luna ceremonies, so why would they fill the need to come to mine?” I quickly ask a panic starting to settle in.

Looking around the table I can see that the very same question I just asked is also on everyome elses minds as well.

“We can’t be sure of their reasons until they arrive but we will be increasing security again ” Jason adds.

“I will walk you through everything you need for their visit Dear.” Alison says a giant smile on her l!ps. “We will get your fitting done first thing in the morning and we can go through the last bit of preparations that are needed.”

Nodding to Luna Alison I begin to wonder exactly why would the royal pack want to be here for my ceremony. Andra is quite on the subject not offering any advice or ideas.

Jasons voice pulls me from my thoughts, “There is another matter that is just as important,” He says looking at Sara. “Sara has brought up the fact that the rogues who attacked when Holly arrived may have been under the influence of Black Magic.” Jason says now.

An audible gasp can be heard around the room.

“Son, do you really believe that witches would be involved in this?” Charles asks his son.

“If this is Alexander and I highly suspect that it is, I would not put it past him to stoop as low as using Black magic to obtain Holly by any means necessary.”

“But why is he after her in the first place?” Alison asks.

Jason looks back to me now, taking that as my cue to speak up and explain why the a**hole is obviously obsessed with me. “Alexander was my first mate, he rejected me on my eighteenth birthday because he said I was to weak.” I look down at my hands in my lap twirling my fingers as my nervousness begins to rise.

I feel Jason grab my hands from under the table. He begins to rub small circles across my knuckles in a effort to calm me down. It helps and my heart reat and breathing slowly return to normal, I raise my eyes to his mouthing a ‘Thank you’. He nods his head, still holding onto my hands giving them another gentle squeeze.

“And if we are able to find proof that this is the case, that the rogues were indeed under some kind of spell then Knight and I have agreed to take the death sentence off the table for Liam.”

Sara breaks down then, tears running down her face as she does her best to wipe them away. I wrap my arms around my friend, as her emotions begin to settle she looks up to Jason “Thank you Alpha, Thank you so much.”

“Don’t thank me just yet, we still need to find some kind of proof that he was not acting of his own free will and that Alexander and Silver Bow are the ones that are behide it.” Jason says.

“How do you suggest we go about finding this proof?” Ella asks looking at her mate.

A sigh leaves my mate, “That I haven’t figured out just yet.” Jason replies.

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