Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 35

From the point Sara is kidnapped

From the moment my Wolf Max felt our connection to Sara disappear he lost it, he has been on a rampage ever since. He quickly took control of my body and demanded to speak to Alpha Jason but the idiots that were guarding the calls wouldn’t budge.

That only enrages Max even more and he destroys everything he could get his hands on, since he was in a cell it was not a whole lot. If it was not bolted to the floor Max smashed it into a million peices as he growls out again to speak to the Alpha or Beta.

They still refuse to get their Alpha, after there was nothing left that could be destroyed Max stops looking directly at the stunned guards. I can feel my chest as it rises and falls rapidly from Max’s mounting anger.

Max walks over to the bars of the cell and quickly grabs one of the guards by his shirt, bringing him closer to the bars Max leans in as close as possible to the guards face.

“I want to see the Alpha now!” Max’s roars once again in the gurads face as his Beta aura now spills out.

I may have been born a rogue but I still came from Beta blood. The other guard shakes off his shock and leaves then, Max’s anger only lessens slightly as he watches the guard walk away. After a minute he releases the guard.

“We have to get out of this f*cking place.” I say to Max as he growls out in frustration as he begins pacing the small cell, he continues to throw and kick things around the cell causing loud bangs whenever anything metal hits the bars of the cell.

After several minutes the guard returns with both the Alpha and the Beta. They are also accompanied by another wolf pair who’s aura is so strong that Max instantly stops throwing things around and submits by bowing his head.

“What is the Alpha King doing here?” I ask my Wolf. I do not need anyone to tell me who this wolf was, by my own wolfs reactions and their scent I instantly know this is someone who is very important and not to be messed with.

“I do not care who they are, all I care about right now is finding Mate.” Max’s anger beginning to rise again.

When I raise my head my wolfs eyes lock with none other then Eric, the Beta and also happens to be Sara’s brother, he growls low in his chest. Well I guess there is not any love lost there.

“Please let me help, she is in danger.” Max pleads with Alpha Jason as Max turns his attention to the Alpha. “We need to hurry.”

“And exactly why should we believe anything you have to say?” Says Beta Eric as he watches us, worry evident in his eyes now knowing that I am talking about helping his sister.

Max pulls the collar of my shirt down revealing our Mate mark.

“The Luna approved and allowed it.” Max says respectfully bowing to the Alpha. “Please she is in trouble, I know it. I can not reach her wolf anymore. It’s like she dropped off the planet.” Max adds as his concern for his mate mounts more every minute that we are not doing anything to find Sara.

I watch through my wolfs eyes as Alpha Jasons expression changes after he mindlinks with someone. He turns to one of the warriors, “Did you see where the Luna or Sara went when they left from here?”

“The Luna went back to the pack house and Sara went to the forest like she always does when she leaves here.” The warrior tells Alpha Jason.

“I searched the entire pack house when they arrived looking for both of you and there was no sign of Holly anywhere.” Beta Eric says, concern now mirrored on both their faces. Suddenly they Alpha rushes out of the cells.

Beta Eric starts to follow his Alpha when Max stops him. “Beta Eric, I know we have our issues but I do love her.” Max says as he watches the Beta stand a little taller and nod his head in understanding, then he countines down the hall and out of the building, a loud bang sounding from the door closing behind him.

Max finally relinquishes his control of my body and now I am standing face to face with the Alpha King himself. I gulp as my anxiety starts to rise being left with the most powerful Werewolf there is.

“What happened between you and the Beta?” The King asks as he walks infront of me. The only thing separating us is the cells bars. His aura filling the room as he raises his eyebrow at me daring me to lie to him.

His expression looks so familiar, I swear I had seen the same look on the Lunas face earlier in the day when both Sara and Holly where here. The Kings aura spills out even more once again demanding that I answer him.

The she wolf who must be none other then the Luna Queen steps forward placing her hand on his arm to draw his attention away from me. Finally really looking at the Luna Queen I am shocked. She looks like Luna Holly and I mean just like her.

Sh*t they have to be related to Luna Holly. Deciding it is better not to answer that question since it will only led to my death I simply bow my head in submission, leading to one of the warriors stepping up and telling the Alpha King everything that happened.

“He attempted to kidnap the Luna when she first arrived. A group of rogues attacked the main pack to distract everyone so he could get to the Lunas hospital room.” The warrior says but he does not stop there. “In his attempt to steal the Luna he managed to hurt the Betas sister Sara who also happens to be his mate.”

“Well it has been nice knowing you, I’m pretty sure we are dead for sure now.” Max says as sweat starts to bead down the back of my neck soaking my shirt.

The glare that the King gives me when he turns back around is something I will never forget, if he could have killed me on the spot with a ‘look’ that was the one. His eyes are now solid black and a loud growl rumbles deep with in his chest.

I lower my head even more as he approaches the bars to the cell. “You tried to kidnap my daughter. Why?” He growls menacingly at me.

Sh*t Holly is not just related to the King she is his daughter. I am dead for sure now.

“Y-your m-majesty,” I say shuddering over my words as I try to formulate my answer. The longer I take he only seems to become even more enraged. “I was not myself. M-my mate believes that I and the other wolves who attacked that day may have been under Black Magic.”

After what seems like a few minutes I look back up to see both the Alpha King and his Luna looking as pale as ghost.

“Let him out.” The King says, his eyes never leaving mine. “NOW!” He roars when the guard does not instantly do as he is told an open the cell.

The guard flinches from the harshness of the Kings voice. He pulls a set of keys from his pocket and quickly unlocks the cell door and stepping to the side. He seems to be just as confused as I am at the moment.

Not moving a muscle I wait for what I think is my impending deatg, hoping that it is quick but after a few seconds nothing happens. The King simply says, “Well come on, it’s time to right your wrongs young man.” And he turns on his heels and walks away.

Everyone stares dumbfounded at the retreating form of the King, all except for the Luna Queen.

“I suggest you get going after him. He will not be very happy if you keep him waiting.” She says as she to turns and walks out of the building too.

“We better take her advice then.” Max says and I slowly make my way out of the cell still nervous about what exactly the Alpha King has planned for me. I follow her out of the building now with both warriors also following beside me.

Once we step out side I take a deep breath, it is the first time I have been outside the cell since that fateful day. Suddenly there is a loud roar from inside the pack house the shakes the whole ground beneath our feet.

“Uh oh this is not good.” Max says as the five of us pick up our pace rushing into the house.

The five of us all rush up the stairs and into a room down the hall that we see the Beta run into. The room was decorated in light colors with a desk sitting infront of a large bookshelf, the room definitely had a feminine touch to it. This had to be the Luna Office.

We all come to a stop just inside the door as we stare at Alpha Jason. He is holding a red envelope, his body is trembling as tuffs of black hair erupt all over his skin, his wolf fighting to shift.

His eyes lock onto me and with lightning speed I have a large hand around my neck with my back against the wall.

“Where is she?” The Alphas wolf growls out at me. His red eyes are something that I had never seen before.

When I do not respond he slams my head on the wall, the thud as my skull connected with the wall reverberates around the room. Stars dance across my vision for a moment before it clears again bringing to room back into focus.

“Where is Holly mutt.” The Alpha snarls bearing his teeth at me.

Holly? We were looking for Sara. Were both Holly and Sara now missing and he thinks I have something to do with it.

Before I can open my mouth to respond there are new auras that walk into the office drawing everyone’s attention to the door and causing Alpha Jasons grib to loosen on my throat only a little allowingme to take a much need breathe. Two men and a woman stand there watching the scene as it unfolds before them.

The woman’s attention is solely on me, her eyesbrows drawing together as she tilts her head to the side as she examines me. The smaller of the two men stays very close to her with his hand resting against her lower back.

The big guy gives off a Alpha aura that is stifling, he has tattoos that cover both of his large arm’s. He looks like a modern day viking, with his dirty blonde hair that is braided down the center of his head and a long beard. His eyes are such a dark brown that they almost appear black themselves without his wolf even needing to be present.

“Alpha, I was sent to help.” The woman says as she steps forward.

“And who sent you to help, and for what?” He asks looking at the young woman, the man beside her stepping in to protect her from Alpha Jasons wolf if needed.

Without any hesitation the woman says, “The Moon Goddess sent me.”

Everyone’s jaw drops then at her statement. How could the Moon Goddess have sent them here and for what reason.

“Emmitt who is she?” Alpha Jason’s wolf ask the big viking looking man. This only causes a growl to leave the man that is standing protectively next to the woman, his wolf not liking the dismissal of his mate.

The woman’s eyes dance with annoyance now as she speaks for herself, “My name is Heather. I am Beta John’s mate.” She says and with a small smirk at Alpha Jason as he looks to the man beside her. She then adds, “I am also a Hybrid. Wolf and witch.”

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