Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 31

Tomorrow is the Luna Ceremony and I know that with everything going on tomorrow Sara will not spend as much time at the cells as she normally does.

She will more then likely help with the set up for the ceremony with the former Luna and the Beta Female. So after discussing it with Trigger we decided that it would be best to put the first part of the plan into action, tonight I will take Sara.

It was almost nightfall now and I have been watching and waiting outside the cell doors for Sara to emerge. Holly actually left a few hours ago, that is the first time I have seen her go down to the cells.

Finally a hour after the normal time she would leave, Sara exits the building, the heavy metal doors banging loudly as they close behind her. Happiness is easy to see on her face as she makes her way to the tree line. Sara removes her clothes and places them in one of the hiding spots as she shifts into her light grey wolf.

Following behind her, I make sure to stay just far enough away that I can still see her wolf as she makes her way through the trees but would not be able to sence me. She ran to the little stream that flows through the pack territory, stoping to take a drink she keeps her back to me.

I stay hidden in the trees and shadows quickly shifting as quietly as possible. Reaching down I untie the small drawstring bag that I had tied to my leg that holds the syringes with the tranquilizers.

I hide one of the syringes in my hand as I step out from the shadows. Sara’s wolf tenses as she notices my presence, her lips pull up into a snarl as she watches me closely, her wolf growls low in her chest.

“Easy there. I was just out for a run myself. Thought you could use the company, since we are not supposed to be out here alone since the attack.” I say rasing my arms, trying to gain her trust enough to where she will let her guard down.

At one time Sara and I used to be good friends as kids but after I got my wolf my dad forbide me to have any unnecessary contact with her anymore or any of the higher ranked wolves.

“Now I know you are not doing this just to be nice, so what is it that you want?” Sara say through a mindlink. Her words tense with the unease filling her voice. Her eyes following me where ever I moved, never letting me out of her sight.

Keeping the syringe hidden in the palm of my hand I make my way a little closer to her, Sara’s wolf letting out another growl the closer I get. “I only want to make sure that you are safe. Can’t have anything happen to the Betas little sister now can we.”

“Oh yeah” She says sarcastically as she raises one of her wolfie eyebrows at my reason why.

“Come on now I know I am not your favorite person in the world right now but it really is not safe for you to be out here all by yourself.” I say a small smirk now on my face as I watch as confusion settles over her wolf’s features.

I make my way just a little closer, slowly uncapping the needle with my thumb without sticking myself with it. Adjusting it in my hand behind my back now.

“I mean I know I am not your rogue mate that’s locked up right now.” I say with a sneer.

Shock crosses her wolf’s face and I use that opportunity to plunge the syringe into her wolf’s shoulder quickly pushing the plunger down injecting the tranquilizer into her system.

Her wolf let out a yelp at the sudden pain in her shoulder. I take a step back as she begins to stumble back and forth as the sedatives start to take effect. Her body now forcing her to shift back to her human form as she falls to the ground.

Standing above her I smile. “Sorry you got drug into this.” I say as her eyes flutter close, her head falling to the side.

“Sh*t” I mutter to myself. This was not supposed to be part of the plan. There on her neck is a fresh mates mark. How they manged to mark each other while he was in the cell I don’t know.

“Well f*ck” I say as I run my hand through my hair in frustration. “Do you think he felt that?”

“Ha, more then likely.” My Wolf says sarcastically. “We need to hurry before he sounds the alarm.” Dan says urgently now.

I pick Sara up bridal style and run as fast as I can in my human form to the little cabin just past the packs border. I have been ‘volunteering’ to gaurd this area of the pack so I do not have to worry about being seen since there are no other pack wolves close by.

Crossing over the border I know it is not much farther to the cabin now. Sara should be out for a couple hours from the wolfsbane and then she still won’t be able to connect with her wolf or any other pack members after she does wake up until the silver makes its way completely out of her system.

I can finally see the light from the cabin as it shines through the darkness of the forest. Stepping out of the trees I see many more wolves then I had expected there. One of them jumps in front of me snarling and snaps his jaws in my direction.

His wolf’s eyes are like nothing I have seen before, they are small like a pin point. These wolves act as if they have gone completely feral, more wolves begin to circle Sara and I. Dan let’s out a warning growl for them not to come any closer.

“Enough” comes a voice from the darkness drawing their attention away from me now. All the wolves immediately stop growling and slip quietly back into the darkness that surrounds the cabin.

Two people step out from the darkness and into the moon light. One is Trigger and another man beside him that looks very sinister as he looks at Sara and I.

“Alexander, pup, pup, Alexander” Trigger says as he motions to each of us. Dan growls again agitated with being called a pup again. Trigger steps forward taking Sara from my arms and turns to take her back into the cabin.

The Alexander guy watches me curiously with a sneer as he now circles me. He is someone powerful, I can tell by the way he carries himself even though I’m sure he has a pendent or something to block his scent since he to smells just like a human too.

“Tell me ‘Pup’ why are you going against your alpha?” He asks as he continues to to circle me.

I gulp as a sudden nervousness washes over me. “A rogue will never make a good Luna. She will destroy our pack.” I state as calmly as I can.

He suddenly stops directly in front of me and quickly grabs my throat lifting me into the air. ‘s**t’ I say to myself as I struggle to breathe.

“TRIGGER!!!!!” He roars out, his grip tightening even more. I claw at his hand trying to free myself from his death grip to no avail, his grip only constricts my air way even more.

“What happened?” Trigger ask as he runs back outside from the cabin to see what all the commotion was about.


Trigger now looks very nervous, “I did not feel it was necessary at the time since the bond is not complete but yes it appears that she has a second chance mate, who happens to be the Alpha of Blackwater.”

The Alexander guy drops me just as quickly as he had originally grabbed me and storms over to Trigger. A loud growl comes from him as he throws a right hook catching Trigger in the cheek before he tumbles to the ground.

He turns around storming back towards me, “Have they completed the bond?” He questions as I try to catch my breath again. His eyes are almost completely black and it seems he is trying to keep from shifting.

“She is marked but Alpha Jason is not.” I tell him and a loud growl rumbles from his chest.

“I want her here now” He says as his voice blends with his wolf’s. “GO NOW” He roars shaking the ground beneath us.

Retreating back to the forest I make my way to the pack house. That guy was very unstable with the way he reacted to her being the Luna to Blackwater.

Once I reach the edge of the forest that surrounds the pack house I grab a pair of clothes that I had stashed earlier in the day from their hiding spot and hastily put them on. I sneak into the pack house through the back door being extremely careful not to be seen by anyone.

Taking the side staircase I make my way up to the second floor and down the hall to the Luna Office. I turn the handle slowly and thankfully it was open and no one was inside. I walk around the desk and place the red envelope in the center of the desk where it can’t missed.

Backing my way out of the office I close the door softly behind me and scan the hallway making sure that I had not been seen coming out of the office.

I find the nearest omega. “Hey do you know where the new Luna is? I just walked past her office and the phone was ringing.” I say as innocently as possible, throwing in a charming smile to the omega she wolf.

“Oh I will let her know then, Thank you.” The she wolf says bashfully as her cheeks turn a shade of light pink and she turns to go in search of the Rogue she wolf.

“Now we wait” says Dan and I sneer at the back of the omega as she walks away.

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