Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 3

“Holly come on or we are going to be late.” Sara says as she shifted back into her Wolf form and started heading back to where we stashed our clothes. Begrudgingly I fall in step behind her Wolf, Andra was not happy she loved the woods and had wanted nothing more to stay out there since Sara had showed us a safe spot to shift. She had been kept up entirely to much lately.

It was far enough from the town that it wouldn’t be as suspicious if a wolf was seen and still far enough from her pack that border patrol wouldn’t take me as a threat. Sara had told me most of the humans in town were mates to wolves in either of the two packs of the area but there where some who were not so everyone tried to stay away from town when they were in wolf form.

As we made it back to the spot to were we left our clothes I started to feel as if I was being watched. I looked all around me but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. I couldn’t smell or sense any other wolf besides Sara, it had to be my imagination messing with me.

“That was amazing Sara! Thank you for bringing me here. We really needed to have a good run.” I say as I finish pulling my tank top over my head and pulling my hair out from it.

“I still say you should come and meet with our Alpha, I’m sure he would let you join the pack Holly. Since that ex mate of yours is still lurking around you could really use the protection anyway” She reminds me.

We had been through this sense the moment I decided I could trust her. Sara has become a really great friend in the short amount of time I’ve known her. We just clicked together really well and now she has not stopped hounding me to meet with the Alpha of Blackwater to join the pack. She does have a point it would be alot better for us to be in a pack but after the way my last pack treated me I’m a little gun shy on jumping into a new one.

“I know you have a point but after everything that’s happened I just don’t know if I can do it Sara I’ve been on my own pretty much my entire life.” My voice cracking slightly as all the emotions try to break through the walls I had painstakingly built up to protect myself.

Sara pulled me into a hug “Holly we aren’t like that, our pack isn’t like that at all. Our Alpha would rip anyone apart who dared to treat a child in such a manner. Holly if nothing else just meet with him and see what he has to say. Please!”

“Goddess this girl is bound and determined to have us in her pack Holls. Maybe we should go ahead an see what this Alpha has to say.” Andrea adds.

“OK fine, the two of you have wore me down. I’ll meet with him. Gezz.” I said an smiled as I saw how happy it truly made Sara. She was bouncing on her feet and hugged me again causing me to laugh. This girl was truly my best friend, she had become my confidant when I hadn’t even been paying attention.

“Come on let’s go. I’ll call him in the truck.” Sara said and as we go to get in I still feel like I’m being watched, that’s not good. Has Alex and his dad finally found me? Ok yea I might be going crazy there’s no way, I have been meticulous in covering my tracks.

As she makes the call to her Alpha I barely pay attention to what she says, instead I simply stare out the tuck windows as the forest moves past us in a blur of greens and brown. I think about everything that’s happened especially in the last few years. It terrifies me thinking about joining a new pack, I know Sara says they aren’t the same as my last pack but all the what ifs began to race through my mind.

“Slow down girl, I have a good feeling about this place. I can’t describe it but it just feels like this is where we are ment to be.” Andra says and that helps to calm the crazy thoughts some. “And no matter what happens or what that Alpha says we will always have each other.” She adds.

Sara finishes the call just as we make it to the bar and pull into the parking lot. “He’ll be here this evening, he wanted you to come to the pack house but I convinced him to just meet you here first so you wouldn’t be as nervous.”

I just nod my head in acknowledgment and she understands that I am still a little overwhelmed with the idea. She reaches over an grabs my hand and gives it a slight squeeze of encouragement with a big smile on her face.

“Well here goes nothing” Andra says.

4 hours later

We haven’t stopped since we opened the bar up tonight. I guess this is the place to be on a Friday night in this town. A few people have asked questions about me and I’ve kept my answers short and vague. I few of the regulars I’ve gotten to know since I started are here too so it’s kind of nice to see a few familiar faces in the crowd.

I’ve noticed that wolves didn’t really come in during the week but on Friday it seems like the whole pack was in here. I haven’t had any problems with any of them tonight thankfully they all have been really accepting of me being a rogue. But all good things must end unfortunately.

Just then a group of wolves walks in as I’m serving a table in the back of the sitting area. I’ve gotten used to everyone’s attention settling on me the moment they catch my scent. These guys don’t look as happy to see a rogue in their hangout spot tonight. They look to be fairly young around 18 or so.

“Can you grab those guys that just walked in Holly I’m swamped here.” Sara asked as she made another set of drinks for the couple at the bar.

“Yea girl I got them, need me to run anything as I go?”

“Ummm if you could take these to table six for me that would be great” She smiles at me and I grab to two bottles of beer from her, then make my way out into the dining room.

I smile and place the menus down on the table, three of the four have got scowls set on their faces “Pricks” Andra says in my mind and it causes me to smile more as I try not to laugh out loud. This only makes them look madder then before if it was even possible.

Never the less I soldier on with my standard greeting in my best customer service voice that I could muster. “Hi I’m Holly and I’ll be your server…”

But I’m cut off by the guy closest to me that says, “Since when does Beth hire nasty a** Rogues to work here?” as he turns to look at me. He looks to be the youngest of the four and apparently thinks he is pretty tough to talk s**t to a rogue in the first place.

“Most rogues would tear this pip squeak to peices” Andra snorts in my head.

I place a sickenly sweet smile on my face as I look him directly in the eye and say “Wait your turn, pup! The grown-ups are talking.”

The entire table burst into laugher as the poor kid turns as red as a tomato. If he wasn’t mad before he was now, I swear you could see steam coming out his ears. I guess he assumed that I would be a push over just because I’m a rogue and he was a pack wolf, that’s something I will never be again.

Andra is currently hyperventilating from her own laugher in my head. His friends also appear to reconsider their previous objection that they had of me and that seems to piss him off more. I manage to get their order as he continues to sulk in his seat like a spoiled 3 year old.

I can feel his eyes bore into me as I’m walking away, his friends are still giving him hell about the whole thing.

“Sorry about Mike over there he is a entitled brat. His parents always thought they were more important then they actually are. Looks like it continues to rub off on him.” Sara says looking over at the table.

“It’s ok girl, not your fault he is a douchbag.” I say causing her to also laugh.

I check on my other tables and help Sara as much as I can with the bar but I’m not very good with making drinks. Let’s just say the first one was way stronger then it was supposed be. Andra and Sara both died laughing at that poor woman who got it. I was banned from behind the bar for anything that wasn’t beer.

The bell dings letting us know that a tables order is up and I go to grab it noticing it’s the douchbags table. I get everything on the big tray and head out the kitchen doors to their table. As I’m approaching the table suddenly I trip and the whole try hits the floor with the plates shattering as they hit the floor.

When I look up I see Mike looking down at me with a smirk on his face.

“Better watch where your going next time.” He says, his eyes shining with amusement at the mess that not only covers me but also the floor. He looks at the mess an adds, “Better clean that up, Rogue!”

All the sudden I’m in a flash back to the Silver Bow Pack, to all the times Alex would berate me, trip me or push me down a flight of stairs. That one landed me in the pack hospital for three days.

“fk this st” Andra growls as she pushes to take control. “This motherf* doesn’t know who the hell he is messing with” another growl rips from me.

A surge of power hits me all the sudden. Ok that was strange but I can’t think of it to much since Andra is still trying to take control. I close my eyes as my body starts to tremble from the force she is using in to over power me. She as never fought me so hard, I can feel my grib starting to slip now.

“Andra stop he isn’t worth it.” I say trying to distract her as I attempt to stand and get her to see reason. But that i***t has to open his mouth one more time.

“What’s wrong rogue you going to cry.” Mike says laughing thinking he was so funny.

But the moment he finishes that statement my eyes fly open. They aren’t mine anymore, they are Andras Beautiful golden orbs and the entire table is shocked. I lost the fight an Andra is now in full control of our body and she is pissed.

She looks straight at Mike an places both her hands on the table in front of him. The color drains from his face, he looks like he is about to pee his pants as she releases her aura and I’m shocked myself, this isn’t her normal aura the one I’ve felt her give off for the past two years. No this one is stronger way stronger then an Omega, it’s an Alphas aura. What the hell I think to myself. I try to gain back control of my body but Andra is not giving an inch. She is livid and seriously a inch away from ripping this kids throat out.

“Next time you think you’re better then someone else you better make damn sure you are pup!” Andra says adding a low threatening growl her eyes flashing their bright gold. “Now clean up your mess pup!” She adds stepping back. I felt the Alpha command as she said it. She has left no room for argument. Mike instantly got to his feet and began cleaning up the food and broken dishes.

All the sudden I feel all our energy drain from us, I feel weak and there are black spots starting to gather in my vision and I know I’m about to pass out. I feel my body start to give and fall, as I think I’m about to hit the floor a pair of muscular arms wrap around me and I feel tingles erupt on my body. It’s the best feeling in the world and I never want it to end.

I can barely keep my eyes open at this point, but I’m able to open them just enough to see the most beautiful pair of Hazel eyes I’ve ever seen.

As I succumb to the darkness that surrounds me Andra howls “MATE”

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