Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 34

I am not sure how long Sara and I have been tied up in this little room, it could be only a few minutes or hours could have passed by now and neither of us would have known. The room was dark with only a small lamp by the door Illuminating the room in a dull yellow glow.

Sara shared that Mike had followed her into the forest after she left Liam for the night and he injected her with something just like he had me that caused her to lose consciousness. She also says she has not been able to communicate with her wolf since, meaning only one thing. Whatever they used to subdue the both of us had to have contained Silver, one of the former Alphas favorite torture options.

When she mentioned that she was unable to feel her wolf I noticed I still could feel Andra just not like normal. I can tell she is there but it is like a thin veilwas in between us that is keeping us separated.

Since Sara can not feel her wolf right now that means she can not connect with the pack via mindlink to be able to call for help, since I am still technically a rogue and have not been initiated into the pack as their Luna I can not connect to anyone from Blackwater either. We are on our own out here until someone notices we are missing and raises the alarm.

Sara has trained for years so she has a decent chance of getting away and fighting back some if we can get out of the ropes that bind us. Me on the other hand my chances are not as good, I have only been training in Blackwater for about a week now but I am no where near strong enough to out maneuver a Alpha.

The door opens casting a somewhat brighter light into the room from the hall as Mike walks into the room. He is wearing a smug smile that only seems to broaden as he watches me glare at him from my seat.

“What do you want?” Sara says, her annoyance clear as she stares daggers at the pack member who betrayed us all.

He grabs a chair and sits down right in front of us still smirking like he just won the f*cking lottery. The audacity of this kid to not only kidnap his Alphas Luna but also the Betas sister was unfathomable. He seriously dose not realize that those two are going to rip him to shreds the moment they find out that he is evolved with the whole scheme.

“That is if I don’t do it before they get the chance.” I hear in my mind startling me.

What! How is this even possible. The Silver should have prevented Andra from coming back fully for atleast a couple hours but it seems that the vail I had been feeling was continuing to thin even more.

“Do not let them know I am back. Countine to pretend you are still vulnerable.” Andra says again as she watches everything through my eyes.

I meet Mike’s gaze then as he pulled two bottles of water out from behind his back.

“I figured you two might be a little thirsty, so I brought you some water.” He says as he opens one of the water.

Sara turns to me and I shake my head at her not to fall for the trick. I know more then likely Alex had put more Silver in the water to keep us weak and without our wolves for as long as possible. We both look at him with defiance.

“No thanks a**hole I think we are good.” I say drawing his full attention to me.

He stands from his chair and approaches me, he grabs my face in a bruising grib between his thumb and pointer finger forcing me to look up at him. He trys to pry my mouth open to pour the liquid in but I manage to pull myself away from him only to cause the liquid to spill on my neck and chest.

I hiss in pain as the liquid makes contact with my skin, even though I can not see the silver the burning sensation that covers my skin tells me I was right, they did lace the water with sliver.

“Fck off A*hole.” I say as I spit in his face. Stinging pain is felt across my left cheek suddenly as his hand makes contact with my face.

“You B*tch!” He yells out causing both Alexander and the other guy to rush into the room.

They both grab his arms as his eyes swirl with black and they hual him out of the room. Alexander throws him up against the wall just outside the door and picks him up with both hands by his shirt. His feet just barely touching the floor.

“If you know what is best for you pup you will keep your hands to yourself, or you can lose them. The choice is yours.” Alexander growls out his Alpha aura spilling out of him.

“Fine” Mike growls out in response as he meets my gaze once again. I smirk at him as he huffs off in anger.

Alexander now enters the room again, he grabs my chin turning my face to the side to illuminate the red hand print that I am sure sits on my cheek now. Letting my face go he suddenly reaches out and smacks Sara across the cheek as well causing her to yelp in surprise.

Alexander turns to face me again. “I told you to behave.” He growls out as he looks between the two of us, before he turns on his heels and walks out, closing the door behind him.

Andra growls now that it is safe, it took every thing we both had to hold ourselves back from showing that Andra was still with me.

“Are you ok?” I ask Sara as she flips her long blonde hair back and out of her face. Her fair skin now sporting a matching hand print and a busted lip.

She moves her jaw up and down, “Yeah I am fine. Was just caught off guard.” She says as she runs her tounge across the split in her lip.

“I am going to rip those a**hole to shreds the moment I get a chance.” Andra growls out loud enough for Sara to hear. Sara’s eyes grow wide as she looks at me, her eyes now searching mine for a explanation.

“How” She asks, her shock and confusion clear on her face.

“I do not know how but Andra seems to still be with me. She is not as strong as before but I can feel her more as time goes by.” I say as I survey the room one more time looking for anything that could help get us out of here.

“I have a plan to get us the hell out of here.” Andra says, “Hurry we need to act quickly and quietly.” She adds as my eyes land of something that I hope can be useful.

Sweat dripped from my forehead as I continue trying to saw through the ropes that bound Sara’s hands together. After a long argument to convince Sara to go first she finally agreed. I needed to get her out of here before anything else could happened to her.

I don’t know if the person that tied us up was stupid or just did not care to much since we were both passed out from the drug they gave us but they had left probably a foot and a half of rope at the ends after they tied the knots.

The rope was not very thick so having her pull her hands as far apart as possible I slipped the end under one peice and began to saw back and forth.

Who would have thought that those self defense class I took after I left Silver Bow would truly be helpful right now. After a few more minutes I felt the rope snap, Sara unravels her hands and then unties her feet from the wooden chair.

She rubs the red marks on her wrist as we hear foot steps as they approach the door to the room. Sara is frantically trying to untie me as fast as she can.

“Sara go now.” I hiss at her as I motion for her to slip out the window while she has the chance.

“I am not leaving you here alone.” She says as she continues to pull at the ropes that bind me.

“Sara GO NOW!” I whisper yell at her the command hitting her hard as she fights against it. “GO” I say again, and unable to resist the command she was given she opens the window and pokes her head out to make sure no one was right there.

She manages to get out and close the window again just as the door opens. The other man that has been helping Alexander and Mike walks in.

He sighs as he sees the now empty chair beside me. “She won’t get very far you know that right. And when they find her they are not going to be gentle.”

He circles me eyeing me up and down. “What’s so special about you that Alpha Alexander would risk everything he has to get you back?” He asked as he comes to a stop directly in front of me taking a peice of my hair that had fallen into my face and rolling in between his fingers.

“You tell me, your the one working for him.” I say sarcastically.

He laughs now as he looks down at me and c*cking his head to the side. “You know you look very familiar.”

He suddenly gets a very strange look on his face and backs out of the room. I sigh in relief as the door clicks shut that Sara was able to get out. Hopefully she is able to get past the wolves outside the cabin and make her way back to the pack safely.

The humming from earlier starts again in my body, I can feel my temperature rise now as I begin to feel sweat as it runs down my face. My body feels as if every nerve ending is coming alive.

“Andra, what is happening to us?” I question.

“Our body is preparing for something big.” She says with a small whimper. She is curled into a ball in my mind now.

This continues for what feels like hours, coming in waves with only a small window in between, the sensation has intensified more and more with each wave. My body now felt so weak that I was unable to even hold my head up anymore.

I can hear the door to the room creak as it opens, heavy steps rush to me and I see shiny black shoes through my now blurry vision that stop right in front of me. My head is pulled back painfully by my hair to meet Alexander’s furious face.

He stops noticing that Sara is missing, he scans the entire room with his eyes. A growl leaves him then as he let’s go of my head, it drops back down to my chest.

In my haze I miss that he called someone else into the room only realizing it when another voice speaks.

“Yes Alpha” the male voice says.

“One managed to escape, have the others search the surrounding area. She could not have gotten to far.” Alexander growls out.

Andra growls out in my head, her rage evident as she lowers her head and snarls at Alexander. Apparently the other guy had not told Alex that Sara had gotten free.

“He is the first one I am going to destroy.” Andras says as she watches him as he circles us now.

My daze finally starting to clear some, I can feel Andra even more now and she seems to be getting stronger. She has a power that is emanating from her an Alexander also seems to take notice of this change.

“Well well, looks like someone needs a reminder of what happens when you don’t listen. Do you remember Holly? Do you remember how my father would punish you all those years ago?” He ask with a glint in his eye as he watches the reaction that crosses my face. “Maybe we should show your little friend when my wolves bring her back.”

Fear now settles into me as his words sink in. How does he know about how the former Alpha would abuse me. Flashbacks of being chained up in the basement of the packhouse and being whipped by the former Alpha bombards me.

Memory after memory resurfacing from the vault I had tried to burry them deep within myself. Andra whimpers as she sees the terrible actions that happened when I was just a pup that I had been keeping from her. Lash after lash scarring my back.

Smirking at the response he has managed to get out of me he walks out of the room. With a strength that I have never known, Andra surges forward taking over control and with one movement manages to snap the ropes around our wrist.

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