Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 30

I definitely saw more of my Alpha and Luna then I needed to when I open that door to the Luna Office.

Sasha immediately started snickering at me as I stood there with my mouth open just staring at the couple. I snap out of my momentary haze and mumble my apologies and quickly close the door behind me.

I press my ear to the door hoping to hear anything that is said. Eric had shared what happened to him when he interpreted, he said Knight went feral and was ready to kill him.

I knew all these rooms were soundproof but that did not stop me from trying anyway. Suddenly the door is opened and I loose my footing for a moment as the only support I had holding me up was from the door.

I can feel myself blush as heat rises in my cheeks, I can feel the heat that is radiating from me due to my embarrassment of being caught by the two if them trying to ease drop.

Holly’s laughter is contagious as she closes the door behind her causing me to also laugh some.

“Hey it is ok you know.” She says with a smile “So what is it that we need to finish up?” Holly asks as she leads us down the staircase.

“Umm, they need you to go over the menu I think for tomorrow’s dinner.” I say trying my hardest not to stumble over my words.

“Oh and I wanted to see if you would come with me when Doc goes to do the examination on Liam.” I ask Holly nervous that she would say no.

Holly stops walking and turns to face me, “Yes I will. I know it has been hard for the two of you to be apart from one another. Hopefully Doc will be able to find anything that can prove our theory”

I have been down there everyday to see Liam since he was first locked in the cells. It has been difficult to say the least to get to know Liam while he is locked up and to figure out what exactly happened to him in the week or so that he has no memories of.

I learned Liam was born a rogue. His parents pack did not approve of their being mates. His dad was the Beta and his mom was a omega, the pack thought that he needed a stronger mate and wanted him to reject Liams mom.

The two refused to reject each other instead they opted to become rogues to stay together.

I am pulled out of my thoughts as we enter the kitchen and the smell of amazing food hits me. The cook’s were definitely going all out for tomorrow. They had made sample dishes of each item for the four of us to taste.

Luna Alison and Ella were already there and had started trying the first couple of dishes as we walked in.

“There you two are.” Luna Alison says gesturing for Holly and I to join them.

“You have go to try the Shrimp Alfredo, it is amazing.” Ella comments as she places another fork full in her mouth.

After a few minutes of trying all the dishes laid out we all agreed that the pasta was a must. Holly chose a soft white cake with cool whip icing and sliced strawberries for dessert.

We all walked into the back garden which had been transformed stunningly. There was a stage that had been build at the very edge of the garden. There was fairy lights and garland hung above our heads.

Tomorrow the rest of the tables and chairs would all be set up along with the dance floor and buffet tables.

“Wow, this is so beautiful.” Holly says as she walks into the middle of the garden. Looking at everything that has been put out so far.

At one of the tables several Omegas were putting together centerpieces for the tables together. The peices were blue Mason jars with twine bows that were filled with baby’s breath.

“Sara I am on my way to the cells. Do you want to be there?” Doc asks me through a mindlink.

“Yes, we will be there in just a few minutes.” I say and cut the link.

“Doc is ready and heading down to do the test.” I say and Holly nods taking my hand.

“We will catch back up with you in a little while.”She says as she leads the way to where the cells are.

Once we walk in through the heavy metal doors we are stopped by one of the warriors.

“Luna I’m sorry but I can’t let you in here.” He says as he bows his head to her.

Smiling sweetly at the warrior Holly says, “I am here to support my friend with her mate. I will not leave, you are more then welcome to join us.” she says and she simply continues to walk down the hall, leaving both the warrior and I standing there with our mouths agap.

“Well, are you two coming or not?” She ask as she turns around at the door that leads to the cells.

“Alpha Jason is going to have my head.” The warrior says under his breath.

How she managed to hear that I don’t know but Holly burst into laugher. “Don’t worry I will handle the Alpha.” She says and walks through the door now.

We hear a clang as one of the meatal cell doors is closed the sounds of a key turning the locking the door back into place. Walking down the hall way I am hit with Liams scent. Sasha is instantly excited to see her mate again and quickly comes forward pushing me to the back of my mind.

She runs forward to Liams cell stopping once her eyes land on his handsome face. His blue eyes shine in the dim light and slowly darken as his wolf comes to the surface as well.

“Sha” His wolf says softly reaching his hand through the bars, moving a peice of my hair that had fallen into my face.

(Sha- Cajun French: Term of affection meaning darling, dear, or sweetheart.)

Sasha purrs at the endearment that he calls us when ever we are together. She wants nothing more then to be in his arms and finally be with him.

I finally am able to push myself forward and take control back from my Wolf.

“What is going on?” He asks as Liam also takes back control from his wolf.

“It’s just a medical exam. We are hoping that maybe something will show that you were under the control of black magic and your actions that day were not your on.” Holly says as she watches us.

Liam instinctively bows his head to her and not making any eye contact with Holly. This is the first time the two have been in the same room since the attack. Even though Holly has advocated for Liam I can tell she is still extremely wary of Liam and his intentions.

Liam gives my hands a squeeze as he steps back to the make shift cot so the doctor can do the examination.

I watch quietly from the other side of the cell as Doc pulls out a needle and several tubes for blood. Liam places his arm out and Doc draws his blood filling each vial and placing it back in his bag.

Doc begins his routine exam and as he goes through checking Liam over he asks him many questions.

Does he know what day it is? The Year? Questions about his family and What is the last thing he can remember?

Liam answers them all knowing the date and telling everyone about his family. His last memory being that of being in the club in Shreveport but nothing else.

“Well I am not sure if anything will show up in the lab work but we will see. Based off of what you have told us all with the memory loss I think it could be possible that Black magic may have been used on you.” Doc says as he places his stethoscope back in his bag with the blood samples.

“Thank you for atleast trying.” Holly says as the doctor steps out of the cell.

Just as the guard is about to close the door Holly stops him.

“Give them a moment.” She says as she looks to me. A small smile on her lips. Liam is flabbergasted and so am I.

“Well are you going in to him or are you ready to leave?” She says her smile growing even bigger when I don’t move.

“But..Jason…” I don’t get to finish the statement. Holly takes my hands in hers as she looks between Liam and I.

“I will deal with Jason. You two have been forced to stay apart for long enough. Plus Andra says you are not a threat.” She says as she looks at Liam. “I trust Andras judgment in this. Go see your mate.”

Looking back through the bars of the cell to Liam I see my shock mirrored on his face. Wrapping my arms around my friend I can’t help the water that leaks from my eyes at her kind gesture.

Letting go I run inside the cell into the arms of my mate for the very first time. Tingles erupt all throughout my body where ever our bare skin touches.

A sob escapes me and Liam softly strokes my hair trying to calm me back down.

“Luna, I can’t let her stay in there.” The warrior tries to argue with Holly.

Peaking at them through my hair I see Andra come to the surface as Holly eyes the warrior, her eyes swirl with gold.

“Has he been a problem during the time he has been in the cells? Has he caused any trouble?” She growls out her Alpha aura spilling from her body.

The warrior bows his head, “No Luna. He has been a model prisoner.”

“Then let them have a few minutes to actually be together. They have been forced to be apart long enough I don’t think a few minutes will hurt.” She says “If Jason has anything to say then I will deal with it.” She adds.

Holly glances back to Liam and I, “Don’t make me regret this.” She says looking directly at Liam. Her aura suffocatingly strong, her eyes almost solid gold.

“Yes Luna” Liam states bowing his head slightly. “Thank you” He adds as he glances back to me, his eyes dancing with happiness.

The door to the cell closes and locks as both Holly and the warrior leave. Liam crashes his lips to mine in a kiss that had so much built up need and desire that my body responds instantly.

He softly bites my bottom lip to get me to open for him and then our tongues are in a battle of dominance over the kiss.

Sasha is purring so loudly that it wouldn’t surprise me if he was able to hear her too. After a few minutes of our make out session he pulls away and pulls me down to his cot sitting me on hip lap as he strokes my back.

“Sara are you sure that this is what you want? What if I never get out of the cells. That’s not fair to you to have you mated to someone you won’t get to be with.” Liam says his voice soft and hollow.

Placing both my hands on either side of his face I force his eyes to reach mine. ” I told you I don’t care. The Moon Goddess chose you for me for a reason.” I say my voice holding a seriousness to it.

“I want to be yours. Holly also wouldn’t have left me here alone with you if she thought that you would never get out.” I say with smile.

Liam kisses my lips again “Ok, but we wait on mating atleast until I am out of here. I don’t want our first time together to be in a dirty cell.” A mesmerizing smile graces his face.

Leaning forward he softly brushes the hair away from the side of my neck and peppers my marking spot with small kisses that leave my entire body on fire for him.

I feel the tip of his canines as they graze over my spot sending a shiver down my spine. Then a flash of burning pain enveloped me as he sinks his teeth into me, the sensation is quickly followed by a warmth that flows all the way through me.

Stars dance in my vision as he retracts his teeth from my neck, licking the wound to help seal it. My gums now tingle as the urge to mark him as mine becomes to powerful and I to sink my canines into the side of his neck. Claiming and marking him as mine forever.

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