Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 33

When I opened the door to my office I was astonished to say the least at what I saw or who I saw. The Alpha King and Luna Queen were standing there in my office.

My eyes have to be seeing things wrong, there is absolutely no way, I think to myself as I continue staring at the pair standing in front of me.

Knight is also stunned into silence as he stares at them as they both approach me. I manage to finally snap out of my daze, I bow my head to the King and Queen in respect. Even though I would not bow to any other Alpha we all do to the Alpha King as he is the Alpha of all Alphas.

“My apologies your highness. I just was not expecting you to be the representative that were coming for the ceremony .” I say as I extend my hand. “I am honored to have you both here.”

“Freaky huh?” Eric says suddenly through a mindlink.

He is not wrong, I was shocked to have the werewolves King and Queen standing in my office but my shock was only intensified when my gaze landed on the Luna Queen.

She looks so much like Holly, like Holly was a younger copy of the Luna Queen. The resemblance is uncanny, they have the same body type, hair color and their facial features look exactly the same. The only difference is the eye color, where the Luna Queens eyes are a soft brown, Holly’s are a Blue Grey color.

“I know it is not customary for us to attend Luna ceremonies but we thought we should make an exception for this one.” The Alpha King says as he looks down at his Luna.

Remembering my manners I motion for them to have a seat in the sitting area of of my office.

Once everyone is settled the King turns to me and ask, “Alpha Jason do you happen to know of the tragedy that happened almost twenty one years ago?” his face holds a seriousness as he waits for my response.

“Yes sir I have heard the story, someone managed to get into the pack and kidnapped the newborn princess. My father was Alpha at the time and the warriors where sent out to search for any trace of the child.” I say as my anxiety starts to rise higher.

“There is now way” Knight says but countines to listen.

I really take in both of the Alpha King and Queens appearance. There is no denying that there are some similarities between them and Holly. But could she really be the long lost royal pup.

The King nods his head to confirm that what I had been told was correct.

“I had just given birth the day before, our daughter had just finished nursing and I laid her down in her bassinet. I stepped into the shower for only a moment, when I came out she was gone. There was no trace of her, there was no other scents in the room beside ours, and it seemed hers had now vanished as well.” The Luna states as her eyes mist over and a few stray tears slide down her cheeks.

The King takes over for his Luna then, “Your father and the warriors where never able to find any type of evidence as to who had taken our pup. For the longest we had assumed that she was no longer alive. That is until your mates blood sample came to our packs lab.”

“You are saying Holly is the long lost p-princess?” I ask shuddering slightly over the last word.

“It appears so.” The Alpha King says nodding, a smile growing on his face even though tears slip from his eyes as well now. I can feel as all the color drains from my body.

“When any sample comes to our lab we do a DNA analysis as well, we started it after our pup was taken, praying to the Goddess that we might find her one day. And she has granted our prayer finally.” The King says as the Luna continues to silently sob into her handkerchief.

The King pulls out a folded peice of paper an hands it to me. Unfolding it I see that it is the DNA results, at the bottom shows the percentage for each mother and father of the child. Paternity 99.9 percent, Maternity 99.9 percent.

“Holy sh*t” Knight commented in my head, “Mate is the Princess.” His tail wags from side to side now.

“This is why they ran her sample again and still have not called with the results yet?” I ask them, causing a small smile to cross his face.

“You would be correct. We wanted to be positive that it was not a fluke and we thought that hearing it in person would be better then over the phone.”

Leaning back in my seat a sigh escapes me. Wow what are the odds that My mate, My Holly would be the lost princess.

“Is there anything you can tell us about her?” The Luna Queen ask finally able to dry her tears for a moment. Her eyes still shine from her tears.

“I think it would be best to hear everything from her. I will say she did not have the best life. Somethings she is not even ready to open up to me about yet.” I tell them, both nodding in understanding.

“If you don’t mind my asking, why are you not marked yet?” The Alpha King ask as he points to my empty marking spot.

Laughter fills the room followed by a grunt as I elbow my Beta in the stomach to shut him up. Holly’s parents look at me as if I have lost my mind now. Eric pulls himself together muttering a ‘sorry’ under his breath.

“Holly is marked, the only reason why I am not is because of a interruption.” I say trying to keep my focus on the King.

Eric now snorts trying to hold his amusement in and I turn to face him, rasing my eyebrow and my eyes flashing red as Knight makes his own displeasure known.

Looking back to the pair across from me, the King now shares the same amused look that was just on Eric’s face.

“I understand, I am just happy that she has found some happiness.” The King says looking back to his Luna.

Just then the door is thrown open and one of my warriors rushes in stopping when he sees the King and Queen. They may not be wearing fancy clothes and crowns but the aura that they give off is undeniable.

“I am so sorry your highness, Alpha” He says his attention now on me. “We have a problem.” The warrior says nervously as he looks between all the occupants of the room. Sweat rolling down his face now.

“What’s wrong?” I ask, this is not what we need right now with the King and Queen here.

“Well, umm The prisoner is kind of losing it.” The warrior mutters.

“Would you please excuse us for a second?” I say as I stand up from my seat. Knight instantly agitated as we step just outside my office door onto the hallway.

“Well, Explain. ” Eric says.

“All he says something is wrong with his mate and he wants to see the two of you.”

Eric and I share a quick glance then, “How would he be able to feel something is wrong if the are not marked?” Eric ask his nervousness can be heard in his voice.

The warrior drops his eyes to the ground, “Well, Sara, Doc and the Luna came to the cells earlier.” Knight growls at the mention of Holly anywhere near that man. “The Luna asked us to give them some privacy, and well they apparently marked each other in that time.”

Eric now growls out slamming the warrior into the wall across the hall, the entire hallway shakes from the force of it causing a few picture frame to fall off the wall.

The door opens then and the King steps out “Is everything ok out here?”

Eric released the warrior then and backed away, his eyes are swirling with black as Jax trys to take control, his worry and need to check on his sister obvious.

“I am sorry your highness I will have someone show you to your room, I am sure you both are extremely tired.” I say as I start to lead the way down the hall when the King calls out.

“I will join you all then.” I stop in my tracks. “Dear go to the room and stay there.” He adds to his Luna. She simply scoffs at him from the door, I hadn’t realized she was also watching the spectacle in the hallway until then.

“Where you go I go.” She says taking his arm and turning to us. “Well lead the way Alpha Jason.”

Deciding to not fight the issue and simply let them accompany us to the cells I lead the way down the stairs and out the front door of the pack house. The cells are not that far so the walk is short and quiet.

As we enter into the building I can hear growls and things being thrown down the hall. Liams cell comes into sight and once he sees us I can see he is not in control it is his wolf.

He notices the audience he has now attracted, he looks at everyone before his eyes lock with that of the King. He lowers his head instinctively from the Kings aura that is rolling off him in waves.

He raises his eyes now locking eyes with Eric who growls low in his chest.

“Please let me help, she is in danger.” Liams wolf pleads. “We need to hurry.” He adds.

“And exactly why should we believe anything you have to say?” Eric retorts but I can see the worry begins to settle in on his features.

Liams wolf pulls the collar of his shirt down revealing a new Mate mark. They really did mark each other.

Liams wolf looks over to me now, “The Luna approved and allowed it.” He says bowing to me now. “Please she is in trouble, I know it. I can not reach her wolf anymore. It’s like she dropped off the planet.” Liams wolf says, worry for his mate in his voice.

“I believe him.” Knight comments, “There is no reason for him to lie about this. Especially since they are marked and he can not feel her anymore.”

I am then hit with a feeling of dread. Something does not seem right, I mindlink my mother and Ella asking if either of them have seen Sara or Holly recently. Both confirmed that the last they saw of either of them was before they came to the cells for Liam health check with Doc.

Turning to the warrior, “Did you see where the Luna or Sara went when they left from here?”

He nods his head, “The Luna went back to the pack house and Sara went to the forest like she always does when she leaves here.” He replies.

Eric looks at me now confused, “I searched the entire pack house when they arrived looking for both of you and there was no sign of Holly anywhere.”

My dread intensifying, I bolt out of the cells building and back to the pack house. Throwing open the door I rush to our wing of the house. Now throwing open our door I search the entire apartment with no sign of her anywhere.

Rushing back out and back into the main pack house again I search every room, still with now sign of Holly or Sara. The last room to check is the Lunas office, opening the door I pray to the moon goddess that she is there but I am only met with darkness. Flipping on the light I scan the room, still no Holly.

Something red on the desk catches my attention then and I walk over picking it up. It’s a bright red envelope and inside is a folded peice of paper, pulling it out I unfold it and a roar that shakes the entire foundation of the house rips from me.

She will always be mine!

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