Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 4

When I got Sara’s call earlier Knight perked up instantly upon hearing about a rogue she-wolf that was in town. She said the she-wolf was in a tight spot but wouldn’t elaborate on what was wrong. After a bit of back and forth I agreed to meet with the woman. I told Sara to bring her by the pack house to see if there was anything we would be able to do.

“Sorry Alpha we have work tonight, that’s where we are heading now she also doesn’t have a good trust of pack wolves. Some s**t happened to her in her last pack. She will have to tell you when she is ready. Can you come to the bar an meet with her there? I think neutral ground will ease her anxiety some.” Sara replied.

Thinking for a second, if Beth took a chance on this rogue she wolf working for her I shouldn’t be to concerned. Beth may be human but she was an excellent judge of character of both human and wolves. Beth was one of the humans in town that knew about werewolves since she was mated to one of my top warriors. Her giving this rogue a job was definitely a good sign.

“Yeah that’s fine, Eric and I will come by after the rush tonight that way you two can take a break while we talk.” Knight was pacing in my mind all of the sudden, something was definitely bothering him but no matter how much I asked what his deal was he wouldn’t say a word. He continued to pace for most of the day until it was time to meet with the she wolf.

Now Eric and I are pulling into the parking lot of the bar, it’s Friday night so alot of the younger pack members like to come here to let off some steam. Knight is going nuts, he is pushing for control harder then he ever has before. It takes every bit of strength I have to keep him from taking full control. Then I get a whiff of the most intoxicating scent ever, it’s faint probably because the source of it is inside. Lavender and Vanilla is what it smells like, it’s so mouth watering that Knight and I are both drooling.

“She’s here! Mate is here!” Kinght howls, his tail wags back and forth excitedly like a puppy. A smile spreads across my face, Finally I say to myself.

“You ok Alpha?” Eric ask as he gets out of the truck but I don’t answer. Knight and I are a wolf on a mission and that is to find her, our mate. I rush into the bar only to be hit with a powerful aura along with that wonderful scent.

“What the hell was that” Knight asks. I scan the room and notice everyone in the dining area of the bar is staring at the back corner booth. There is food and glass shards from the broken dishes all over the floor in front of the table. There is a woman standing in front of the table and I notice a few of our younger pack members staring dumbfounded at her.

There’s a low menacing growl as she placed her hands on the table looking at who I believe is Mike Williams and we all are once again blasted with the same powerful aura. I realized that it was coming from her, I can tell she is talking to him but it’s so low that even with my Alpha blood I am unable to hear what she says.

As I’m walking towards the table I notice that the scent of lavender and vanilla is also getting stronger the closer I get to her. Mike suddenly jumps from his seat and begins cleaning up the mess on the floor. Knight hasn’t stopped fighting me and he suddenly pushes forward just as the womans knees buckle and she starts to fall. Knight rushes to her side and reaches out instantly, our arms wrapping around her. Our body erupts in the most amazing sensation ever, everywhere our skin touches the tingles spread.

“MATE” Knight howls as her eyes flutter open for just a second, her wolf is present and in charge just as mine is and I see Gold. Bright gold orbs stare at me before her eyes close again, they are the same ones from Clares vision. “Thank you goddess we finally found you mate.” He says as he brushes the hair from her cheek and the tingles spread through his hand as he cups her cheek.

Sara rushes to the woman’s other side and Knight let’s out a low threatening growl. He isn’t in the mood for anyone to be near his mate. She raises her hands in surrender and leans back on her feet, “I’m not taking her from you Alpha. She is my friend. I just want to help make sure she is ok. I promise I’m not going to hurt her.”

Eric also joined us then and Knight growls again. “We need to get her back to the pack house so Doc can take a look at her Knight.”

“We need to go Now!” I yell at my Wolf. He finally relents and gives me back control, I look at my beautiful mates face, she is absolutely stunning. Knight is now whining and pacing my mind worried that something could be wrong with her.

“Let’s get her back to the pack house.” I say to my Beta and he nods, an makes his way back to the front door. I turn to the young men at the table and let my own aura out, my Wolf and I are both upset that these pups may have caused our mate to lose consciousness. “The four of you will be in my offices first thing in the morning am I understood?” I say using a bit of my Alpha command on them.

They all nod their heads with a “Yes Alpha” in unison.

I stand and make my way back to the truck with my still unconscious mate making sure I can still see her chest rise and fall with each breath she takes. Even unconscious she is as beautiful as a angel. She has long brown hair that’s done in braids, my fingers itch to let it loose just to see exactly how long it really is. She is alot shorter then most she-wolves, I loved it. I want to be the one she comes to when she can’t reach things. I might put certain things just out of her reach just so I can get them for her, I think to myself.

Knight snorts “With what we just saw and felt in there I think she’ll kick our ass for even trying that” that makes me smile. Yeah he is probably right.

Eric grabs the keys and jumps in the driver’s seat as I settle in the back with her still in my arms. I never want to let this woman go, I want to always have her in my arms. Sara jumps in the passenger seat and her brother throws the truck into reverse and we head towards the pack house.

It’s normally a thirty minute drive back to the pack but Eric is flooring it, I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets us there in half the time. My heart stays in my throat the entire time as I countine to watch her chest to ensure myself and my Wolf that she is still alive.

“Doc will be waiting for us as soon as we get there.” Eric says and I’m grateful he thought to mindlink him.

“Thanks Eric” and I say a silent prayer to the moon goddess that my mate will be ok.

“She is your mate right?” Sara asks turning around in her seat to look at the two of us.

I nod “Yes she is” I say as I pull her farther into my chest and bury my nose in her hair, taking in her scent. Goddess she smells so good, I look to Sara “She is the rogue you wanted me to talk to isn’t she?” I can slightly smell the rogue scent now under her natural scent and Sara nods her head. “What’s her name?”

“Holly” Sara says. “Holly Winters”

“Holly, that’s a beautiful name for a beautiful mate” Knight purrs. He is right she is perfect and I couldn’t have asked the Moon Goddess for a better mate.

We finally make it to the pack house and just as Eric said Doc is waiting right out front with a team of nurses ready to help their Luna. The truck skids to a stop in front of them and Doc throws the door open and reaches in to grab our mate, I have to swallow a growl and remind Knight that Doc is there to help her not hurt her. He still isn’t happy but agrees to settle down some.

They rush her into the pack hospital and into a room. They start hooking her up to all the machines that instantly come to life with steady rhythmic beeps, a good sign she is still with us. Goddess please let her be ok I say to myself in another silent prayer.

After a quick assessment Doc turns to me “We need to run a few test to see if there is a reason for why she hasn’t woken up yet, you will need to wait in the waiting room until those are finished…” a growl rips from my chest and Doc go’s white as the bed sheets my mate is currently laying on. “Alpha it is just until the test are done and then you can come right back in with her, we will take good care of the Luna” He adds.

As much as I hate to leave her I know it’s for the best so the doctors can figure out what’s going on and help her. So I nod and walk over to her right side and kiss her forehead and whisper “I’ll be right out side little mate” I give her hand one last gentle squeeze and walk out the door to the waiting room where Sara and Eric are.

They both jump up once they see me.

“How is she” Sara ask as she rushes up to me, Eric reaches out and places his hands on her shoulders trying to give her some comfort. It’s easy to tell that Sara really cares for My Mate, My Holly. She has so much worry etched on her face as she waits for my update on her friend.

“Their taking her to run test to see if there is a cause for her to stay unconscious this long.” I begain to pace the hallway waiting for their return. I feel like it’s been hours since they took her away when actually its only been a few minutes. Knight is steadily whining to be near his mate, he says we need to be close to her but doesn’t know why, he said its almost as if her Wolf is calling to him but that doesn’t make sense. Usually wolf mates are able to call to each other and communicate only once the mating bond is completed.

After a hour of waiting the Doctor finally wheels her back into her room. The three of us instantly join them in the little room to hear any news on her condition.

“Well what’s wrong? Why is she still unconscious Doc?” Eric asks before I even get the chance.

“Unfortunately we still don’t know, all her test and scans countine to come back normal. We sent a few blood samples off to the The Halo Moon Pack for futher testing. Their lab may be able to find something we missed.” Doc says sighing. “I wish I had more to offer you Alpha but at this point we just have to wait for her to wake up or until the labs come back.”

Doc an the nurses make sure our mate is comfortable then they leave us. Sara, Eric and I begin our watch to wait for Holly to wake up. I continue to send prayers to the moon goddess that she heals my mate and brings her back to me.

Chapter 5 Unknown POV
1251 Words
I was surprised when my boss approached me about a important mission that had came up that needed to be handled quickly and quietly. I typically handle smaller issues with in the organization.

I’m part of a group of rogues that do contracted work like this. Pack wolves come to us when they needed something or in this case someone retrieved without coming under suspicion themselves. The clients wanted to remain anonymous until the job was completed.

I wasn’t sure why these clients were so interested in this particular young woman but they were so insistent to have her they offered $50,000 to bring her back. For that kind of money I would find and bring back anyone they wanted. This was the biggest job I had ever gotten, and I wasn’t about to screw it up.

The clients only gave me the bare minimum of information on her. All I knew was her name was Holly, she was a former Omega from their pack. Her birthday was October 1st which was about four months away. An the clients wanted her back before then. They had stressed the importance of having her back by her birthday.

They had been looking for this woman for a little over two years now, her last known location was just outside Atlanta Georgia, and that was six months after she left their pack. They had sent a special team of two of their best warriors to retrieve the she wolf, that team never returned, they were found dead in the little cottage she had been staying at in the woods.

Our organization had wolves embedded strategically through out the country. We had them everywhere of importance, some were in the biggest companies around the world and also in government. It took a few days but her name had popped up when she booked a flight from Atlanta to New Orleans.

From New Orleans I managed to track her to a small town called Black Lake. The town was located in between two packs, though if you got real technical about it it was just one giant pack. They covered all of Louisiana, a northern pack called Blackwater Pack and a southern pack called Black Willow Pack. They were considered the two strongest packs in the southern region of the country.

Now I’ve been here watching her for the past few days. She mainly stayed in her motel room for the first few days, then she started working at the local bar. I carried a masking pendent with me so none of the other wolves would be able to tell I was a rogue. This allowed me to follow her more closely and hide in plan sight from her and the rest of the wolves in town.

I may have pushed it to much when I followed her earlier today as she went for a run with her friend. I had gotten close enough to stay out of their view and with the pendent they shouldn’t be able to smell me but it looked like she had somehow noticed my presence in the woods. That was definitely different, I’ve followed many wolves over the years and none of them had ever suspected they were being followed but it looked like she did. Or had atleast the suspicion of being followed.

I continued to follow the pair of she wolves from the forest back to the bar. I entered the bar and sat in the corner of the bar so I could watch the entire area.

The night had started out pretty normal other then it was alot busier. It had quickly turned just as interesting as earlier in the day had been. I definitely didn’t expect the target to be as powerful as she seems to be but it also appears she isn’t used to that power just yet after I watched her collapse. Now I really have questions as to why the clients are so hell bent on getting her back.

She had been taken out of the bar then and I made my way back to the motel room I had rented. Apon entering the room I pulled out my phone and dial the clients number to let them know what was going on so far and my findings.

“Hello” One of the clients answered gruffly “What do you got?”

“I’ve located the target sir.” I say not sure how to tell him that she has been moved once again but this time into one of the strongest packs in the area.

He sighs in relief “Thank the Goddess. Where is she and how soon can you retrieve her?” He quickly asks.

“Well Sir, there are a couple issues that are going to make the retrieval more difficult sir.” He let’s out a menacing growl that sounds like it could shake the whole house. Obviously he didn’t like that answer.

“Continue” another voice says through the phone. He must be the other client.

“For one she appears to be coming into some abilities sir. She released a Alphas aura tonight but it looks like it took a significant toll on her body and she collapsed there after.” They are not going to like the rest of this.

“Why didn’t you just retrieve her then you imbecile.” The first man growls again.

“Sir that was not an option. The Alpha of Blackwater walked in at the same time that she collapsed. And he and his Beta left with her and another woman that was working there. I assume he has taken her to his pack sir.” There is the sound of glass breaking and what sounds like furniture being turned over on the other end of the phone. He was livid.

“I want you to continue to watch her and figure out the best way to get to her quickly. Recruit more rogues if you have too I don’t care just bring me the girl.” The second man says. He is clearly the more level-headed of the two.

“Yes sir” I replied and then placed my phone down on the small bed.

There was just one place to stay in this town so I knew she had to be in the same motel. It wasn’t very big and was slightly run down, you could tell they didn’t get very many strangers pass through this town. After watching her for some time I found out which room was hers.

Since she wouldn’t be in tonight I took the opportunity to search her room but after going through everything I came up empty handed. She didn’t have very many things to begin with proof that she liked to keep moving and never stay anywhere for to long.

“How in the hell am I going to get closer to her to finish the mission now that shes in their pack for now?” I said to my Wolf Steele.

“What about that wolf at the bar, the one that pissed her off. He must be a member of Blackwater since the Alpha said he wants to see them all tomorrow. He also looked like he didn’t like her to begin with. Throw in the fact that she embarrassed the s**t out of him in front of his friends, I bet he would like a little retaliation on her.” Steele said.

Now with a plan starting to take shape in my mind I smile to my Wolf, he was right. “Now that is a interesting idea. This just might work.”

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