Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 29

Holly had to leave me first thing this morning and I have not seen her much today. Deciding to get a little pack work done I headed to my office.

I tried most of the morning to distract myself with paperwork and phone calls to check on different packs that we have worked with over the past few months.

After lunch I finally gave it up deciding to go in search of my mate. Knight has been even more anxious since we marked Holly and we have not had any significant alone time since then.

Every time I get her all to myself someone either interrupts us or one of us is needed to handle a issue for the ceremony.

I had finally gotten her alone in her new office earlier today after her dress fitting. My mother and the girls had just left, with out knocking I pushed the door ajar softly.

My incredibly beautiful mate was zipping up her dress in its garment bag. Knight growls out softly and I do my best to swallow it so I can watch her for just a little longer. She is standing with her back to me and she was only wearing her bra and panties, the scars on her back seem a little lighter then they did the last time I saw them.

The moon and wolf tattoo glistening as the light catches it just right when ever she moves. She looks up and catches me watching her in the mirror, I can see my eyes are already changing to their red color the more Knight comes to the surface. Her eyes begin to change as well as her wolf also cames forward.

Another growl ripples through my body as I watch the seductive smile that spreads across her soft lips, her eyes twinkling at me through the mirror. Making my way farther into the room, my eyes never leaving hers in the mirror. I move her hair away from her mark, leaning in I press my lips to her mark.

A shiver courses through her body as her eyes close and she leans her head back onto my shoulder, a soft moan slipping past her lips. The sound of her moan instantly bringing my c*ck to life as it strains against my jeans, begging to be set free.

I run my hands down her luscious body committing every beautiful curve to memory. Holly turns around wrapping her arms around the back of my neck, her smile growing even bigger as she watches my eyes travel lower to her large mounds as she presses her body to mine causing them to rise even more.

Knight is drooling as he watches his mate. In one quick move I flip her strapless bra down freeing her mounds into my waiting hand. Giving them a gentle squeeze she arches her back slightly pressing even more of her luscious breast into my hands.

The scent of her arousal begins to permeate the air, Knight gives another growl as Holly stands on her tippie toes burying her face into the crook of my neck taking in my own scent. She runs her tounge across my marking spot, my body sending a shiver all the way to my toes.

Slipping my hands under her bottom and picking her up, she wraps her legs around my waist. I carry her over to the desk, sitting her down on the edge and placing both hands on either side of her face I pull her in crashing my lips down onto hers.

Pouring every bit of need that I have for her into that kiss as she uses her legs to pull me into her even more.

“Holly you ready…..Oops!” Is suddenly heard from the now open door.

“We really need to remember to lock that d*mn thing.” Knight grumbles out.

“Just come find me when your done…” comes a voice from the door again and I hear the click as it is once again closed.

Laughter suddenly comes from my mate. As I look to see what is so funny she laughs even harder, now leaning to the side of the desk holding her sides as her amusement pours out of her.

“What’s so funny?” I question her finding it hard to hide the smile that is quickly spreading across my own face.

“We need automatic locks on all our doors.” She wheezes. “Or we will always be caught.”

Knight is now also laughing at the situation. “Done” he says his voice coming through me.

Holly hops off the desk, pressing a quick kiss to my lips as she runs to the adjoining bathroom. She comes back out now fully dressed in jeans and a t-shirt causing me to pout at her hoping to change her mind.

“I think we may have scarred Sara for life.” She says laughing again.

“I think she will be ok.” I say wrapping her in my arms and burying my face in the crook of her neck. Knight now whimpers in my mind.

“I need to see what she needed as we still have alot of details to finish today. We will finish this tonight! With the doors locked!” She says with a wink.

Hanging my head in defeat, “Fine, I guess you are right.” I give her one last kiss.

As she opens the door Sara almost falls to the floor. Holly just shakes her head at her friend as Sara regains her footing and turning a shade of red I did not think was possible.

“I need to run after that” Knight says his tail swishing through the air.

“I could use one too now.” I tell my Wolf as I make my way down stairs and out to the tree line. Quickly shedding my clothes and stuffing them inside a hollow tree I then give full control over to Knight.

I can hear my bones as they start to snap and adjust themselves into my wolfs form. Once shifted Knight takes off into the forest running off his frustration at being interrupted again.

He makes his way to the lake and finally stops for drink when he catches sight of a buck standing on the edge of the water. He crouches low in the brush to not be seen, the sun is now starting to set and the shadows make it easier for him to blend unto the shadows with his dark fur.

He waits patiently for the right moment, the deer raises its head and looks to the left. Knight pounces then sinking his sharp teeth into the soft tissues of the deer neck. The taste of the animals metallic blood feels my mouth.

He makes the deers death quick by snapping its neck with one hard shake. Knight enjoys his kill as the sun countines to sink into the sky by the lake until it is completely dark out.

A twing snaps beside us and Knight quickly spins around snarling into the darkness. After a few moments when no one steps out from the darkness, Knight rises his snout scenting the air.

“What if it is the wolves from the camp?” I ask my Wolf and he begins to search the forest looking for any sign of the intruders.

Still finding no trace of anyone Knight makes his way back to the pack house. It is completely pitch black out now as he gives me back control and I shift back. Pulling my clothes out of their hiding spot I slip them back on and head back into the pack house.

“Hopefully Little Mate is not busy and we can pick up where we left off earlier.” Knight says as his tail beats against that black ground in my head.

I pick up my pace at the mention of finishing what we started earlier, now even more excited to see my mate. As I open the door I am met with a very frantic Eric.

“There you are I was just about to link you.” He says seemingly out of breath. “The Representatives are here from the

The Halo Pack. They just got here fifteen minutes ago and I’ve been looking for both you and the Luna.”

“I thought they were not supposed to get here until tomorrow?” I say as I make my way down to my apartment to get cleaned up before going to meet with them.

“They said it was very important for them to come a day sooner.” Eric says as we walk through the door to my house.

“They? It’s more then one rep?” I ask raising a eyebrow at my Beta.

“Yeah and you will be even more shocked at who they sent.” He adds with a small mischievous smile playing on his face. I expected him to countine on and tell me who the Representatives were but he just shakes his had no, “You would not believe me even if I told you.”

Knight and I are very confused and now curious as to who had been sent for Holly’s Luna ceremony. When I enter into our room I see Holly isn’t back yet so I shower quickly and throw on a fresh pair of jeans and a clean shirt.

“Where are they now?” I ask as I pull my shirt over my head.

“They are in your office.”

“Let’s get going then don’t want to keep them waiting any longer.” I say and we head out of my house and back into the main pack house.

I was not prepared for exactly who was standing in my office when I opened the door for more then one reason.

“Holy Sh*t” Knight says just as surprised as I am.

Of all the Representatives I thought the royal pack would send I never expected it to be the Alpha King and Luna Queen.

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