Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 44

Holly a Primordial? The prophecy is real? Most weres believed it to only be a old tale that had no validity behind it. Alphas are taught more about the prophecy during our Alpha training when we turn sixteen then the basic information that regular pack members get.

The Prophecy states that the Moon Goddess will only send a special wolf when there is a time of great need, such as war. This wolf will basically be a living embodiment of the Moon Goodess herself, she will have most of the Moon Goddess powers though they will not be as strong. This wolf will also bare the Goddess mark when she comes of age.

Realization hits both Knight and I, “Holly’s tattoo is not just a tattoo.” Knight says, he is now just as shocked as I am.

“Sh*t, your right. And it has already changed since she has been here.” I tell Knight.

Looking at my mate as she stares dumbfounded at her father unable to fully comprehend what he has just told her. Not only is she a Princess of the Werewolves but also the most powerful wolf on the face of the planet.

“Your Majesty, what would cause her Goddess mark to change? I do not remember there was anything in my studies that said it would change.” I ask the Alpha King.

Holly’s whips her head around looking at me as if I have grown two extra heads. “What mark? I do not have any Goddess Mark.” She says drawing her eyebrows together.

I nod, “Yes you do, on your right shoulder, you have had it atleast since you have been here but it has recently changed. It started as a light white wolf Howling inside the moon that was barely visible unless the light caught it just right. Now it is silver.”

“There is no way” she says as she rises to her feet and walks over to the small mirror that was hanging in my office above the bar in the corner. She pulls the collar of her shirt down to reveal the now silver mark on her back. She gasps as she now looks back at me in confusion, she looks back in the mirror for a moment before a look of realization crosses her features.

“When I met the Moon Goddess that day in the hospital when it was time for me to return she placed her hand on my shoulder and there was a burning sensation.” She says turning back to the mirror again. “She must have gave me the mark then but I never thought to look for anything after that.” She says more to herself then to anyone of us.

The Alpha King watches his daughter from his seat as she countines to examine he Goddess mark. “Primordials are not just born with all their power nor is it automatically granted when they come of age. It takes time to learn the skills needed to control and effectively weld one’s power.” He says turning his attention to me “The mark changed I believe because she used her powers to bring you back to her.”

That makes sense, she must have been able to tap into her power earlier due to the shock of losing me allowing her to bring me back.

“My guess would be that the threat is not immediately eminent.” The Alpha King adds scratching his chin in deep thought. “Alphas are the only ones who get the indepth teaching of the prophecy, and there is no way to know when or who is a Primordial until they start to develop their powers or so we thought. I don’t understand how the person that took you would have been able to tell what you would become at only a day old.”

“Unless they are using magic” Knight suddenly says reminding me that Silver Bow had been using dark magic to get to Holly. Is it to far of a stretch to think that the former Alpha may have used the same means to determine if Holly would be a special wolf or not.

“What is the person was using Black magic?” I say out loud drawing everyone’s gaze to me. “The kidnapper was able to get in and out of the most protected pack undetected with a newborn. None of our trackers were ever able to find or trace either you or your abductor.”

“I think that the person who took you as a pup was from the Silver Bow Pack and I think it may have been the former Alpha.” The Alpha King growls low in his chest at this, the memory of losing his only child all those years ago and now having a small lead on to where she has been all these years and possibly how she ended up there.

“If they are the ones behind it then all of this makes even more sense, the reason Alexander wants to take her as his mate now.” I say looking between the three faces of the room now. “The sudden change from not wanting her as his mate to then sending warriors out to retrieve her.”

“I’ll be d*mned if he touches my mate again.” Knight growls out his agitation growing by the second as I fight to keep him from pushing forward and taking control. I pull Holly in closer to me and bury my nose in the crook of her neck and taking deep breaths of her scent to calm my wolf.

Our attention is drawn to the door as there is a quick knock, before I get the chance to say enter, my cousin Emmitt barrels into my office, his extremely large frame making the room somehow seem smaller as he stands in the front of the doorway.

“We need to talk, Now” He says gruffly to me before he bows his head to the King and Queen in acknowledgment.

They both stand, “We will discuss this futher later on, I will call in some of our best warriors and have them here by the time the ceremony is ready to begin tonight.” The Alpha King says.

Damn I forgot all about the Luna ceremony, by the look on Holly’s face I think she did too. It has been a hell of a day.

“I don’t th…..” I start to say before the Alpha King raises his had to silence me.

“The ceremony will still commence as planned. If Silver Bows Alpha is still after you he will do all he can to s top the ceremony, the sooner you two complete the mating bond the better as well.” He says leaving no room for discussion.

“Try to get some sleep dear” the Luna Queen says to Holly with a small smile as they now leave the room.

Emmitt closing the door after them and quickly makes his way to the couch the King and Queen had been sitting on.

“We may have a issue.” Emmitt says looking me square in the eye. “We caught the traitor as he tried to escape earlier.” His words causing both Holly and I to growl simultaneously.

“What’s the issue then?”

“First your warrors defied my order to bring him in to your beta and myself. They chose to beat the s**t out of him some before I found them.” He says gruffly.

“He deserves it for what he did to Sara and I.” Holly pips up. Her eyes glowing gold as her and Andras anger at Mike spikes again.

He nods in understanding her frustration, “We can not let pack members deal out their on justice anyway they see fit in this situation. There are rules and they are to be followed.” Emmitt says as Holly just glares at him.

“He says he only kidnapped the Luna because Alexander’s man said they would kill his mother.” He adds as he clasps his hands together in his lap.

“I doubt that is true” Knight says as he pushes forward now. “And if it was it still does not excuse his actions in kidnapping his Luna and the Betas sister.” Knight snarls.

“I agree with you, I do not believe a word he said but there will be some who find him credible. They will want to see the warriors punshed for their actions on someone they see as innocent.”

“He is not a bad liar but I have seen better and broken better a men then him before.” Emmitt says with a evil grin. “Leave him to me and I will get the truth out of him before long.” He says leaning back in his seat.

This was his kind of thing, he thrived on torturing those when it was needed. He has trained many warriors in his art form but none of them came close to the sadistic nature that he possessed.

I nod in agreement, if anyone can make Mike Williams talk it would be Alpha Emmitt Black.

It was now close to sunrise as Holly and I made it upstairs to our room. The warm rays just starting to stream into the room from the open curtains.

It had been a very long night and neither one of us had slept any, Holly heads into the bathroom, I follow not to far behind her. She reaches into the shower turning the water on before she turns around to me, pulling the large shirt from over her head and removing the shorts she had put on in my office before meeting with her parents.

Knight let’s out a growl of appreciation as he comes forward and admires her luscious body. Her eyes swirl with gold at the sound as she steps closer and removes my own shirt and then the sweatpants. My earlier thoughts of tiredness now long forgotten.

My desire for her growing more the longer she stares at my c*ck as he comes to life wanting to make her his again. She stands and pulls me into the shower with her, she grabs the loofah and adds my body wash to it, rubbing it together in her small hands for a moment before she begins to wash the dirt and dried blood that was still on my body.

She rubs the loofah across my chest and down my arms before moving lower. Her fingertips just barely grazing my abs as she now washes them. The tingles from the mate bond intensified as her soft hands countine their treck lower.

My hip buck on their own accord as her hand barely touches the tip of my erection, a growl sliping out of my chest as I watch her wash me before she wraps her hand around me, then slowly moving her hand as she strokes my raging c*ck.

“F*ck” I hiss as she continues to stroke me, her movements quickening. A seductive smile on her lips as she looks up at me now, her eyes now almost completely filled with gold. The scent of her own arousal is now intensified from the steam of the shower, driving Knight and I absolutely mad with desire for her.

Wrapping my hand into her long brown hair I tug her head back exciting a small gasp from her now parted lips. Not wasting a moment I take her soft lips in a rough kiss, my tounge finding hers as they dual for control of the kiss.

I slowly push her up against the shower wall never let the kiss end. Sliding my hand down her beautiful body stopping at her breast, kneading her softly then rolling her n*pple between my thumb and forefinger.

Her small moans echo around us only driving me more insane with my need for her. Leaning down I take her now pebbled n*pple in my mouth, suckling gently causing her back the arch off the wall of the shower with another moan of pleasure.

Her hand never stops nor does she slow down, I can feel the tingling of my release as it starts to build. I break our kiss.

“If you don’t stop I am going to cvm before I even get inside of that tight pvssy.” I pant out, my release growing even closer as Holly now smirks mischievously at me.

She then slides her body down lower between the wall and me. Stopping only when her beautiful face is looking directly at my c0ck. She licks her bottom lip and looks up at me, she wraps her warm lips around me, inching my c0ck into her warm mouth taking as much of me as she can as a shiver courses through my body.

“Oh f*ck yes” I growl out as she starts to bob her head up and down. Bracing myself with one hand on the shower wall behind her, the other now tangled in her hair, guiding her movements.

Throwing my head back I hiss in pleasure, I can feel myself about to cvm now, I won’t last much longer if she keeps this up. “I’m going to cvm Little Mate.” I say through my pants.

She surprises me even more as she hollowed out her cheeks even more. Not able to hold back anymore I erupt, a loud growl ripping from my chest as Holly takes every last drop of my seed before she releases me with a ‘Pop’ sound and looking up at me once again from under her lashes seductively.

I growl again, “My turn now Little Mate.”

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