Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 26

The plan is taking longer then any of us had originally planned for it. It has been one week now since the first failed attack and kidnapping attempt of that Rogue she-wolf. Disaster was more like it.

Everyone has been planning her Luna Ceremony for this Friday and the entire pack is excited for the upcoming party. There she is supposed be fully initiated into the pack as a member and the new Luna. Trigger and I decided that with all the distractions from the Luna Ceremony that it would make the perfect time to strike.

If timed right she won’t even be initiated as the Luna.

I met with Trigger the other night and he gave me a tranquilizer dart that was a combination of wolfsbane and liquid silver to use to subdue Sara so she would not know what was going on or where she was at.

I have been following and keeping eyes on the two she-wolves to find the best way to get Sara alone without anyone thinking it was suspicious. The first night I had followed Holly was when her and the Alpha went down to the lake for a ‘date’, I want to gag whenever I think about that.

Seeing our alpha all puppy dog eyes over a rogue with pathetic. Alpha Jason is known as one of the strongest alphas in the country, the mate bond was really starting to mess with him.

In my wolf form I waited in the shadows just beyond the tree line to where they would not be able to see me, I also made sure I wore the masking pendent so that my scent was covered.

After their little dinner date I tried to get closer to the pair as they walked back to the pack house but for some reason the she wolf stopped, looking around her surroundings as if she was searching for something or someone. Looking down at the pendent I guess it only works at certain distances.

After a few minutes the alpha hurried her down the rest of the trail. I back out and made my way out of the forest from a different trail that lead around to the back of the pack house. I quickly shifted back to my human form and grabbed my clothes that were stashed in one of the hollow tree trunks.

Throwing them on I made my way around the corner of the house making sure to stay in the dark shadows to keep from being seen. Alpha Jason was ordering a group of trackers and the Beta to search the trail to the lake they were just on. Good thing I had the pendent, they won’t be able to pick up on my scent at all I think to myself, a smug smile tugging at my lips as I watch the wolves begin their searches.

Since then I have made sure I stay far enough away to where neither she wolf would notice my presence again.

She took up training a couple days after that and has been doing progressingly better every day. She isn’t great but she does have some natural ability when it comes to fighting.

Sara on the other hand has been spending alot of her time down in the cells recently. Curiosity got to me and I snuck down there one night after she left.

To my surprise I found a rogue wolf who was probably 19 or so who had been locked up. That was odd since when did the Alpha have a prisoner that no one had heard about. Normally gossip like this would have made the rounds around the pack by now. I needed to ask around to a few warriors and see exactly what they knew about the wolf and why he was in the cells.

With the behavior Sara has been showing I’m confident that the man in the cells must be her mate. It was the only conclusion that made any sense as to why she would be there as much as she was. She has since kept the same schedule the past few days, she spends most of the day down at the cells leaving only at nightfall and then going for a run.

Tonight they are all having dinner in the pack house. The Alpha, Beta and former Alpha and their families are all in attendance. It appears to look like some kind of celebratory dinner. I have hidden myself off in one of the connecting rooms keeping the sliding doors open just enough that it isn’t noticeable.

When Alpha Jason and the rogue she-wolf joined the others I was stunned. There on the she wolf’s neck as she turned to look at the Alpha was a mating mark. Alpha Jason has officially claimed her as his mate and Luna.

“Sh*t” I whisper to myself. This is not good, I am sure who ever Triggers client is will not be to happy with this discovery.

“Look” Dan commands me. “The Alpha is not marked yet. I wonder why they didn’t complete the bond?” He continues.

I wonder the same thing, why would he accept and mark her and she not do the same.

“Good thing with this is that since the bond is not completed they are not fully connected yet. That means they can not mindlink or sense each other.” Dan says as he watches the couple through my eyes.

No mindlink means she will be completely vulnerable, she will have no way of contacting anyone from the pack to come and help her.

I listen to their conversation and it is mostly just about the ceremony Friday and all the last minute details that still need to be handled. Just as I’m about to call it a night the conversation changes to something about a representative from The royal pack coming to the Luna ceremony.

“Now that is very odd. They do not typically send someone for such an event, so why would they now?”

“Have they heard about the attack?” Dan questions.

“I doubt it, they don’t pay attention to such a insignificant fighting. No there has to be another reason. We need to figure out why too.” I state.

The Conversation changes again to the attack drawing my attention back to them.

“There is another matter that is just as important, Sara has brought up the fact that the rogues who attacked when Holly arrived may have been under the influence of Black Magic .” States Alpha Jason.

“Son, do you really believe that witches would be involved?” The former Alpha asks his son.

Looking down at the masking pendent that I am currently using, I knew there would have to be atleast a witch involved, I mean it is the Rogue Mafia, but why would they need witches for the attack?

“But why is he after her in the first place?” The former Luna ask drawing my attention again having missed the ‘Who’ they are talking about.

“Alexander was my first mate, he rejected me on my eighteenth birthday….” I back away from the door before the rogue can finish her statement.

“Alexander? Do you think he is the client that hired Trigger to kidnap her?” I question my Wolf.

“It’s possible. But this means that they are all aware that someone is trying to get her. We need to be sure and cover our a**. No mistakes. ” Dan says smugly.

I make my way outside the pack house making sure that I am not seen by anyone as I head to the tree line, striping my clothes and hiding them in a tree again I shift into Dan and give him control.

“We need to figure out a good place to hole up at once we get to Sara and Holly.” I say to Dan as he leaps over a fallen log, entering a small clearing and comes apon the stream that runs across the pack.

He stops for a moment, “I know the perfect place.” Dan says and he takes off running once again. He runs in the same direction as the part of forest that we plan to have Holly give herself over at in exchange for Sara. He runs through the area and right past the edge of the packs territory.

He comes to a stop panting trying to catch his breath. There hidden in amongst the trees a little past the pack border is the old run down cabin that I used to come to as a kid. Whenever I just needed to get way from home this is where I came. It was the perfect place since no one in the pack knew it was out here since it wasn’t technically pack lands.

“That will do perfectly.” I tell my Wolf a smug smile on my lips.

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