Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 32

Stepping out of the cell I give the two mates a little privacy and start to make my way back up the hallway.

“Luna no disrespect but do you really think leaving them alone is a good idea.” The warrior ask as he tries to catch up with me, the two of us now walking back down the hall of the building that hold the cells.

Stopping for a moment I look back over my shoulder to my best friend as she is finally able to wrap her arms around her mate for the first time. A slow smile spreads across my face as I watch them in that moment, knowing that I made the right decision.

Looking over to the warrior who is also now watching the pair, “Absolutely” I say and turn away from the mates and resume walking out. All he can do is nod now in understanding and follow behind me.

We step out of the building now, it is late in the afternoon and the sun is just starting to sink lower in the sky and it cast a warm glow over the area. The warrior resumes his original post outside the double doors and I continued on my way back to the pack house.

It is not a long walk from the building that holds the cells back to the house. Everyone who was working on the set up has gone in for the evening so I take my time as I walk around the garden taking in all the hard work that has been put into my Luna Ceremony. It was even more beautiful in this light, they fairy lights glow as they catch the light just right from the sunset.

“I can not believe this is actually happening.” I say to my Wolf as I sit down in one of the chairs taking everything in.

Andras tail is swooshing back and forth in my mind at her own excitement, “Me either but I know we were ment for this.” She says with a big wolfie grin. Once the darkness of the night sets in and covers everything I make my way inside.

I head towords the right wing to the apartments intending on getting ready to finish what Jason and I started earlier today.

Just the thought has Andra purring in anticipation of tonight’s events. I had just entered the house when there is a soft knock at the door.

“Good evening Luna” The omega says and she bows her head to me slightly.

“Yes” I say softly, opening the door more.

“There was a phone call for you in your office a little while ago.” She says softly.

“Thank you, I’ll be there in just a moment.” I say.

She bows once again and returns back inside the main pack house. Phone call who could be calling for me? Andra is now suddenly anxious but she is not able to explain why.

I enter the main pack house and instantly a feeling of unease washes over me. I stop in my tracks surveying the hallway.

“Something is not right here. I do not know what but something is very wrong.” Andra says now on high alert for anything that might be out of place.

Not noticing anything concerning here I make my way up stairs to my office it seems the unease becomes even worse up here. I can feel it in the air around me, as the feeling of unese thickens to where it is suffocating.

As I reach out to open the door to the office I am hit with a electric like shock that zaps between me and the door handle. Withdrawing my hand quickly I stare at my hand.

“What the h*ll was that?” I ask my Wolf frantically, reaching out again for the door handle I am again hit with another shock.

It is not like the normal static shocks that sometimes happen this was way stronger, my entire hand tingles after each shock for a few seconds.

“I have no idea” Andra comments just as confused as I am. “I do not think we should be here, something just does not feel right.”

Taking my Wolfs advice I slowly take a few steps backwards until my back hits something hard that at first I thought it was the wall until two arms suddenly wrap around my body very tightly, locking my arms down against my body and dragging me into the room across the hall.

I open my mouth and just as I am about to scream out for someone to help a hand covers my mouth muffling my calls for help. I can feel Andra as she is about to come forward but it’s different, it’s more of a humming that covers every inch of my body.

“Scream and she dies” says the voice of the man that grabbed me. His voice sounding oddly familiar.

Andra growls out at the threat only causing the man to laugh in response, but she stops trying to take control for the moment.

“A little feisty tonight are we.” He says close to my ear. His breath on my skin sends a chill down my spine. “He will enjoy the fight I am sure. Me not so much.” He says as I feel a sudden prick in my thigh.

I yelp at the pain but it is muffled by his hand that is still over my mouth. I suddenly feel my eye lids become heavy and my knees buckle causing me to lean my body on the the man even more to keep myself upright.

“Andra” I call out to my wolf but there is no response. “Andra!” I yell out in my mind as loud as I can but still she does not answer me.

“Much better” the man says as he steps into my line of sight. Black dots are now starting to cloud my vision but I can just make out the face before me.

Mike Williams the kid from the bar the night I passed out. I had not seen or even thought about him since that night and now here he is. It appears the kid has held a grudge for that night this whole time.

I can feel as Mike picks me up bridal style, my head leans on his shoulder, he opens the door slightly peaking his head out I assume looking to make sure the coast is clear.

My visions blacks out then and when I open my eyes again we are in the forest. My head is pounding so hard that my vision is blurry and I can not make out much of where I am, I can tell that it is now dark out and the only bit of light is from the moonlight filtering in through the tree branches and leaves.

I call out for Andra once again but she still is not responding to me. What ever Mike injected into me has to be interfering with our connection. I can feel myself slowly start slipping back into the dark abis again when I notice lights up ahead of us.

And as we get closer the light grows brighter until I can make out the outline of some kind of house. I can hear growls coming from all around us now. There are so many wolves around us but I am unable to pickup on any scent from them, they all smell just like humans, even those in wolf form have no scent.

I look up and the man that is currently carrying me, I notice he is wearing a pendent that looks just like the one Jason found yesterday in the forest. It dawns on me that they all must have one to keep anyone from finding them to easily.

“Well well well look who we have here.” I hear a familiar voice that comes from behind the blinding lights.

A black shadow of a man slowly emerges from the light, his features still blurry until he stands right in front of me.

“Did you really think you could hide form me?” Alexander says as he sneers at me, causing a ice cold chill to course through my body causing me to shudder.

This can not be happening I think as the darkness envelopes me whole and my world goes black.

“Holly! Holly! Wake up!” I hear a voice calling to me from the darkness.

Slowly I pry my eyelids open, blinking to try and clear my still blurry vision. Finally getting them to focus I realize that it was Sara’s voice I heard calling to me.

“Oh thank the Goddess you are awake.” She says, I can hear the fear in her voice now. “Mike betrayed the pack.” she says as she surveyed the room.

“How long was I out for?” I ask, trying to rub my aching head I find that my wrist are tied behind my back to the chair. My legs are also tied to the chairs legs. I tug at my restraints causing them to just dig more into my skin.

“They brought you in about thirty minutes ago. I thought you would be out a lot longer then that though.” Sara says as she watches the door.

Realization hits me then, when Mike said they would kill her if I screamed he ment Sara they had kidnapped Sara to insure that I would corporate with them.

Some how Alexander had recruited Mike and he turned against his pack simply because he did not like the fact that I was a rogue.

Just as I am about to ask her another question the door slams open with a loud bang causing the two of us to jump in our seats. In walks the one person I never wanted to see again with a smug smile on his face as he watches Sara and I.

“How are you feeling mate?” He asks with fake concern as he grabs another chair from the corner and sitting it directly infront of me.

“I am not your mate anymore remember. You rejected me.” I say with all the distain I have for the man before me in my voice.

A sick smile crosses his face then, “I thought you would have understood my intentions when I sent my warriors to bring you home but instead you killed them and kept running from me.” He says as he runs a finger down the side of my face.

His touch is now repulsive to me since I have found Jason. I pull my face away from his touch as much as I can which is not very far. That only seems to infuriate him as he pinches my chin between his fingers and forcing me to look at him again.

“You will be my mate again just as soon as we remove that mark from your neck.” He says as he snarls at the offending mark.

“Get comfortable ladies” He says now as he stands from the chair, looking down at Sara and I with a sick smile. It was never a good thing to see that smile on his face it usually ment pain would soon follow.

“Alexander please let her go. You have me now, she is of no use to you now.” I plead with him to atleast let Sara go.

He laughs at that, “No, I think we will keep her for a little while longer to make sure you behave yourself. If you try anything stupid she dies.” He states now looking over to Sara who is crying silently.

“Behave yourself and she may make it out of here alive. Tomorrow will be a full moon and it will remove your mark since you have yet to mark that mutt. Then we will be able to mark and mate each other.” He adds turning his attention back to me. Edited to fix to the original timeline. Life had me forgetting what I wrote

My stomach turns over now in disgust at the thought of being marked and mated by him.

My body suddenly starts to warm up and I can feel the humming sensation I felt earlier when Andra tried to take control with Mike. Out of no where I am shoved to the back of my mind as Andra takes full control startling Alexander.

“Over my dead body big boy.” Andra snarls at him. His eyes instantly darken as his wolf also takes control grabbing us by the face again.

“That can be arranged.” His wolf growls back, his fingers digging into my flesh even harder. He let’s go of my face and storms out of the room slamming the door closed behind him.

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