Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 28

After Jason and Eric left everyone finished up and went their separate ways. Jason’s parents returned to their home that was just down the road from the pack house. Sara went to see her mate before she also headed home for the night.

Ella and I walked together to our apartments. I stopped at one of the large windows that looks out into the back garden of the house. The roses that were blooming tonight glimmer in the moonlight.

Looking out towards the tree line I hope to see my mate walking back to the house but he doesn’t.

“They will be back soon.” Ella says as she walks up beside me. “It had to be pretty important for them to be called away at night.”

The door to Eric and Ella’s apartment opens then, a little girl with matching red hair to Ella’s pokes her head out the door.

“Momma” the little girl cries as she runs into Ella’s arms and buried her little face in her chest.

Another child this time a little boy who looks identical to Eric steps out of the apartment followed by a woman that I recognize as a omega who works in the daycare center for the pack. Realizing that these must be their children, how did I not know that already, I scolded myself.

“What’s wrong sweetheart?” Ella ask the little girl gently wiping tears from her little face.

The child continues sniffling trying to dry her tears. The boy stepping forward whispers something in Ella’s ear causing her to pale at once.

Turning her attention to the young woman who must have been babysitting, “Thank you, Amanda for staying with them this evening.” Ella says handing the woman some cash from her pocket.

“Luna” the woman says to me with a small smile on her face. I nod in acknowledgment and she makes her way back to the main area of the pack house.

Ella is still trying to console her daughter while her son looks at his sister with worry written all over his little face.

Bending down to be at their level I look at both children realizing just how much they resemble their parents.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” I ask looking over at Ella.

The Little girl raises her eyes from her mother’s shoulder looking over at me. Her emerald eyes sparkling from her tears.

“No, it was just a bad dream.” Ella says picking up the little girl and holding her close to her chest.

“The bad wolf is going to hurt Uncle Jason.” The little girl sobs into her mother’s hair. Ella trying to console her once again.

Instantly worry runs through me at her words. Who is going to hurt Jason I think to myself. How does such a young child know something is going to happen to him I begin wondering to myself. Andra letting out a small whimper at the thought of anything happening to her mate.

My feelings must be visible on my face, Ella reaches out placing her hand on my shoulder, “It was just a dream. I am sure Jasons is fine.” She says.

“I am sure you are right. I am sure he is fine.” I say forcing a smile on my face to try an ease both our worries.

Ella takes her children back into their apartment and I make my way to mine and Jason’s. The silence that hits me as I walk through our house is deafening and only causes my mind to begin to wonder back to what the child had said.

Taking the stairs I head to our room to shower hoping that will help take the troubled thoughts away. Turning the water on in the shower to warm up while I strip down.

“Do you really think that was a just a dream she had?” Andra ask with a whimper.

“I don’t honestly know but whatever it was really terrified her.” Looking back the poor girl seemed to upset for that to have been just a dream.

The bathroom quickly fills with steam, stepping in I hiss as the hot water hits my skin turning it pink from the temperature. My muscles slowly relaxing as the water begins to beat over body.

I become lost in my thoughts as I just let the water run over my body, once the water starts to run cold I finally wash my body and get out wrapping one of the white fluffy towels around my body an walk to the closet. I grab just a pair of underwear and one of Jason’s t-shirts.

After I slip them on I settle down in a chair by one of the windows waiting and watching for my mates return.

My worries start to fill my mind again as I watch the twinkling stars in the night sky. All the issues that have happened seem to have some kind of connection to Alexander but none of it makes any sense as to why.

Why is he continuing to send more wolves after me? Why would he use black magic?

“Maybe it has something to do with whoever we actually are.” Andra pips up. “Then moon goddess said we were special. Maybe he knows about that.”

“But how does he know about that then? We only just found out about it ourselves.” I’m so exhausted from dealing with the whole situation that it is starting to give me a serious migraine.

“I don’t know Holly but we will figure it it and stop him.” Andra replies.

My wolf and I both go quiet as we watch the stars and moon, I apparently drifted off to sleep at some point as I waited for Jason.

I feel the tingles from the mate bond and his scent invades my nostrils as he lifts me from my chair and places me in the bed.

His skin and hair are still damp from the shower as he lays me down on our bed getting in behind me he pulls the covers over both of us. Turning over in his arms I run my fingers through his short beard.

“What happened tonight?” I ask as my eyes meet his beautiful Hazel ones.

“Some of the warriors found a make shift campsite just inside our boarder.” He says pulling me in close. “It seems to have been a group of wolves staying there for a few days.”

A sigh of relief leaves me, Clare’s dream had to be just that a dream. Nothing happened to Jason and he was perfectly fine as he laid beside me. But wait how were wolves able to cross our border in the first place.

Jason tilts my head back some so that I am able to look at him again. “How did they even get past our borders?” I ask.

He turns over just enough to slip his hand into the nightstand drawer. When he turns back to face me he holds a black stone necklace. Taking it from him I run my thumb over the cold black stone.

“It is a masking pendent. We think that whoever was there had to all have one of these.” He says as he watches me continue to study the stone. “It hides whoever wears it to make them appear as if they were a human so our patrols did not even notice that they were just inside our borders.”

“Eric found a book with a little bit of information on it but it is typically used by Black magic users.” Jason adds after a few minutes.

My eyes instantly snap back to his. Andra gives a low growl in the back of my mind hearing that.

“I don’t think this will be the proof needed for Liam or to bring charges against Silver Bow because we still don’t have anything tying them together but atleast now we do know that ‘someone’ is using these to get in to the territory for a reason.” He says taking the pendent from my hands.

“Alex has to be planning something.” Andra comments and I have to agree with her. Alexander is up to something and I have a feeling we are about to find out just what that is.

Luna Alison has been showing me everything that I need to be a good Luna, I just hope I don’t disappoint her. We have been going through all the guest rooms on the east wing of the house getting them ready for the royals representative that should arrive tomorrow and a few of the neighboring pack Alphas that had been invited.

After finishing with the room preparations we had to finish some of the smaller details for the ceremony. In my last pack a Luna would never have helped with decorating besides ordering around the Omegas, but here you can see just how much Luna Alison enjoyed it and how much the pack loved and respected her.

Sara and Ella had also offered to help out and now we were all in the Luna Office for my dress fitting that was supposed to happen yesterday. Andra snickers in my head, “I would much rather have spent the morning the exact same way again.” She says purring.

I can fill myself blush slightly as I began to slip into my dress. Calming myself down I step out of the bathroom that is connected to the office and I hear a loud gasp.

Everyone is wearing bright smiles as they watch me walk to the center of the room. There has been three large full length mirrors placed side by side with a round step just in front of them.

As I step up and finally look at myself in the mirror I am just as stunned as they are. It was a tradition for the New Lunas to wear the pack colors at their Luna ceremony.

It was a beautiful tight fitting Navy Blue evening gown with a high lace neckline and three quarter length lace sleeves.

“You look amazing” Sara says as she reaches behind the couch she is sitting on and pulls out a shoe box. “I thought these would go perfect with that dress.” She says as she opens the box and moving the tissue paper.

Inside is a pair of gold high heels with a two an a half inch heel. Thank the Goddess she didn’t get any higher or I doubt I would have been able to walk without breaking my neck.

Ella now pulls out a small bag that she was hiding behind her back and hands it over to me with a bright smile.

Pulling the tissue from the bag inside is a a blue velvet box. Slowly I lift the lid and inside is a pair of sapphire and diamond earrings. I gasp seeing the expensive jewelry.

“Guys this is to much I can’t accept these what if I loose one.” I say hoping they will not take it the wrong way. I have never worn anything even close to as expensive as what just the dress must of cost Jason.

Luna Alison steps forward then with another jewelry box in her hands. “Oh hunny yes you can. This is how we shower a new Luna here.” She says placing the box in my hands. “This has been passed down from every former Luna to the next since the start of Blackwater.”

My eyes are brimming with unshed tears as I try my hardest to control all the emotions that are swirling with in me. Luna Alison sees and wraps me in her warm embrace and I can’t hold the tears back any longer.

Ella and Sara also join and it turns into a group hug with all of us crying. After a few minutes we all wipe the tears from our cheeks, looking at the three women before me I realized just how blessed I am to have all of them in my life now.

Luna Alison is becoming the mother figure that I never had growing up in Silver Bow and Sara and Ella are the best friends I could only dream of having.

Taking the little blue box from Luna Alison I open the lid. Laying in the soft velvet is a golden bracelet. It was designed with Cresent moons and small diamonds placed periodically.

Blinking quickly I push the tears away again they threaten to fall, “Thank you” I say to all three women. “Thank you all so much for everything you have done for me in this short time.”

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