Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 36

Sara was now not the only one missing, Holly was also gone and I had no idea where they may have taken her. There was only one person that could have been behind this, Alexander Stone. They had to use a pendent like the one we found in the woods the other day to get in and out of the pack undetected.

Knight was ready to rip Liams head off, who else would have been able to help Alexanders men sneak in to take Holly and Sara. His thoughts loud as he shows me just what he wants to do to the kid, my grip tightens as Knight applies more and more pressure to his windpipe causing him to turn a shade of red.

“He would not have went crazy himself with Sara being gone. He would know exactly where she was and that he would have her back. I don’t think he was apart of this Knight, someone else ust be.” I argued with my Wolf.

Before he can hurt the kid even more Knight growls as he catches the scent of someone familiar just as the door to the office opens revealing Emmitt Black, his Beta and a female she-wolf.

My cousin was four years younger then me at only 23 and he to has not found his mate yet. Emmitt is a force like no other. His wolf Warg had a dark side to him that was beyond evil. That was what made his pack as strong as it was now. His reputation proceeded him wherever he went as one of the toughest Alphas alive.

(Warg- This means a dark, evil wolf in Norse mythology.)

“Alpha, I was sent to help.” The woman says as she steps forward. I try to take back control but Knight will not budge a inch as he keeps a tight grib on Liams neck and control of my body.

“And who sent you to help, and for what?” Knight growls out causing the Beta to also step forward as he puts his body between the two of us.

“The Moon Goddess sent me.” She says stunning Knight and everyone else in the room. Why was the Moon Goddess sending this woman to help us I think to myself.

“Emmitt who is she?” Knight asks but Emmitt does not have a chance to answer the question as the woman steps up answering for herself.

“My name is Heather. I am Beta John’s mate.” She says and with a small smirk. “I am a Hybrid. Wolf and witch.”

That shocks Knight just enough for me to grab back control. I shove him to the back of my mind, Knight growling and putting up a fight again to try and take control.

“We do not have time for this. We have to work together to find both of them.” I yell at my wolf as he growls at me but stops fighting and pushing for control.

I remove my hand from Liam’s neck and the Luna Queen surprisingly steps over to tend to his wounds. He had a cut on the back of his head from where Knight had slammed his head into the wall earlier.

I turn around to Emmitt, motioning for him to step out into the hall with me. He closes the door behind him, “Since when does Black Willow allow Hybrids?” I question my cousin.

He simply shrugs his shoulders at me. “I am not my father nor my grandfather.” He says in disgust for the way his predecessors ran the Black Willow Pack.

“There have not been many outsiders who were mates over the past few years but we have helped them integrate in disguise with the help of Heather until they are changed . There are still many older wolves who do not agree with my choices on mates.” Emmitt says.

I am taken aback by his response, I honestly never expected Black Willow to ever change their ways, but if anybody was able to bring them into the present day it would be Emmitt. They were only a small pack when his grandfather split from Blackwater all those years ago.

Since they did not allow any outsider mates they had a very hard time growing their numbers. That is until Emmitt took over at 19, he has been a force to reckon with and their numbers grew quickly after that and now I see why.

“Alright then.” I say and open the door back to the office. “Tell me how the moon goddess thinks you can help.” I say now as I speak directly to Heather as I walk into the office again.

“You have a lot of magic in your pack Alpha Jason. Lots and Lots of magic.” She says as she walks over to Liam, she clicks her tounge as she circles him.

Stopping in front of Liam, “He is going to take a while. Whatever the witch did to him they made sure to bury it deep.”

Everyone is watching Heather as she raises her hands and places them on Liam’s shoulders and she closes her eyes. After a few minutes she snaps out of where ever she had gone and quickly pulls her hands away.

“Darkness surrounds you.” Heather says softly before she turns to me. “A lot of Black magic was used on him it is going to take a while to break through the barrier that was put in place.”

“I am surprised he is not acting off, he should be almost farel by now.” She adds as she studies him. Liam nervousness is easy to see as sweat beads down the back of his neck.

“We think that the mate bond may have snapped whatever control had been placed on him.” Eric adds then.

“Where is she?” Heather ask as she looks around the room for Liams mate.

“She and the Luna have been taken. We think possibly by the same people who used magic on him.” Eric says motioning to Liam.

Heather does not waste a minute she then sets a small black bag down on the desk and starts rummaging through it. She pulls out crystals in every size and color, she also pulls out a bags that are filled with some kind of herds and a bowl.

Knight watches the Hybrid work from the back of my mind. He tilts his head to the side as he watches her put different herds into a small bowl. She places a amethyst crystal on top before she turns to me.

“I need something of the missing Luna and your mate.” She says turning her attention to Liam for a moment.

Eric quickly pulls out his wallet and pulls out a picture of him and Sara from the fair last year and handing it over to Heather.

“What are you going to do with that?” Eric ask as she takes the picture.

“I am going to use my magic to find them. The Magic they are using is very powerful but I am hoping that they were sloppy and forgot to put up a protection barrier to block their location.” She says.

“I’ll be right back.” I tell the others as I waste no time. I race to our apartment making quick work of opening the door I rush up the stairs to our bathroom. I grab Holly’s hair brush hoping that it will work so that we can find her.

I head back to the office and hand the brush over to Heather. She nods and then pulls a few peices of Holly’s hair from the bristles of the brush and places them in the bowl of herbs that now also contains the picture of Sara.

She places the amethyst crystal on top, I can now see that is has a long chain attached to it. Someone had found and placed a map of the area underneath the bowl I notice.

“What exactly is she about to do?” I ask Knight as we both continue to watch her as she works.

“I do not know I just hope it works and helps us find mate before it is to late.” Knight says causing me to stop.

“What do you mean before it is to late?” I ask as my worry over finding Holly grows even more.

He rolls his eyes at me then, “You know for a Alpha you do not have the greatest of memory. ” He says sarcastically causing me to now roll my eyes at him.

“Just get on with it and tell me what you mean.”

“Tomorrow is the new moon if Holly does not mark us before the moon is at its highest point her mark will be removed. She can then be marked and mated to another.” Knight says and his words hit me hard.

How could I have forgotten about that I mentally berate myself. As I come out of my talk with my Wolf I see Heather is chanting something in a low voice as she lights a match and throws it into the little bowl.

There is a large puff of smoke that erupts from the bowl. She the pulls the the amethyst out, holding the end of the chain she chants again this time loud enough for me to hear her.

Spirts far and near

Show us the ones we hold dear

The pendent comes to life then, swinging in circles as she moves it over areas of the map.

The spinning begins to intensify until the pendent leaves her hand and lands on top of the map. Everyone in the room steps closer to see exactly where it landed. The pendent was on a area of the forest that was just outside our borders to the east.

Knight growls out as his anger returns. Looking over to my Beta I do not have to say a word before he mindlinks our warriors.

It does not take long for them to arrive and we move down the hall to a conference room to work out our strategy to get both Sara and Holly back safely.

“Who is guarding this section of the border?” I ask my warriors once everyone is in the room.

My Gamma steps forward looking at the spot that is marked on the map.

“Alpha I believe that would be Mike Williams. He has been posted to that area for several days now.” The Gamma says and I can feel my face harden.

It seems we have a traitor amongst us.

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