Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 41

Doc and the nurses came back in a little while after that to take Jason for a bunch of test to make sure there was no sign of internal injuries. Sara had also been brought in a bit after we arrived so I went to her room to check in on how she was doing while Jason was doing test.

I knock on her door and there is a soft ‘Come In,’ from the inside of the room. Opening the door I see Sara is sleeping soundly on the hospital bed, Liam is sitting beside the bed in a chair stroking her hand as she sleeps. He quickly stands bowing his head to me but never dropping Sara’s hand.

“Luna” He raises his gaze to meet mine.

“How is she?” I question as I approach the opposite side of the bed. A purple and yellow bruise is still on her cheek from when Alexander struck her to punish me.

“She is doing okay. Besides the bruise they said she has no other injuries and should be able to leave the hospital in a few hours. She still is not able to reach Sasha though.” He said as he brushes a strand of her hair from her face, tucking it behind her ear.

Looking at her IV bag I see they have her on a fast drip and she has made it through almost half a bag of fluids.

“Another bag and the Silver should be out of her system and she should be able to reconnect with Sasha.” His gaze snaps to me then.

“You really think they gave her silver?”

“I know they did. They gave us both tranquilizers to get us away from the pack quietly so we would not fight them. They also tried to put it in a drink to keep our wolves away longer. Neither of us drank it though so it should only be what is left from the tranquilizer.”

Liam lets out a few growls now as his eyes swirl with black, his wolf p*ssed and now wanting blood for what Alexander had done to his mate.

“That explains why I could not feel her then. But if you both were given Silver how did you shift?” He ask now with a baffled look on his face.

I shrug, “I have no idea either. For some reason Andra came back sooner then Alexander or I thought she would.” I say as Andra swishes her tail back and forth also shrugging her big wolfie shoulders.

“Maybe your parents know why.” He says as he turns his attention back to Sara as she shifts positions on the bed.

“Maybe, but I was abandoned so I have no clue who my parents are.” I say, I can hear the sadness in my own voice and he also seems to notice.

Shock crosses his face, “Oh I thought they told you already.” He says nervously, his Adam’s apple bobs in his throat as he swallows hard. Sweat now on his brow as he tries to avoid eye contact with me.

“Who told me what?” I ask, what does he know I think to myself. Andras is now paying close attention too.

The door opens and Eric walks in, stopping in his tracks just inside the door as he noticed just how nervous Liam is. I turn my attention to him then.

“Is there something you all know about who my parents are?” I question narrowing my eyes to slits at Eric.

His gaze snaps to Liams, “Seriously dude.” Eric says exasperated.

“I thought she knew by now. Sorry.” Liam says. Eric rolls his eyes at Liams response, he then turns his attention to me.

“Luna, Jason will explain everything…” Eric starts but does not finish his statement as I walk past him and out the door looking for my mate. Just as the door closes I can hear Eric say to Liam, “He is going to kick your a**.”

Now not only am I mad that Jason has found out something pertaining to my parents but I am p*ssed he had not said anything about it to me. Apparently eveyone else knew. I storm down the hallway of the hospital, a heavy door closes behind me back down the hall, I hear Eric call out for me but I just ignore him and keep going looking in rooms for Jason.

“Holly wait.” He says as he runs to catch up with me, stopping in front of me causing me to stop in my tracks. I glare at him and try to step to the side but he stops me again.

“Move” I growl out at him my anger rising, he raises his hands in front of him.

“Please wait, Jason was going to tell you.” He says, a growl comes from my chest again.

“Then why did he not say that he had found out something about them earlier?” My anger growing rapidly, I can feel Andra starting to come forward now too.

His gaze drops to the floor for a moment as he rubs the back of his neck with his hand. “It is complicated.” He says now raising his gaze to meet mine again.

“What’s complicated?” Jasons voice suddenly comes from behind me. Spinning around I see my mate sitting in a wheelchair with a nurse behind him pushing him down the hall in our direction.

“What’s going on.” He ask looking between Eric and I as the nurse stops his chair directly in front of us.

I cross my arms over my chest looking down at my mate, not realizing that the movement drew his gaze to my breast as they rise. I can see as the heat and desire fill his eyes as they begin to swil with red as Knight comes forward.

My anger at him is soon forgotten as a heat begins to pool low in my core. Andra is purring in my head, she wants her mate and she wants him right now. She flashes images of Jason an Knight taking us roughly like the last time when Knight marked us.

I can feel as moisture soaks through my panties. My heart beats faster and my breathing quickens as my arousal countines to grow. I watch as Jasons nostrils flare when my scent hits him, his eyes close for a second as he takes a deep breath and when he opens them again they are Knights bright red.

He gives me a c*cky grin as he purrs at me, that only causes more moisture to coat my panties and a delicious shiver of anticipation to run through me. Knight stands and pulls me into his arms, my hands brace myself as I hit his hard chest.

As if on their on accord my hands trace the hard plans of his muscles, he buries his face in my hair breathing deeply. His lips barely graze my marking spot and another shiver courses down me settling deep in my core.

Someone clears their throat, the sound snapping me out of my lust filled haze for my mate. Knight pulls away slightly causing Andra to whine.

He turns his attention to Eric now and the reason I was upset hits me like a bucket of cold water. The flame in my core instantly goes out as I glare at my mate.

“You did that on purpose didn’t you?” My anger growing more now by the second as I realize he used his purring to alleviate my anger.

“Eric said you was upset Little Mate, I just wanted to help take your mind off what had upset you.” He says with another c*cky smile.

“Wow, you tell him I am mad but not that I was mad at him.” I shake my head at Eric who takes a step back when Knights gaze returns to him.

“Why did you choose not to tell me you have information about my parents.” I ask glaring daggers at the both of them.

Knight drags his hand through his already disheveled hair, “How?” He growls at Eric.

“Liam let it slip.” Eric answers as I stand there gawking at the two of them.

“Umm hello, I am standing right here you know.” I growl out myself, my aura slipping out forcefully as my agitation with the two of them begins to mount.

When Jason turns back to me it is his Hazel eyes I meet, Andra snorts, “Knight did not want to be the one to get it ” She says to me laughing. I can feel as my energy starts to shift with a surge of power that courses through my body.

Both Jason and Eric stare at me nervously as I tilit my head to the side. “Now stop treating me as if I am not here, what do you know about my parents?”

Jason and Eric glance at each other, “Ok I will tell you but first I am going to need you to calm down some.” I growl in response, “Holly your mist is starting to manifest again. I really need you to try and control your emotions right now. I promise I will tell you everything.”

Looking down I see a grey mist that is now snaking its way down from my hands to the ground. Oh sh*t I think to myself, taking a deep breath I try to pull myself together reeling in my emotions. As I start to get a handle on my anger I notice the mist that was almost to the floor begain to return to my hands.

“Leave us” Jason says to Eric as he takes my hand and pulls me into a empty room. He locks the door once we are both inside. “I was going to tell you everything Holly I swear, there just has not been time to.” He says turning to face me.

I sigh knowing he is right. He died and came back to life and here I am throwing a fit because he had not mentioned that he had information on my parents. I drop my head now looking at me feet, “I am sorry” I say lifting my head back up and meeting his gaze again. “That was unfair of me to get mad like that.”

Jason takes my face cupping it between his hands as he places a gentle kiss on my lips.

“I’m sorry you did not hear it from me first.” He says once he breaks the kiss.

“What did Liam tell you exactly?”

“He did not say anything really, more like insinuated that you knew who my parents are.” I say.

He nods, “I do know who they are now, It was a surprise to everyone.” He says with a small smile. “And they are here right now.” He adds.

I stand there stunned for a moment with my mouth opening and closing as I try to formulate some kind of response but nothing comes out. I imagine I resembled a fish out of water right now.

“Are you sure?” I am finally able to get out, still not able to fully believe that he has found out who my parents are, let alone that they are currently here in the pack.

He smiles at me again and nods, “Yes they are your parents. The labs were ran multiple times just to be sure.” He says as he now grips my shoulders rubbing small circles over the area. “Would you like to meet them?”

A whirlwind of emotions crashes over me with his question. Do I want to meet them? A part of me does and a part of me is extremely nervous to.

“They are who he was going to ask about us.” Andra says. “They might be able to give us some answers as to what we are exactly and maybe how we brought Mate back.”

Looking up in his eyes I silence all the worry and doubts that had been swirling in me. Andra was right.

“Yes” I say. “I want to meet them.”

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