Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 39

A power explodes from my body when Andra screams out at the loss of her mate. I am able to watch through her eyes as a grey mist expands and pushes forward from my body, a soft light within the mist appears to be moving and almost pulsating where ever it moves.

Everyone is quiet now as they watch the mist as it begins to envelop Jasons body that is still lying in my lap. The light within the mist starts to grow brighter, the pulsing increases in speed until it grows to bright to look at and everyone is forced to turn away.

The light starts to dim after a few moments and the mist slowly returns back into to my body. My shock only grows as I swear I see Jasons hand twitch ever so slightly. I start to fight Andra for control but it does not take much effort as she appears to be exhausted.

Am I going crazy there it is again, Jason’s hand twitches along with a sudden sharp inhale, his chest begins to rise and fall in slow shallow breaths and we all watch as Jasons color starts to return to his body.

Shock and surprise is mirrored on everyones face as his breaths settle into a more normal rhythm. I place my head onto his chest still unable to believe what my eyes are seeing, and there ever so softly is a heartbeat. He is alive. Sobs begin to pour out of me uncontrollably as I listen to his heartbeat grow stronger and stronger.

I jump in surprise when I feel someone touch my shoulder pulling me out of my trance I seem to have fallen into as I watch my dead mate come back to life. Sara is kneeling down next to us her eyes are also filled with tears.

“Look” she says motioning for me to look up. There are two beautiful Hazel eyes looking back at me.

Unable to control myself any longer I fling my arms around his neck. He winces in pain but does not let me go as he wraps his arms around me too kissing the top of my forehead.

“That is not possible” Alexander growls out with a astonished look on his face. “She should not have them yet.” He adds more to himself then to anyone else before he turns and takes off into the forest behind the cabin, his wolves following behind.

“We need to get him back to the Pack hospital.” Says a big burly man that I have never met before. He is definitely a Alpha as his aura is very strong and commanding as he begins to yell out orders to all the warriors.

“I want the first group to follow them and take down any survivors that ran off after their leader. Capture him and bring him directly to me and Beta Eric.” He says now turning to the rest of the wolves giving some of them orders to return to the pack to alert the Hospital that the Alpha was coming in and for others to act as guards incase Alexander tried to attack again.

I lift my head from where it is buried in Jasons shoulder, looking into his Hazel eyes once again I can feel the tears wanting to fall again but I do my best to hold them back.

“How is it possible? I felt you leave me?” I ask hoping he can shed some light on what exactly happened.

“I am not sure what exactly happened, one minute Knight and I are standing in total darkness and the next there is a mist that wraps around us both and then I woke up.” He says as he runs his fingers through my hair.

The warriors come over and Sara pretty much has to pry me away from Jason just for them to get him packed up for the track back to the pack house.

Andra has been super quiet since I took back control causing me to now worry about her as well. “Andra are you there? Are you ok?” I ask unable to control the worry I feel for my Wolf from seeping into my voice.

“I am here just really tired. That took alot more out of me then I thought it would.” She says as she lays her head down in between her front paws.

“What happened?”

“I will explain later but for now let just get back to the pack.” She says and closes her eyes.

Liam joins us now and Sara launches herself into his arms. His worry over Sara’s safety is evident in the way his wolf reacted earlier. Jason reaches over from the make shift stretcher that was put together quicker then I could have imagined and takes my hand in his. Even in his current condition he smiles mischiefly at me.

“You said you love me” He says his grin growing so larger my heart could melt.

Unable to contain my own smile seeing just how happy those words had made him even as he was dying make me wish that I had told him how I felt sooner. Leaning forward I press my lips to his.

“Yes, I love you” I say once I pull away.

His smile never leaves his face as the warriors begin to carry him out. I turn back to Sara as she is still wrapped up in her own mates arms. Reaching out I pull her into me causing Liam to growl slightly.

Raising my eyebrow at this he quickly trys to swallow another growl but fails, turning a light shade of pink. Unable to control the small chuckle that bubbles up within me.

“It is ok Liam, seriously.” I say, “How were you able to find us?” I ask turning to Beta Eric for the answer.

“Let’s get home first there is a lot to talk about.” He says with a smile as he leads the rest of us out of the forest with a few more warriors following close behind.

It took us way longer then expected to make it back to the pack house since we all stayed in our human form w ith only a few shifted wolves for protection. Jason tried to get the warriors carrying him to let him down once we made it about half way back.

None of them listening as they look back to me as I am shaking my head no. They continue onward carrying their grumbling Alpha on their Lunas orders. We finally make it back and Jason is taken straight to the pack hospital where Doc is waiting for him with a team of nurses.

Stopping I take the large black shirt that was offered to me from one of the nurses to cover my naked body, I slip it on quickly and make my way into Jasons room.

“I am fine, I am fine” He grumbles as Doc begins to hook him up to machines taking his vital signs and doing a quick assessment.

Jason look over to me with annoyance written all over his face as Doc and the nurses work. All his visible wounds have closed now and he does indeed appear to be perfectly fine.

After a few minutes Doc turns to Eric and I, “He appears to be perfectly fine. There are no injuries to be seen. I will send him for more detailed scans for anything that may be internal.” Doc says and leaves to room to get everything set up for the scans.

“See I told you I was fine.” Jason grumbles again as he attempts to swing his legs off the bed in front of me.

I quickly grab his shoulders and try to push him back down into the hospital bed but not succeeding. “No you are not fine, you were dead Jason. Dead, I felt our bond snap as you took your last breath in my arms.” I say as the tears spring to my eyes again at the memory of the pain I felt only a few hours ago. “We do not know what happened out there so please just let them run the test and make sure you are truly ok, for me.” I plead with him as my tears now roll down my cheeks.

Taking my face between his hands he pulls my face to his for a gentle kiss. The tingles from the mate bond and his soft warm lips as they move against mine reminding me that he is indeed still alive. Pulling away he leans his forehead against mine and sighs as he closes his eyes briefly.

“Okay, I will stay and let Doc run all his test. But, if everything comes back fine I get to leave the hospital.” He says looking at both Eric and I. “We still have work to be done to catch that prick.” He growls out his eyes flashing red as Knight comes forward for a moment.

Nodding my head in agreement I give him another gentle kiss. “Thank you.” I say closing my eyes.

Just then the door to the room opens and Jasons parents enter with matching expressions of worry and unease. Luna Alison spots me and rushes over wrapping me in a warm hug while Alpha Charles goes to his son.

“Oh honey we are so glad you are safe.” Luna Alison says as she squeezes me tightly like I would expect any mother would she begins checking me over for injuries. This causes me to giggle just a little as she fussed over me. Then she turns to Jason, “Why are you in the hospital bed and not her?” She questions Jason with a stern look.

They must not have heard yet, that would be a difficult conversation for anyone to have with a parent, ‘your child died but it is ok they are back now.’ I would not like to be the person who would have to do something like that. So it is probably for the best that that information had not been divulged yet.

Eric and Jason glance at one another and without a word Eric steps out side the room but does not leave, he stands guard in front of the door. His actions only cause the worry lines in both the former Alpha and Luna faces to grow deeper.

Jason motions for me to return to his side and as I step closer he pulls me down on the bed with him, wrapping his arms around my waist. The tingle from our mate bond spark anywhere our bare skin touches.

“Mom, dad.” He says looking between the two, ” So apparently I died in the attack.” He says as gently as possible.

Luna Alison gasping and tears well up in her eyes her mate pulls her into his arms trying to soothe the emotions that I know she must be feeling hearing that her son had died but that is quickly replaced by more confusion.

“But how is that possible if you are very clearly alive.” She asks drawing her eyebrows together.

Jason looks at me with so much love and admiration written all over his face. “I believe Holly saved me.” He says softly as a smile covers his face. “She was able to bring me back.”

It is now my turn to look confused, could I have actually brought my mate back from the dead. I mean that was pretty f*cking weird with whatever came out of me when Andra felt the bond snap.

“I do not know if it has anything to do with me.” I say as I twirl the hem of my shirt between my fingers.

Jason gently places his finger under my chin lifting my face to where I have no choice but to look him in the eyes.

“I believe that the only reason I am sitting here in this bed right now is because of you Holly. I also believe that what ever you possess that was able to bring me back is the reason Alexander has been bound and determined to get you back as his mate.” He says his eyes glowing red as Knight shows himself and leans in burying his face in the crook of my neck.

“Mine” Knight says, his voice muffled slightly as he takes in my scent. He then leans up his Red eyes glowing bright as he smiles.

“And I know just who to ask about it.”

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