Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 38

Trigger Warning: Flashbacks of past trauma. May contain fictional scenes of child abvse. Reader Discretion Advised*

Andra quickly remove the rope from our wrist and untie our ankles from the chair legs. Her rage is rolling off our body, she is just about to go after Alexander and tear him apart but she stops.

“That’s why you kept everything from me that happend before I came isn’t it?” Andra ask softly.

A image of one of the first times the former Alpha of Silver Bow dragged me down into that hell hole flashes before me. I swear it feels as if I am in that basement once again as that scared little girl who did not understand what she had done wrong.


I screamed and pleaded with the Alpha to stop and let me go. I would be a good girl, I would do what ever I had to do to make the pain stop.

The sound of the whip cracks through the air followed by my ear piercing scream. No one can hear me, they never do. Or if they do and they just choose to ignore my pleas for help.

“Please Alpha, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to break it.” I say through my sobs.

The back of my shirt is now torn open even more from the tip of the whip as it slashed across my back once again. My apologies for the broken vase completely ignored. Another scream is ripped from me as the whip slices through my flesh. That only seems to agitate the Alpha even more and he strikes the whip again and again.

I bite the inside of my cheek to keep from screaming out so hard I can now taste my blood as it pools in my mouth.

“You ungrateful brat I will brake you.” The Alpha says low under his breath. I do not think he ment for me to hear it.

Brake me from what? I think to myself, I try to do everything that I can to stay out of the Alphas way. I do as I am told and never spoke out of turn. Most of the time I barely speak as it is.

At some point I finally pass out from the pain, when I come to I am laying on the dirt floor of the basement. Pushing myself up I wince as pain courses through my back. Knowing I have to clean the wounds as best as I can and I push through the pain to stand.

My legs are weak and they buckle slightly, I have a hard time standing straight since the blood has dried and it pulls at the whip marks. I slowly make my way up the basement stairs and poke my head out the door making sure no one is around.

The lights are all off meaning everyone in the pack house has went to bed thankfully. I tiptoe my way to one of the downstairs bathrooms that has a shower. Closing and locking the door softly I turn the shower on letting it warm up some.

I peal the remaining shreds of my shirt off wincing in pain, inspecting the c*e that has been done to my back in the mirror. More then a dozen whip marks cover my back, some shallow not cutting to far and others cutting so deep I swear I could see bone even through the blood and dirt.

End Flashback

Andra sees everything now. All the beatings, whipping and broken bones I had before she came to me. Her rage and lust for my abvsers blood only growing more and more.

“I am sorry I did not tell you about everything, I thought I was protecting the both of us from reliving the past.” I say as I hang my head.

Andra sighs, “I wish you had said something but I understand.” She says looking back towords the door. “It is time we end these sick f*cks so they can never do any of this to anyone else.” She says now, a low powerful growl emanating from her.

She pulls the door open hard and fast, growls and the snapping of jawls can be heard coming from outside. As I step out of the little hallway a guy steps into Andras path growling at her.

Andra smirks confidently and when he trys to grab for her all our self defense training takes over and she quickly hooks her arm under his shoulder as he lunges for her. She steps forward and turns her hips inward flipping the guy onto his back.

She managed this so fast the the wind is knocked out of him. Another guy steps up again grabbing her wrist. Andra kicks him and quickly twisting his wrist with her other hand and slamming him up against the wall. The moves I had learned in self defense used to be difficult to pull off for me but right now Andra moves through them effortlessly.

“Good for nothing rogues, I have to do everything myself.” Alexander’s voice says from behind Andra.

She spins around quickly to face him when she is struck in the face once again. This time so hard black dots dance in her vision as she lands hard on the ground. The world going dark.

Screams and growls pull me from the darkness, as my vision clears I see the door to the cabin is wide open. A man has Sara by her hair and there are three wolves standing at the tree line.

A slate Grey wolf and a slightly smaller Red wolf both growling and snarling at the man who holds Sara. The third wolf is larger and solid black, the only striking detail, his Red eyes that glow bright.

“Mate” Andra says, happy her mate came for her.

Knight growls low and threatening as he bares his teeth and flattens his ears against his head to Alexander. Both Alphas auras are now spilling out of them.

“Well if it isn’t the pup who thought he could hide my mate from me.” Alexander says smugly like he has already won.

The sound of bones snapping is heard as Knight shifts back into Jasons form but still maintains control, his eyes staying red.

“I sujest you let both Holly and Sara go before this gets any worse for you.” Knight says. His gaze locking with mine.

Alexander turns around facing me now. “No I think I will keep them both.” He says now sneering at me. “Once I’m through with them I’ll let my men toy with them.” He taunts before turning back to face Knight and the other wolves.

Judging by the other wolves reactions I realize it has to be Eric and Liam as they both take a step forward snarling at the wolf who is holding Sara by the hair.

More of Alexander’s wolves come from the darkness now circling Jason, Eric and Liams wolves. Alexander walks back into the cabin and roughly pulls me to my feet and out onto the porch.

He pulls me in front of him, one arm wrapped tightly around my abdomen holding both of my arms down against my sides. He runs his index finger down the side of my face, wincing as he crosses the area he had slapped.

“You do not even know how special you are yet.” He whispers into my ear as he continues to sneer at Knight as he tilts my head revealing Jasons mark.

“Tomorrow night you will wear my mark.” He adds placing his lips on my mark, white hot pain courses through the area his lips touched.

Knight growls and shifts quickly and lunges for Alexander but he is stopped when on of the rogues barrels into his side knocking him to the ground. Knight jumps back up to his feet, charging for the rogue.

At the same time the other rogues have launched their attack on Eric and Liam. Everyone caught in their own battles now Alexander drags me back towards the door of the cabin. Andra comes forward pulling her arm out of Alexander’s grib and landing a punch to his face.

Moving quickly she runs for the wolf that is holding on to Sara’s hair, I can feel the humming starring again but not painful like it has been. It is powerful, I can feel it building within us as Andra grabs the wolf by the back of his shirt.

In his surprise he loses his grib on her hair causing her to stumble and fall forward. Andra throws several punches to his face until the wolf stops moving. Redirecting her attention to Sara she quickly does a once over on her friend.

Not seeing any signs of injury Andra pulls Sara out of the main fighting. With her wolf still suppressed from the Silver they injected her with earlier she is still to vulnerable to be in the middle of the fight.

More wolves are now pouring into the open area in front of the cabin. There is blood and flesh covering the ground. Andra searches the area looking for Knight and Jason but she can not seem to find them.

Eric’s wolf makes quick work of the wolf he was currently fighting with by snapping his neck with a harsh shake. He drops the body and races to Sara and I, his wolf nuzzles Sara causing her to giggle as she pushes him away.

“I am fine” She says to her brother.

“Where is Knight?” Andra asks as her anxiety starts to rise as she can still not find him amongst the fighting wolves.

Eric’s wolf nudges her to look farther to the right at the edge of the forest is Knight. He is fighting with a equally large tan wolf that I remember as Alexander’s wolf Finn.

They are locked in a battle like no other. Growls and teeth snapping as they try to rip the other apart. Just as Andra is about to shift to help the fighting a searing pain hit us like a ton of bricks in our chest.

Looking over to where Knight and Finn had been fighting I see blood pooling on the ground beneath Knight as he fights to stand.

“NO” screams Andra as she trys to rush to her mate but Eric has managed to grab ahold of her and is actively trying to drag her and Sara to safety.

She pushes his hand off her and takes off running through the mass of fighting wolves shifting into her Wolf form. She slams he body into Finn knocking him into the nearest tree.

The pain in my chest growing more with every millisecond that passes. Looking back to where Knight was he has shifted back into his human form now. Rushing to his side Andra shifts back as well, pulling Jason into her lap.

He has wounds littering his body but the worse one is a bite to the chest that is deep and appears to have torn something major as blood pours out of his chest.

I manage to take back control as tears stream down my face. I frantically search for anything that I can use to stop the bleeding.

“Why aren’t you healing? You should have started to heal some.” I say out loud as I try to stop the bleeding with my hands.

Alexander laughs, he has also shifted back and now stands there smugly satisfied with what he has done. “He won’t heal.” He says with another laugh.

Jason reaches up stroking my face drawing my attention back to him. “I love you Holly” He says with a cough, blood running down the side of his mouth.

“I love you too.” I mange to say through my sobs. This is not how I wanted to tell him that and I wish I had not been so scared and told him earlier how I felt.

He takes my hand and places a kiss to my knuckles. “No, No, No don’t you die on me. What am I supposed to do without you.” I say as the pain in my chest burns hotter then before causing me to wince from the sudden shock.

“NO!” I scream again as his grip becomes slack. Sobs coursing through my body as I rock with Jason’s body still in my lap.

Alexander laughs sadisticly again drawing my attention back to him. Andra surges forward the power I felt earlier surging forward as well.

“NO” Andra screams as the build up of power erupts from my body.

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