Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 42

As soon as Doc said that all Jasons scans came back normal he was ready to leave. Jason was still given instructions that if he should feel off for any reason to return immediately.

We are now sitting in Jason’s office in the packhouse waiting for the people who are supposedly my parents. My nerves are on edge as we wait for their arrival, I paced the room twenty times before Jason pulled me down to one of the couches. Unable to control it my leg now bounces instead while picking at my finger nails.

I am starting to regret my decision now, being clueless as to who my parents were seemed better them coming face to face with the people that had abandoned me outside that h*llhole of a pack. What if the reason they left me there was because there is something wrong with me? The what ifs roll through my mind without stopping, one after another.

“No matter what happens we will be ok.” Andra says reassuringly. “We have each other and a amazing mate that loves us.” She says puffing out her chest a little.

Jason also seeing my struggle to calm down pulls me into his arms, tingles from the mate bond covering my skin as he draws small circles on my lower back. Laying my head on his chest I breathe in his scent, calming me some but I am still struggling to calm the storm of thoughts in my head. Jason begins purring softly as he strokes hair with his other hand.

The combination of his scent and his purring slowly starts to help me relax as the thoughts dissipate. The bouncing of my leg slowly ceases, leaning into his warm muscular body I wrap my arms around his abdomen tilting my face upward to meet his eyes.

Resting my chin now on his chest a content smile settles on my face as I simply stare at my mate. “Better?” He ask as he looks at me lovingly, still stroking my hair with his one hand.

I nod, “Yes, Thank you.” I say as I admire his beautiful eyes, reaching up I cup his face with one hand, the scruff from his beard tickles the palm of my hand as I run my fingers through the short hairs. He turns placing a kiss to my palm before he leans down and placing another kiss on my lips.

There is a knock on the office doors just then drawing our attention before they open, Eric steps in and nods slightly to the two of us before he steps to the side and a man and a woman enter the office now. They both approach Jason and I as we stand up from the couch we had been cuddling on. Eric quietly slips from the office closing the door behind him as he goes.

They both have tears in their eyes as they stare at me and I am taken aback by just how much I resembled the woman. We share the same physical build and body type with thicker curves in all the right places, not the normal supermodel skinny she wolf that you are accustomed to seeing. She also has the same long brown hair that is slightly wavy.

The man is a bit taller then the woman and I. He is about the same height as Jason, only having about a inch or two over him. He has very well defined muscles that can be easily seen through his sport coat. Taking in his facial features I can see where the eye color came from, I have the same Blue Grey eyes as he does.

My parents, these people are my parents. I never thought I would see the day where I would have the chance to meet them.

Before I realize it the woman has wrapped her arms around me tightly, crying into my shoulder. I am stunned for a moment not really anticipating this type of reaction from someone who had abandoned me not long after my birth. After a moment she let’s me go, stepping back and into her mated arms.

“I am sorry I cound not hold back. I needed to make sure I was not dreaming and that it was really you.” She says with tears streaming down her face.

The man takes Jasons hand in a firm hand shake. “Thank you for bringing her back safely.” He says and I can hear the gratitude in his voice as it catches slightly, his emotions clear in his voice.

Jason smiles with a small laugh, “In all honesty Sir, she the one that got me back safely.” He says as he looks down at me, his smile is contagious as I smile back up at him.

They both look at us confused now on what Jason ment by that statement. “Please have a seat and we will explain and hopefully you will be able to answer some of our questions too.” Jason says as he motions for them to have a seat on the opposite couch.

As I am about to sit back down myself Jason grips my hip keeping me by his side and standing until t hey have sat down. He releases me then and we both sit, I stare at him confused as to why he did that. Normally no one sits until the Alpha has first, for Jason to wait for them would mean they would have even more authority them him.

“There is no way” Andra yells out suddenly, her voice so loud that my ears ring.

“It’s Holly correct?” The woman ask with a smile, her eyes shining brightly.

I nod with s small smile, “Yes Ma’am, I am Holly Winters.”

“Such a beautiful name.” She says as she looks back to her mate with a smile. “My name is Grace, Grace Solace and this is my mate Edward.” Her eyes begin to mist over with tears as she tries desperately to blink them away.

“Alpha Jason said you grew up in the Silver Bow Pack, do you know how you may have come to be in their pack?” Edward, my Father ask as he puts his arm around his mate to comfort her.

Looking to my own mate for strength, he squeezes my hand and smiles, well here goes nothing. I am about to find out the truth on why I was abandoned at Silver Bow almost 21 years ago.

“I have been told since I was a small child that I was a abandoned as a newborn pup, left at the front gates of Silver Bow.” I say as Grace, my mother gasp and her tears now slip from her eyes an stream down her cheeks. “No one saw anyone leave me there that night.”

Edward pulls his mate into his chest as she sobs silently into his chest. “My dear you most certainly was not abandoned. You were kidnapped the day after your birth.” He says with sadness. His words shocking me now as I stare dumbfounded at him.

Kidnapped, I was not abandoned but kidnapped. The way they both reacted was not the way you would if you had just gotten rid of a child you did not want, it was with grief from the time that they had lost and yearned for with a child that they loved.

“But why would someone want to kidnap me?” I question not to anyone in particular but more to the universe. What exactly is so special about me that has everyone wanting to kidnap me.

“You are not a ordinary she wolf Little Mate.” Jason says drawing my attention.

“I think we established that when I brought you back from the dead apparently.” I say with chuckle.

He laughed as well, “Yes but I think it may be for a different reason.” He says looking back to Edward.

“Wait, you died tonight?” Edward asks stunned by what had just been said, all the color has now drained from both of their faces as they stare and Jason and I. We both nod in unison. “And she brought you back from the dead?’ He asks again as he struggles to put his current thoughts into words..

Jason and I look to one another confused as to where this line of questioning is going. “We think so, something or someone did. But I do believe that it has to do with Holly and the power she seems to hold that was able to heal me and bring me back.” Jason says.

My parents now share a look of disbelief. “No I think the reasons may be one in the same.” Edward says his gaze locked with mine now. “There was a prophecy that was written long ago that foretold of a powerful wolf that would come when there was a war that was just on the horizon. This wolf would possesse a great power that no one has seen before to unite the werwolves and bring peace.” He stops looking to Jason.

“Not many knew of this prophecy but it would explain why they took you. They wanted to use the power in you.” He adds. “Who ever took you that day had to have know about the prophecy and the powers that you would hold.” He says now turning his attention back to me.

“But why me though, how could they know for sure that I was the one the prophecy said would hold such a power. My wolf and I have only just found out when we first got here about some powers but I would not get them until my twenty-first birthday.” I say looking between the three of them now all having shocked looks.

“Who told you this?” Jason asks concern now replacing his earlier shock.

Looking down I twirl the hem of my shirt again, “Umm, the Moon Goddess herself.” I say as my gaze meets his once again.

Looking back to Edward and Grace they both now have proud expressions now, “What makes this wolf special is not only the power that it is supposed to hold within its self but because of the blood that also runs through their vains. Royal Blood.” Grace says as she leans forward and taking my hands in hers. “You are not only our daughter but the Princess to The Halo Pack.”

“And if the prophecy is true and accurate and I do believe it is based on what you have told us so far that has happend, the that would also make you The Primordial Luna!”

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