Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 43

My wolf Dan growled out low in my chest, five of the packs top warriors had zeroed in on me as everyone retreated from the cabin. Alexander had killed Alpha Jason which was strange in itself, Alpha Jason was one of the strongest and most capable Alphas around.

For him to be taken out so easily was odd. That was not even the craziest thing that happened, some how the rogue was able to bring him back. My wolf and I were both stunned when Alpha Jason started breathing again. Holly was a Healer wolf apparently and now I understand why Alpha Alexander was so insistent to have her.

Any wolf that was able to weld that amount of power to bring someone back from the dead was very powerful. She was also worth a lot more now to.

The packs warriors quickly surrounded me, circling and waiting for their opportunity to take me down the moment I am not paying attention.

Once surrounded they shifted back to their human forms, the sound of bones breaking and growls fill the air. Well I guess they figured it out then, that I was the insider and delivered the girls to Alex.

“Give up Michael. You know how this ends, so just make it easier on yourself and go quietly.” Snarls the one warrior who stands directly in front of me. He is one of our top warriors, I have fought him a couple of times in training over the years.

He has a point, I know I can not take them all by myself, I may be a decent fighter and warrior but five to one, my odds where pretty much nonexistent. I still did not plan on making it easier for them.

I keep my eyes moving, watching where each of the five warriors are standing as I take my fighting stance, waiting for one of them to make move. The warrior who spoke now smiles smugly, “Fine have it your way. Don’t say I didn’t warn you first.” He says.

He advances towards the center as the four others close the circle around us. He circles me now watching my every move until he finally strikes aiming for a punch to the face, I quickly block it with my arm and throw my own punch to his side causing him to step back grabbing his side.

He recovers and the dance starts again, this time I strike first, intending to strike and sweep his feet out from under him but I fail. Instead of making contact with his face he catches my fist just before it makes contact. Wrenching my arm back behind me hard now pain shoots up from my shoulder and down my arm as he pushes it farther up causing me to bend forward at the waist to try to ease the pain.

A knee slams into my face over and over again suddenly, I hear the crunch of bone and a warmth run down my face. The metallic taste of blood fills my mouth now. Sh*t they broke my nose.

Blows come from every angle now, slumping forward I realized the first warrior had released his hold as I now fall to the ground hard. Pushing myself back up on my hands and knees I’m kicked repeatedly in the stomach knocking the air out of my lungs.

“What’s going on here.” Comes a deep male voice, I can’t see where the speaker is since both my eyes a swollen shut for the moment.

“s**t” I hear one of them say as I lay in the dirt.

“You were told to bring him to Beta Eric and myself were you not?” He asks, a powerful growl comes from him causing the five warriors to take a step back in fear.

“Alpha Black, considering he is a traitor to the pack we did not think it would be that big of a issue if he was roughed up a little.” The first warrior says.

The sound of choking now fills the air, pushing myself back up onto my hands and knees, I spit the blood that had pooled in my mouth out. Turning my head to the side I pry my right eye open just enough to make out where the new sound is coming from.

Alpha Black has the warrior by the throat cutting off the guys oxygen supply. The warrior is now spitting and sputtering, as he claws at the Alphas hand, now turning a shade of purple.

“You are lucky you belong to my cousins pack and not mine.” He snarls out as he releases the warrior, his body hitting the ground with a loud thud as he gasps for air once again. “I would have torn your head from your pathetic body for disobeying a order. Now get them both back to the pack.”

“Yes Alpha” they all say. He watches now as two warriors grab each of my arms and begin dragging me out of the forest.

Once we have made it back to the pack house they dragged to the cells building that I had earlier stalked Sara at before following her into the woods. How ironic to be back again.

The heavy doors slam closed behind us as they continue to drag my battered body down the hallway. The jangling of keys now echos in the empty hallway and the loud click of a lock being opened. They stop and throw me into the cell then slamming the metal door closed and locking it.

Pulling myself up I lean myself against one of the walls of the cell. “I want to see Alpha Jason.” I state looking at the warriors through the bars, they only snort in response.

“I said I want to see the ALPHA.” I roar out.

From the shadows steps the other Alpha Black again, Jason’s cousin. Goddess he does that a little to easily, blending into the darkness then popping out when you least expect it.

Now that my mind is clear I can recognize him easily even with my eyes still slightly swollen. He is someone you will never forget once you meet him nor someone you want to even meet.

He is beyond ruthless in his tactics of pulling information from a target when needed. That’s what makes both packs work together so well. Blackwater is the muscle and Black Willow is the brains and muscle.

I gulp as he approaches my cell now looking at me with so much disgust. “What do you want traitor.” He asks flatly as his gaze bores into me.

“I want to see the Alpha, this is all a mistake.” I state trying to find a way, any way out of this mess, I need to be believable enough that it makes them all have doubts.

Alpha Black just laughs in my faces then, “You really think anyone here believes what you have to say.” He says as he meets my gaze again. His eyes are so dark that you never know when his wolf is in charge or when the man is. It can be very unnerving at times.

“They forced me to do it, I had no other choice. They said if I did not help them they would hurt my mom.” I say out loud, Dan now has a smug smile on his wolfie face as he watches from inside my mind.

The other warriors now look to one another, worried they beat the s**t out of someone who had been coerced into helping kidnap the Luna and Sara. If I can just make them think that I had no intentions on hurting either of them I might be able to get the hell out of here alive, but I have to be very careful.

I made sure to play the used pup to the best of my abilities.I needed them to believe that Alpha Alexander and his men had used me just to get to Holly and that their so called threat to my mother was real and justified my actions.

It was not a secret that I had a incident with the Luna before she came here so I used that to my advantage too. I told them the truth, that I thought she was a rogue who may be up to no good here. We have not had many rogues in this area for a while now so it was reasonable to be some what suspicious of one popping up out of the blue all the sudden.

I told them a few days after the incident some guy had approached me at the bar asking about what had happened but I added a little bit more to it to get them to buy my story.

Telling Alpha Black and the warriors that this man had then threatened to hurt my mother if I did not help them, I told them that he had photos of her, of our house, the type of car she drove, where she worked anything to make them think there was a credible threat to her life.

“Why did you not just go to your Alpha and tell him.” Alpha Black asked as he eyed me skeptically.

“I physically could not. I do not know what they did to me but for some reason I could not say anything to anyone about it.” I say as I drop my eyes to the ground to look ashamed of my actions and for not being strong enough to protect my mother.

Alpha Bkack still does not seem to look as convinced on my story as the warriors seem to be when I meet his stony gaze again. “I would never betray my pack willingly.” I add for good measure.

My body is now almost healed and I can see the wheels turning in the Alphas head as we wonders just what I am up to and if I am telling the truth or not.

“Watch him. Do Not under any circumstances let him out of that cell do you hear me.” He growls out to the warriors as he looks back over his shoulder at me. He must now have his doubts I think to myself.

Making sure I have the ‘oh poor me’ look on my face as I look up at them. He growls out again before turning back to the warriors.

“I need to speak with my cousin.” He says under his breath as he stomps down the hall, the doors clanging shut loudly again.

The warriors move to their postions and completely ignore me as if I am not even there anymore.

“That was almost to easy.” My Wolf Dan says. “Do you think he actually bought it.”

Smiling smugly to myself, “I think he did.”

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