Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 45

Dazed and overwhelmed, that is what I was right now as Jason and I made our way back to our apartment in the pack house. So much has happened in the last twenty-four hours that my head felt like it was spinning with all the information I had just been given.

Mating and being marked by Jason, Sara and I both being kidnapped by that prick Mike and delivered Alexander, watching my mate die right in front of me then bringing him back from the dead. Finding my parents and the truth about what really happened all those years ago and possibly why.

Because I am supposed to be some all-powerful wolf sent to save our kind. Why me? The question that I just can not seem to find the answer to.

When Jason and I walked into our bedroom I wanted nothing more then to fling myself on the bed and pass out for several hours, my body utterly exhausted wanting nothing but sleep at that moment. Then the Alpha Kings, My father that one is going to take a while to get used to, his words hit me as we make our way up the stairs, ‘complete the mating bond as soon as possible’. There was still a chance that Alexander had not given up on his plan to get me back as his mate.

If Alexander really believes my to be this Primordial Luna then I had no doubts that he would try again. Completing our bond and initiating me into the pack as it’s Luna may not stop him completely but it sure will make it a whole h*ll of a lot harder for him.

I wanted to wait on the big ceremony until after the threat was over, settling for something smaller for the time being but the Alpha King wanted eveything to still proceed as originally planned. He was even bringing in some of their own elite warriors just in case anything happens tonight.

“We have to complete our bond before the full moon is at it highest tonight or our bond will vanish along with Jasons mark on us.” Andra says with a small whine.

“I will not let that happen” I said reassuringly to my wolf. It did not take long to get things hot and heavy in the shower. A confidence came over me encouraging me to keep going, to make him all mine and after seeing the way Jason reacted to my touch only helped me to keep going.

I loved the feeling of his thick heavy c0ck in my hands as I stroked him, bringing him closer to his release. The sound of the water hitting the tiles of the shower drowning out eveything else but my racing heart beat and the sound of his pants. The urge to taste him had me sliding down the shower wall until his massive c0ck is right in my face.

Never having done this before I am a little apprehensive that I would do it wrong, I had heard many women and men descuss giving and receiving a blow job from waiting tables at different bars. Using all the limited information I had a surge of confidence comes over me that I assume is coming from my wolf. I wrap my l!ps around the tip of his thick member and wrapping one hand around the base.

Jason hisses as a look of bliss crosses his face as I take more of him into my mouth slowly a little at a time until he reaches the back of my throat and I can not take any more of him.

He moans and growls as I start to move my head up and down, swirling my tounge around his tip before taking him to the back of my throat again, repeating my movements steadily. He wraps his hand in my hair encouraging my movements, looking up at him I watch as he closes his eye and throws his head back with another loud growl from deep within. I guess I am doing it right I think to myself.

“I’m going to c*m Little Mate” He says between pants as he watches me again.

“I am going to take that as a ‘yeah'” Andra snorts in my head and I try to keep myself from giggling as well. I guess so.

His grip on my hair growing tighter, his h!ps thrust deeper in my throat causing me to gag a little. His thrust becoming needy and more forceful as his org@sm builds.

Adding more suction and not letting up on my rhythm I watched from under my lashes as he face contorted into a look of pure ecstasy. He growls out loudly, his seed hitting the back of my throat. His body shivers as he rides out his org@sm. He tasted so good as I take all he has before I released him with a ‘pop’.

“My turn now Little Mate” He growled as his gaze finds mine now. He pulls me up from the shower floor, he slams his l!ps to mine in a rough k!ss, tasting himself still on my tounge once I am on my feet again.

Andras purring growing louder in my head as he lifts me up from under my as*s, my legs wrapping around his wa!st, I slide my hands up is soaking we.t body, tracing every inch of his abs and ch.est before wraping my arms around the back of his neck. I grind my h!ps on his hard c0ck as it pokes my entrance exciting a deep growl that sends a shiver down my spine that settles deep in my c0re, my moan answering his growl.

Jason shuts the water off and steps out of the shower in quick secession, his l!ps never leaving mine as he dominates our k!ss. Before I had time to realize where I was my back meets the bed, he starts peppering k!sses along my jawl and down my neck, stopping at my marking spot, lavishing it with soft k!sses.

He svcks lightly at the spot before giving it a small bite causing my back to arch off the bed, a moan once again leaving my l!ps. He continues his pleasurable assault down my body again, his large palm cupping the swell of my bre.ast, rolling my n!pple until it becomes even harder then before while he circles the other n!pple with his tongue before taking it fully in his mouth.

“Ahh” I sigh as I continue to grind my c0re on him. My ar0usal and his permeating throughout the room.

Jason moves lower leaving we.t k!sses and love bites from my bre.ast to my abdomen, swirling his tounge around my navel before going continuing down once more. My breath hitches as I feel his mouth just barely graze over my c0re, hovering over my me as he takes in the scent of my ar0usal. He stares at me as if I am his last meal, his tounge darts out slightly as he l!cks his bottom l!p. His eyes swirl with red, Knight just at the surface.

He leans in swirling his tounge around my bundle of nerves lightly, my hands dig into the beds comforter griping it tightly as he adds a bit of suction.

Every nerve on my body feels as if it has come alive all at once now, pulsing shocks flow all the way through me as he slowly glides a finger through my we.t folds.

“Yes” I pant out, my desire climbing higher as he strokes my g-spot causing my legs to tremble. His mouth never stopping, the electric feeling starts to build even higher as he adds another finger, my h!ps bucking on their own accord.

“So we.t for me Little Mate and so tight.” He says gruffly, desire filling his voice.

Grasping my h!p he pins it to the bed, his strong hand holding it still as he returns to his meal with enthusiasm, my moans and movements becoming more frantic as he continues relentlessly. My hands find their way to his head between my thighs, my fingers griping his hair tightly.

The tension in my c0re starts to grow more and more until I come completely undone. Bright lights flash behind my eyes as Jason takes me over that edge, moaning out loudly, my whole body quivering, my body feeling as if it is floating on a cloud.

I meet Jasons gaze as he watches me ride out my high, a satisfied smirk on his face.

He stands and leans forward taking my l!ps with his, tasting myself still on his l!ps instantly has me ready for more of him. Werewolves do not need the time to recover like humans do, we are able to go multiple times without needing a break.

I bite down on his l!p, a low growl emanating from deep in his ch.est. Jason lines himself up with my entrance, slowly rubbing his tip around my c0re and through my juices coating himself.

Driving himself home hard and fast I gasp as pain mixed with pleasure hit me, he stills for a moment allowing my body time to adjust to his large size. He peppers k!sses all over the side of my neck concentrating on my marking spot. I can feel my c0re contract from the shock waves that his k!sses cause.

“F-f*ck” He hisses out in my hair. He slowly starts to move in and out of me, increasing his speed gradually.

It is not enough, I want more, no I need more I think to myself and Andra agrees as she to is panting in the back of my mind. I roll my h!ps in a circle encouragingly, his eyes close as he growls out getting the message.

Throwing both my legs over his shoulders he pounds into me relentlessly, hard and fast. He reaches up taking my bre.ast in his hand kneading it before pinching my n!pple slightly. The tension in my belly returning now the build-up happening quickly and before I realize it I fall over that cliff once again.

My body convulsing as my org@sm courses throughout me. Jason does not stop, he lowers my legs now wrapping them around his wa!st and leaning forward pulling me to him. His hand cradling my head, my bre.ast now up against his ch.est my very sensitive n!pples sending shock waves straight to my c0re again. Jasons movement started to become erratic as he nears his own release.

A tingling in my gums stsrts as the need to mark my mate hits me with a powerful force. My canines elongate before sinking them into his marking spot, claiming him as mine forever.

My breath caught in my ch.est as bright blinding lights flash before my eyes as I c*m again, my entire body feels as if is weightless now. Jason’s body shudders from the intensity of his own release as he collapses pulling me into his side and k!ssing my l!ps softly.

Andra is now howling with joy as our bond is now complete. Gazing into his mesmerizing hazel eyes, the light from the morning sun hitting them perfectly making their color even brighter then before.

I use our mindlink for the very first time,


A slow contented smile now on both our faces before we fell asleep in each other’s arms, completely exhausted.

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