Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 46

It had taken Sara, Ella and Eric a hour to finally get Jason and I to finally respond to any of their mindlinks. Our mind and bodies completely exhausted form a lack of sleep over the past two days. Not that I minded what happened this morning that kept us occupied for several hours when Jason and I were finally alone. Just the thought of mating with him sent my heart racing with anticipation.

My body starts to heat up, my c0re aching, as a light blush tinges my cheeks as the memories cause my ar0usal to spike again prompting Sara to look at me sternly, “No ma’am, you can not walk out there thinking dirty thoughts like that or there won’t be a ceremony tonight. Alpha will just throw you over his shoulder and ravish you in the first secluded place he can.” She says trying to hide the smile from her l!ps. The three of us burst into peals of laughter then, she is not wrong.

Even though the ceremony had not taken place yet I was able to mindlink with the pack now that we were both marked. The ceremony was more Pomp and Circumstance for the entire pack to see their New Luna and for me to take the Luna Oath while also officially joining the pack.

The girls had lugged all their hair tools and makeup products into my room, while promptly kicking my mate out. He gave a playful growl as the two of them threw him out of his own room telling him not to come back in or else.

Most Alphas would take such a statement as a sign of disrespect from any pack member no matter how long they had been close friends. But not Jason he took it all in good fun.

They sent me into the bathroom once Jason was gone for a warm bath while they got everything set up. At some point one of them had ran the tub full of hot water, adding in some lavender bath salts. The salts scent swirling around in the air as I sink my tired and sore body down into the water.

I washed my body quickly then simply sank back down to enjoy the warmth as it worked to loosen my muscles. I must have fallen asleep again, I am awoken to the sound of knocking on the bathroom door, the water now grown cold.

“Coming” I say as I rise from the now frigid water. I grab one of the fluffy white towels off the rack and wrap it snugly around my body. I step out of the bathroom looking around the room. Sara and Ella have literally brought over everything. Their hair and makeup all ready done and looking amazing.

All three of our garment bags containing our dresses for the night hang on the door to the closet. Shoe boxes and jewelry cases cover the bed. They had a vanity brought in at some point while I was still in the bath tub, there are different make up palettes everywhere, different shades of foundations, lipsticks, Goddess how do two she wolves have this much makeup. There is enough there for a small store.

They sat me down on the little stool infront of the vanity mirror but kept me facing away so I can not see myself until the end. They then get to work, Sara on my makeup and Ella curling my long brown hair into ringlets. After a hour I am staring in disbelief, finding it hard to believe that the woman in the mirror is actually me.

They were good, I mean really good. Sara had kept my make up light like how I would normally wear it but it had a elegance to it. A soft smokey eye that really made my blue grey eyes pop and sparkle. She added a little blush to my cheekbones with a light burgundy colored lipstick. Nothing to dramatic.

Ella had pulled the front part of my hair back holding it in place with bobbypins, she added a golden hair peice that had two small gold flowers with several crystals, leaving the soft curls loose an cascading down my back.

“Wow” is all I can mutter as I take in my reflection. I have never seen myself like this with a full face of makeup, normally I use very little if any at all because I do not have the talent that these two have.

Ella now appears in the mirror holding my garment bag with a bright smile.

“You ready? It is almost time now” She says as she unzips the garment bag, pulling my navy blue dress out of it. It is more beautiful then I remember.

They help me slip into my dress, zipping the back up. Sara grabs the gold high heels that she had gifted me, she helps me put them on as Ella handing the earrings she had also gifted me and the beautiful Blackwater Luna bracelet.

Once I finish putting everything on I help each of them with getting into their dresses as well. We all stand in front of the floor length mirror on the inside of my closet for one last look before we leave.

The finished look was absolutely jaw dropping on all of us. Sara is in a gold v-neck dress that hits her a few inches above the knee, making her already long legs look even longer. Her blonde hair in a fishtail braid with a few small pieces left out to frame her face. Liam will be drooling for sure the moment he lays eyes on her.

Jason had agreed to release him from the cells since he had showed immense loyalty during the attack at the cabin. He still had to have a warrior with him where ever he went but he did not mind. He was simply thrilled to finally be with his mate.

Ella is rocking a emerald green draped collar cami dress that looks amazing with her red hair. One side is just below her knee while the other side stops around mid-th!gh. There might be some pups made to night.

Andra howls in my head, she wants nothing more then to be a mother to Jasons pups.

“Mate is going to love it” Andra says with a smirk as her tail swishing back and forth eagerly as we make our way out of the room. I think she is going to do her best to insure Jason puts a pup in us tonight.

It is almost midnight now and the full moon will be at its highest soon. Luna Alison stands beside me as we watch the rest of the pack members find a spot to stand infront of the stage that had been set up for tonight.

All five hundred pack members here, they stand chatting with one another waiting for the ceremony to begin. The voices settle down as Jason takes the stage drawing everyone’s attention. Goddess he looks absolutely delicious.

He is all cleaned up and looking scrumptious in his Navy blue suit with a crisp white shirt underneath. His hair is slicked back with a bit of hair gel, his muscles rippleing underneath his coat as he strides across the stage. Andra purring loudly now as she watches him command everyone’s attention.

“Oh yes, he is putting a pup in us tonight.” She purrs as she watches him through my eyes, causing me to giggle at her.

I pull my thoughts away from my h0rny wolf an back to what’s happening infront of me, taking a deep breath I calm my nerves, this is where I am supposed to be I think to myself as I hold my head high and make my way outside following the former Alpha and Luna. There are gasp all around me but I do not look to see if those gasp are good or bad. Instead I keep my focus on my mate.

Jasons eyes light up red as soon as he saw me, “Mine” I hear Knights voice through our mindlink causing my grin to grow even bigger.

The closer I get I can hear Jason purring very loudly, he wraps his arm around my waist pulling me into his chest. I give a small gasp myself now from the suddenness of his actions, my hand landing in the center of his chest. I can feel the vibrations in his chest grow stronger as he leans his head into mine.

“Yours” I reply as I cup his cheek.

He releases me and I turn to face his pack, Our Pack, everyone has smiles on their faces as they watched the two of us. Looking out over the many faces that I have yet to meet I am unable to hold back another smile seeing them accept me as their Alphas mate and their Luna.

“I am glad to have you all here tonight as we initiate a new member to our pack. Holly Winters, My Mate and your New Luna.” Jason voices booming out for all to hear him.

Jason turns to his father who comes forward with a golden chalice and a small dagger. Jason uses the dagger to slice his palm open allowing his blood to collect in the chalice. He holds his hand out now for my own, taking the same dagger he slices my palm as well, holding it over the chalice allowing both our bloods to mix.

“Holly Winters, do your swear your Allegiance to The Blackwater Pack and to myself as their Apha?”

“I do”

“Do you swear to uphold all the duties of Luna to The Blackwater Pack?”

“I Do” I say, Jason grins a megawatt smile that takes my breath away.

The former Alpha passes the chalice to Jason first, taking it he brings it to his l!ps drinking our combined blood before passing it to me. Lifting the chalice to my own l!ps now I do the same.

There is suddenly a gust of wind that comes out of nowhere, there has not been any the entire time we have been outside tonight. The wind stops, swirling now solely around me, the humming within my body that I am starting to become accustomed to returns.

“Andra what’s going on now?” I question my Wolf.

It was normal for some oddities to occur when a new pack member is added but this just dosent seem to be the same as all the initiations I watched back in Silver Bow. Combine that with the humming with in myself could only mean this was not the standard reaction.

“The Moon Goddess is gifting us our full powers, she said they may be need sooner then she thought.” Andra says, I can now feel my body leave the ground.

My eyes open, I did not even realize I had closed then, I hear the crowd gasp in shock as they watch their Luna levitating right before their very eyes. I am sure most of them would not have believed it had they not seen it for themselves. H*ll it is happening to me an I find it hard to understand.

There is a shock wave that courses through me then out of my body and towards the crowd in a mist like form just like when I healed Jason at the cabin. Everyone stares now stunned into place not understanding what is happening.

I can feel my body slowly descending back down to the stage. I feel different now, a new energy seems to be ebbing just below the surface. I can just barley touch it if I reach in to the farthest parts of my mind. The grey mist circling my fingertips as they try to grasp the mist.

“Do not fear your new Luna, for I have given you my most special wolf to help lead and protect you all.” Comes a unknown voice suddenly.

Who said that? I say to Andra as I try to look around for the person behind the voice only to realize I can’t.

“It is coming from us.” Andra says happily, “It is the Moon Goddess speaking through us. Being a primordial comes with being a deity, a living embodiment of the Goddess.”

What more is there that being this special wolf means I say to myself stunned.

“Alot more” Andra snickers, causing me to roll my eyes at her. “We will learn together and protect our kind Holly.” Andra adds proudly holding her head high, she exudes even more confidence than she did before.

Suddenly I am released from the Goddesses hold on my body, looking over to my mate, he looks just as astonished as the rest of the pack before he beams at me taking my hands.

“Luna Holly Black” Jason says as he turns the both of us to now face the pack Cheers and Applause erupt from everyone, their excitement clear on all their faces.

Now that the formalities of becoming a pack member and the Luna are done with it is time to relax a little. Andra is more then ready to finally get to run with her mate during the pack run later. I think she is a little to excited as she paces the back of my mind.

Right now Jason is introducing me to the rest of the pack as they each come up to welcome me to the pack. It surprises me that he knows each and everyone of them. You would think with a pack as large as this that it would be impossible to keep up with every pack member but he has.

“We are so happy to finally have a new Luna.” A she-wolf says as she embraces me. She is a older woman, probably in her fifties of sixties.

“Thank you very much” I reply hugging her back.

It is going to take me some time to learn all their names the way Jason knows them. I’m sure he has files on everyone so I will see if I can use those to learn a little bit about each member too.

All the pack member are now dancing and enjoying their night when the Alpha King and Luna Queen join Jason and I. The King has a look of shear pride as his gaze meets mine.

“You will be and a amazing Luna.” He says, his gaze never leaving mine as he takes my hand giving it a gentle squeeze, his eyes shine as he holds in all his emotions.

We had decided that it would be better to keep the fact that the King and Queen are my birth parents for now from the rest of the pack member until we can deal with the threat at hand first. Once the news breaks that the Princess has been found there is a very real chance that others may try to come for me and my pack.

“It’s time” Eric says as he comes up beside Jason clasping his shoulders with a broad smirk.

It is time for the pack run, Knight and Andra will lead the pack out around the perimeter of the territory. Andra is jumping and howling in my head, her excitement clear. She can not wait to see her mate.

Jason and I head to the tree line first, he helps me unzip my dress and remove it. Laying it on the blanket that had been laid out to keep dirt from getting on our clothes.

Jason growls deeply as he takes in my now naked body as I stand before him. His eyes glowing solid red now, Knight in full control. Andra pushes forward now and I don’t try to stop her. This is their time to finally be together for the first time.

Watching through her eyes, she helps Knight remove his suit placing it on the blanket as well. She runs her hand over his taunt muscles exciting another growl from him and a shiver. She smirks up at him now before she steps back and shifts.

She shakes out her white fur now waiting for Knight to join her. He reaches his hand out to pet her big head, running his fingers through her soft fur.

“You are so beautiful.” He purrs at her.

She gives him a small nudge for him to join her now. He laughs as he steps back and also shifts into his massive black wolf.

Andra rubs her body all over him scenting him now, making sure that everyone knows he is hers. Only once she is satisfied that he is covered in her scent do they exit the trees to see everyone already shifted for the pack run. They bow their heads to their Alpha and Luna.

Knight howls out loudly signaling the start of the run before they take off through the forest. Howls fill the night air. Knight and Andra playing and trying to see who is faster as they lead the pack.

They make the perimeter run and the rest of the pack members start to make their way back to the party, Knight and Andra continue to play in the forest a bit longer, ni!pping at each others ears and play fighting. Knight manages to pounce on Andra pinning her down.

Instantly her ar0usal hits him and I decides to let them have their moment , receding into the back of my mind. I don’t know how long Andra and Knight mated for before she finally gives me back control, Jason and I are not to far from the edge of the forest, we can hear the music that is coming from the party.

“I think they had fun” Jason says with a smirk as he looks at my body, there are multiple love bites covering my abdomen and th!ghs. Apparently they did not only mate in wolf form but also in our human form too.

This only case me to laugh out loud, “I would say so” I say Andra snickering in my mind as she stretches then curls herself into a ball.

Jason runs his hand down my bare arm leaving a trail of tingles where ever his hand touches, then leans down taking my l!ps with his. My c0re heats up instantly, a moan slipping out of my now parted l!ps giving him the opportunity to plunge his tounge in, tasting every corner of me.

A howl suddenly fill the air grabbing both of our attention, Andras head pops up as she to listens. Chills cover my entire body as screams begin to ring out from the pack house.


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