Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 40

I was dumbfounded when I saw Holly’s wolf for the first time tonight. She had just turn eighteen when I rejected her and I had not seen her shift yet. At the time I did not care, I just wanted to be rid of such a weak mate. Or so I thought.

I expected her to collapse to the floor and stay there begging for me to take back my rejection but she did not. She stood tall and took every once of pain that the rejection caused. Then not only did she accept it she also severed her ties with the pack and left.

Honestly that should have told me that there was something different, something special about her but I did not realize it until it was to late and she was gone. When my parents returned home later that evening and my father found out that Holly was my mate and that the pack member who my mother and he felt leave the pack was her after I had rejected her, well he became irate.


No one, not even my mother was able to calm him down again, she finally gave up and left the office. He was throwing things across his office, papers were scattered across the floor and glass shards from the smashed whiskey glasses glimmer in the moonlight on the hardwood floors.

He kept going on and on about how I had ruined his plans and all the work he had done. I still did not care I simply wanted to get back to the sexy blonde that was waiting for me up in my room.

That did not happen though, my father refused to let me leave the room until I agreed to find Holly and bring her back.

“You are going to find that girl and bring her back immediately! Do you understand me.” My father bellows loudly as he looms over me, I am sitting in one of the chairs in his office, caging me in with his large body as I attempted to get up and leave the room.

I still do not understanding what the big deal is. I am glad she is gone now I don’t have to be tied to a worthless mutt that no one even wanted, “What is so special about her then? I figured you would want a Alphas daughter to be the new Luna not a weak Omega.” I say defiantly as I try to push my way past him again still not getting far. “I do not want a weak mate anyway.”

Smack, my face now stinging from the slap to my face from my enraged father. His rage only growing by the second as his chest rises and falls in quick secession as he stares at me with malice.

“She was only weak because I made sure she stayed that way.” He growls out in my face before he backs away, taking his seat behind his desk.

I stare at my father in confusion now, “What do you mean, you made sure she was weak?” I question him. “She was just a Omega, they were always weak.”

His wolf growls out as his eyes swirl with black when he glares daggers at me from across his desk, his wolf not liking that his authority is being questioned for any reason.

“You are demanding I go and look for her then I atleast deserve to know why. Why is she so important when there are more qualified she wolves for the Luna role.” I growled out in return as Finn becomes more agitated.

His eyes clear as he runs his hand through his hair in frustration. “Fine” he say motioning for me to take my seat again. “She is not a normal wolf. She is something more powerful then you can even imagine.” He says looking out the window of the office at the moon that is now high in the sky.

“I did what I had to do to make her compliment and submissive, so that when the time came you would take her as your mate regardless of you two being fated or not.” He adds turning to watch the shocked expression that is on my face now.

“Wow he has been planning this for a while apparently” Finn says gruffly as he watches my father. “Why is it so important for her to be submissive?” He adds before my father continues explaining what he ment.

“But I have suspected she was your fated mate since you two were little. You followed her everywhere, never to far from where she was.” He says locking eyes with me and raises his hand to stop me before I can say a word to refute his statement and I growl out in annoyance.

“As you got older you did not understand that it was your bond with her starting to form. Or that the bond was causing you to seek her out and it p*sse’d you off.” He says shrugging his shoulders.

“You could have said something you know.” I grumble at him my annoyance growing with every word he says.

“No everything went according to the plan for the most part.” He says as he cuts his eyes to me, what happend today obviously was not a part of his plan. “Once you started to bully her when you both got your wolves I just let you take over. What better way to make her submissive to her mate before hand then by his very own hand.” He says with sick amusement.

“How do you know she is this powerful wolf? We do not even know where she came from.” I ask she was just a abandoned pup not even her own family wanted anything to do with her I think to myself.

He smiles devilishly with a small chuckle. “That is just the story that was told to the pack and to your mother so no one would ask to many questions about a abandoned baby.” He says his grin growing as he continues. “She is rumored to be one of the most powerful wolves in existence. She will bring a untold amount of power to her mate and to her pack.” He says as he turns towords me, he places his elbows on his desk and clasp his hands together. Now observing my reaction closely.

Now he has my attention and my wolfs.

“Tell me more”

End Flashback

After that night I sent out teams of the packs best warriors to track her down and bring her back to me. But some how she always seemed to evade them, staying a little bit ahead of my trackers and covering her tracks well. There was only one time that a team was able to get close enough but they did not return.

She has proved to be a very difficult she wolf to get to and now she is even stronger then she was before.

The other she wolf was still suffering the effects from the Silver in the tranquilizer and probably would for several more hours until it was completely out of her system. Holly on the other hand seemed to barely have any effects from it. Like she has some kind of immunity to the effects from the silver, causing it to wear off faster then it would have on a normal wolf.

Holly’s wolf had been able to knock Finn away but not before he delivered a strategic bite to the chest that would cause the most damage possible to take out his rival. It was a move my father had drilled into me since I was a pup, he had also given me a small vial of thick black liquid before I left saying to take it once I arrived and that it would help.

It was the most disgusting thing I had ever tasted, it was bitter and tasted as if whatever was it it had gone bad. None the less I drank it holding back the urge to vomit as it had slid down my throat. But now I understand why it was so awful, it was a potion or spell or whatever the witches make.

After a few minutes it started to make me feel a little fuzzy. Thinking nothing of the feeling I went to separate two wolves to keep them from killing each other. I had lost to many wolves to fights like this in the past few days, and as I pushed them apart they both landed farther then expected. So it did work, the potion increased my physical stamina and strength. It gave me a edge over the other Alpha allowing Finn to quickly over power him in the fight.

Holly was coming into herself rather nicely I thought to myself as I recoved from the blow she delt. Finn was stunned for a moment as he took in her white wolf before she shifted back to her human form and rushed to the injured Alpha. Finn growled out as he watches her place his head in her naked lap. His anger surfacing again, furious that she is tending to another male.

“Mine” He said low in my head as he watches the scene unfold with a small bit of satisfaction as he waited for the wolf to die.

“Soon” I tell my Wolf eagerly. Soon she will be mine once again.

Holly screamed out again as their bond begins breaking. His breathing slows down until it stops, Holly’s eyes change to gold as she screamed once more as she throws her head back, a scream so powerful a shock wave of power rushes out of her body and past everyone in the vicinity. A light mist forms and begins to crawl down her body until is covers the Alphas body. The light grew brighter and to everyone’s surprise the b*stard starts moving again and suddenly he opened his eyes as he takes a breath.

Stunned I watch as she flings herself at him with tears streaming down her face. She healed him. She was a healer but how can she have her powers yet? I thought she would not come into them until her twenty first birthday, that was still a few months away.

“Her powers had to of manifested earlier for some reason.” Finn says growling as he watches his mate take care of another. He wants to rip her away from him, throw her over his shoulder taking her back to Silver Bow.

I have never seen a healer who was able to bring someone back from the dead the way Holly had done. There is more going on there, more to what Holly is and what she is ultimately capable of, I think to myself as I turn for a quick escape into the forest behind the cabin. It was time to regroup and figure out a new plan to get to Holly again.

It did not take long for the pup Mike, who brought the girls to the cabin to be captured by some of the wolves that had been sent after us. I was surprised they did not just kill him on the spot once they captured him, oh they roughed him up a good bit at first but I was not waiting around to see if they changed their minds.

The guy my father introduced me to when this all started named Trigger was able to keep up with me as we ran through the forest. He must have taken something similer to the potion I had.

The two of us make our way out of the forest after many hours of running. We made sure to change directions multiple times and even shifting back and forth to throw the trackers following us off more, giving us more time to get farther from the territory.

We finally came to a road, following along the treeline in our wolf form we came to another small town. Neither one of us had clothes or a phone obviously so we searched for anything we could use. Finally we managed to find a house that had their clothes drying outside on a clothes line. Not wasting any more time we each grabbed a pair of shorts in our mouth, back at the tree line we shifted and quickly pulled them on and headed to the town to find a phone.

Finding a gas station not to far from the house we went inside and used their phone to make one call to the only person I knew who would be able to help.

Ring, ring, ring

“Hello” my father’s voice comes through the speaker of the phone.

“Send a car, clothes and the warriors to, What’s the name of the sh*thole?” I ask the guy behind the counter causing him to snort in response.

“Oakwood” He says turning back to his work.

“Got it!”


Stopping I take the large black shirt that was offered to me from one of the nurses to cover my naked body, I slip it on quickly and make my way into Jasons room.

SHE IS CLOTHED NOW ? I realize I was just having Holly walk around butt naked once they made it back to the pack house. This is for those who may have read the last chapter before I edited it.

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