Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 37

Time was not on our side right now so we have to move quickly and efficiently. After my initial realization that one of our own may be helping Alexander in his kidnapping of Sara and Holly we quickly formulated a plan to get the girls back.

There was not much in the area that they had taken the girls, just trees that were used for the lumber mill. It was now well past midnight, Heather had just finished making masking pendent for the first line of wolves to go in undetectable.

I hoped coming in with a smaller number of wolves initially would make them sloppy and c*cky enough to think that they had the fight in the bag.

We did not know what Alexander had planned other then to forcefully mark Holly once the new moon removed my mark. He and the wolves he had under his command were unpredictable due to the influence of dark magic, so since we did not know what they were capable of I decided having the King and Queen anywhere near the fight would be to much of a liability.

It took some persuasion but I finally managed to convince both the Alpha King and Luna to stay at the packhouse and look after those that were left behind incase anything came up while Eric and I were both gone.

“Alpha Jason?” Comes a voice from behind me as we were gathering all the warriors outside in the back garden of the pack house. Turning around I see that it is Liam.

Knight growls out, his frustration growing and he did not want to hear what the kid had to say right now he only wanted to get his mate back as quickly as possible. Even though he knew Liam most likely had nothing to do with Holly being taken this time he was still very bitter about the earlier attack.

“Look I know you do not like me I get that, but I want to come with. I have to save my mate.” He says rasing his head looking me directly in the eyes, puffing his chest out just a little.

I c*ck my head to the side looking at the boy before me who is just like me, bound and determined to get his mate back. Just behind him I see the King watching our interaction. When I make eye contact with him he nods his head, letting me know that he heard the conversation and I should allow Liam to join our mission.

Knight sighs while rolling his eyes “Fine, I guess he can come but if he does anything to jeopardize the mission I will kill him.” He says grumbling now to himself.

“Alright, come on then.”

Knight is on edge and pacing in my head now, he is done with having to wait, he is ready to go and get his mate. He growls and continues to pace as everyone gathers outside the pack house waiting for their instructions.

Stepping onto the stage that was supposed to be for Holly’s Luna Ceremony tomorrow I look at the men who will be fighting with me to get our Luna back. These men have family and loved ones who need them, I send a prayer to the moon goddess that she protects them allowing them to return to their loved ones when this is all over with.

“Our Luna and Beta Eric’s sister Sara have both been kidnapped earlier tonight.” I say loud and clear for everyone to hear. “And I fear we may have been betrayed by one of our own. This person we believe to be involved in atleast providing information if not more for the kidnapping.”

Growls ripple from their chest as they look to one another for who could have done such a thing to the pack. It was a very big deal to betray ones pack in such a way.

“Who is this traitor?” One warrior ask causing everyone’s attention to focus back to me.

Sighing as I look at all of them, “We believe Mike Williams is helping the Alpha of Silver Bow, Alexander Stone.” I say and there are multiple growls now that fill the night air. All the warriors have the same disgusted looks on their faces now.

“Why would this Alpha take our Luna in the first place?” Another warrior asks.

“The Luna is originally from Silver Bow. She was cast out after she was rejected by her first mate, Alpha Alexander.” I say and gasp and growls now fill the air. “It appears he found out some important information about the Luna and has been attempting to capture her and force a marking.”

I can see the wheels starting to turn in all their heads as they try to peice it all together but still having trouble, “Alpha Alexander learned that the Luna is the daughter of the Alpha King and Luna Queen.” I add and I swear it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. That was the last thing any of them ever expected to hear. Their Luna, The Princess.

“Since we can not use the Pack link with a possible leak everyone has to know exactly what to do and when. We are going to be in two groups Beta Eric, Beta John, Heather, Liam and myself along with five warriors will be in the first group.” I say. “We will go in first using the masking pendents Heather has made for us. We will take out any of their wolves that we come across on the way.”

“The rest of you will follow behind us with Emmitt until I give the signal so our cover is not blowen to early. Also they have these pendents as well so you will not be able to sense them either. They will smell just like a human would even while in their wolf form so eveyone needs to be on high alert and watch each others backs.”

One of the warriors brings out the map of the area. Pointing to the circled area that Heather’s magic had pinpointed as the girls location. “This is were we believe the girls have been taken. It is a area that is just beyond our border probably no more then a mile out. We will separate into two groups at the border of our pack.”

“Mike is to be captured to face trail for his betrayal.” Eric says with a growl causing everyone to nod in understanding.

“We do not have a lot of time so let’s get moving.” I say as I fold the map back up and hand it to the Alpha King. “Thank you for staying and watching over the rest of the pack. I promise to bring your daughter back safely.”

“I know you will” The King says taking the map from my hands.

Turning back to my men we all walk to the edge of the forest and remove our clothes. Finally I give Knight what he wants and he surges forward quickly shifting. Digging his paws into the soft ground as he lands forward with a thud. Shaking out his black fur he watches as his pack surrounds him lowering their heads in submission.

Since we are unable to use the pack mind link because of Mike Knight let’s out a howl to tell everyone it’s time to go. He then takes off into the darkness leading his warriors to the edge of the pack.

Looking over his shoulder he sees both Eric and Liams wolves are right beside him. Both wearing a matching grim look, the the rest of the warriors are close behind with Emmitts midnight black wolf.

“We have to get her back” Knight says over and over again like a mantra and before I know it we have reached the edge of the packs territory. Eric, Liam, Emmitt and I all shift back to our human form. The warriors that would be coming with my group begin to separate themselves from the others.

“The location of the girls is less then a mile away from here. Watch each others backs we do not know how many wolves Silver Bow has with them or what they are capable of especially with them using black magic.” The wolves nod their big heads in understanding and my group shifts back and we make our way into the forest.

Suddenly Heather signals for us to stop, Beta John’s wolf lays down to allow her to slide off his back. She steps forward with a finger to her lips for everyone to be quiet.

Everyone is on high alert now, listening carefully Knight hears a twig snap just in front of us. He waits patiently for the source of the sound to emerge, everyone quietly forms a semicircle behind him as they sink into the darkness. He takes one step back as well so his body is also now in the shadows and closes his red eyes.

The sound of another twing snapping and the bushes rustling as two wolves step around it. Knight opens his eyes and steps forward snarling at the two wolves as he towers over them.

The two begin to circle him snapping their jaws and growling, just as they are both going to attack Knight, Eric’s wolf Jax launches himself out of the darkness grabbing one of the wolves by his front paws and giving it a violent shake. The metallic smell of blood permeates the air along with the sound of flesh tearing apart and a pop as Jax dislocated the other wolf’s front leg.

The wolf in front of Knight is startled by the violence that Jax is doing to his buddy and Knight can see a little fear in his eyes for only a second before the wolf launches himself at Knight trying to go for his throat but misses when Knight side steps his attack and swipes one of his paws across the wolf’s side.

Blood spills from the wound as the wolf trys to regain his footing. The claw marks are not very deep but I know it still hurts. He launches another attack charging straight for Knights throat but misses again as Knight turns sinking his sharp teeth deep into the other wolf’s side. The wolf’s yelps at the sudden pain.

“End him before the others hear and blows our cover.” I tell Knight as he rolls the wolf under him and shakes his head violently, the flesh tearing and blood filling Knights mouth.

Satisfied when there is no more movement from the wolf he releases the body and licks the blood from his lips. Jax has also finished off his wolf as the rest of our group now steps out of the shadows again, Knight wasting no time continuing to move forward, the others doing the same.

Knight can see the yellow glow of lights up ahead and the closer he gets he sees a old run down looking cabin that is situated in smallbclearing of trees. The warriors that we brought with us stay back a little farther as Eric and I both sneak in a little closer for a better look.

There are several wolves out side the cabin, they are all thin and look malnourished and have a wild look about them, their movements are slightly erratic too. Two wolves suddenly start going after each other viciously before a guy comes out of the cabin fuming.

“Knock it off you idiots.” He yells as the two wolves continue to fight completely ignoring him in their efforts to destroy each other.

They clash in a battle of teeth and claws, biting and ripping flesh until the smaller of the two finally falls limp to the ground with the other wolf towering over the body, blood dripping from his muzzle.

“The magic that has been used on them is so strong I can feel it from here.” Heather says suddenly sneaking up on Eric and I. “It is making them feral the longer they are under the influence of it. Once they are this far gone there is nothing that can be done to save them. The boy is lucky to have found his mate when he did.” She adds looking over to Liam who is now also watching the scene.

There is suddenly a loud thud that is heard from inside the cabin, the guy who exited the cabin earlier quickly reenters leaving the door wide open to where we can now see the scuffle that is happening.

What catches my attention is the glowing gold eyes that hold a hard glint to them. Holly appears to be on a war path as she makes her way though the room as a few wolves trying to subdue her but fail as she slings them all over the room with a strength I have never seen from her.

“Mate” Knight howls as her scent hits him.

“Good for nothing rogues, I have to do everything myself.” Comes another male voice from inside the cabin before he steps into our view through the open doorway.

Holly spins around coming face to face with the man and his hand has he smacks her across the face knocking her to the ground. Holly does not move from where she landed so she must have been knocked unconscious.

Knight growls and is about to make his presence known when a scream is heard from behind the cabin drawing everyone’s attention now. A guy emerges draging a woman by the hair as she kicks and screams.

As he drags her infront of the cabin I recognize the woman. It is Sara, the man throws her forward to her knees in front of the open cabin door.

“I knew she could not have gotten far.” Says the guy who smacked Holly as he walks out side. “Now it is time to teach the two of you a lesson.” He says.

His Alpha aura rolling off him in waves making Knights fur bristle. Knight growls low and menacingly as he steps out of the shadows and makes eye contact with the Alpha himself.

Alexander Stone

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