Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 47

So the little b*tch thought she had gotten away from me, not yet sweetheart I think to myself as a evil grin settles on my face as I watch the line of SUVs roll to a stop in front of me.

“Oh I am still coming for you Holly, you will be mine when this is all over with.” I say to no one. Finn agrees, his thirst for power is equal to my own. In his mind she was his mate first so only he is entitled to the power that she holds. And nothing was going to stop him from getting what he wanted.

We decided to meet in the national forest just outside of both towns. It was neutral territory away from any of the local packs so there would not be any wolves near by. Having ten black SUVs roll into town would be a little to suspicious and I did not want the human authorities to get wind of something going down.

The doors open and my warriors step out. There are close to seventy warriors here now. They flew in to one of the small local air strips on the packs private plane, then drove two more hours before finally reaching our meeting spot.

“Alpha” My Gamma says as he exits the first vehicle. “Everyone has already been brifed on the situation and are awaiting your orders.” He says in a detached voice.

My Gamma did not agree with my tactics on getting Holly back but he would never say a word about it. He knew should he open his mouth against me I would have him killed instantly.

The front passenger door of the first car opens and I was not expecting the person who got out. A woman probably around five eight, with long wavy blonde hair and green eyes steps out. She wears a long black cloak that hides the rest of her body, it is secured together around her slender throat with a masking pendent.

“Witch” Finn growls out his hackles raised as he watches her, wary as to why she was even here. Even with a masking pendent it was easy to tell she was a witch.

She smirks when she hears Finn growl at her. Her green eyes travel down my body taken me in from head to toe, her eyes lighting up appearing satisfied with what she see’s. This only causes Finn to growl out in agitation at the witches boldness to eye f*ck him.

“Why is a witch with you?” I question me Gamma.

“The former Alpha sent her to meet us at the airport. Said we would need her.”

I step forward and circle her, lifting a few strands of her hair, “And why would he do that? What could she possibly help with in retrieving my mate?” I question stopping directly in fornt of her and crossing my arms over my chest.

“Because he knew that without me you do not stand a f*cking chance against a primordial.” She says with a sarcastic smirk, her gaze locking with mine as she watches my reaction. He said she was special but he failed to mention that little detail.

“Oh did Daddy not tell you the whole truth. Typical. He is not one who likes to divulge information or his sources.” Her eyes gleam as she watches me.

“Your mate is not one of the most powerful wolves on earth she IS the most powerful wolf on earth. Being a Primordial makes her more special then even the normal gifted wolves out there.” She says with a smile.

I c*ck my eyebrow at her, “How is it that you so much about her and what she is when my father never said any of this to me. He only said she was powerful, never that she was a primordial.” I ask her skeptically, not fully trusting what she was saying. A primordial was a old story that used to be passed down through the generations, but no one has seen a primordial in close to a hundred and fifty years now.

“I do not trust a word she says, they lie to get what they want. And what she wants is Power, what ever power Holly supposedly holds she wants it.” Finn says deep in my head.

Her smirk grows now, “That is because I am the one who assisted him in taking the poor child right after she was born. There was no way he would have known what she was with out me.” She says with a sneer. “I senced the power coming from her the moment she was born.”

Any witch that was powerful enough with in a few miles would have been able to pick up on a new power. “Your father was there visiting with several other pack alphas when he found me snooping around and threatened to turn me in, but I was able to convince him not too.”

“I told him what I knew and I could see the power hungry wolf with in him. He craved the same power to over throw his enemies. So we made a deal, he takes the child and mates her to his son, then use the power she gives to her mate and the pack against both our enemies.” She adds with a shrug of her shoulders, like it was all self explanatory.

The Mafia wolf we hired originally steps out of the trees, “Victoria? What the h*ll are you doing here.” His voice raised a little higher then it had been before.

Looking between the two of them now, how does he also know her, something is not adding up here and I am missing a key peice of information. It is really starting to p*ss me off constantly being left in the dark.

“Well, well there you are Trigger. We all figured you had gotten yourself killed out here, not checking in.” She says clicking her tounge at him like he was a small child that needed reprimanding.

Trigger rises to his full height, a deep threatening growl leaving his chest. “I do not need to check in when out on a assignment.” He says, his eyes are now almost black as he eyes the witch.

She cackles loudly, “When your assignment is the Boss Man’s son you most certainly do.” His eyes go as large as saucers as he now looks over to me. What in the h*ll I going on now.

Understanding finally dawns on me, “Are you saying my father is the leader of the Rogue Mafia?” I ask, how is it my father is able to keep this all from coming out.

She nods. “He and I decided to go into business together.” She says as she claps her hands together. “Shall we get on with it now.” Eager to move on.

There was more that I wanted to know but Victoria was right. We needed to get our sh*t together and quickly if we were going to get in to capture Holly again. It would not be easy, I am sure patrols had been increased substantially and eveyone would be on high alert.

But apparently Victoria had already thought of that. She brought along enough pendents for all the warriors and ourselves, she had several vials of the same dark liquid that my father had given me before I came here. Now I know how he got his hands on it.

“She will be weak from the loss of her mate so she should not put up to much of a struggle.” She says as she passes the pendents a vials to each of the warriors.

“I doubt that” I say causing her attention to return to me and she does not appear to be very happy.

“Explain” She snaps.

“Oh Finn killed him alright, but he did not stay dead. Holly was able to bring him back.” I say.

I watch as Victoria fidgeting with her fingers for a moment in deep thought as she processes this information, “A primordials powers can be influenced greatly by their emotions. A strong enough response to losing her mate could have caused her power to manifest early. We need to hurry before they are completely mated.”

The sun had now set hours ago as we lied in wait, hidden just beyond their border again making sure to stay in the shadows. A powerful howl rang out right at midnight. Finns hackles raised as he growls, they had went through with her Luna Ceremony. She was now a official member of The Blackwater pack and their Luna, they had completed their bond.

“Sh*t” I say to my Wolf, he his livid. He knew what that howl ment just as much as I did, things just got more complicated. Being fully mated ment that Holly’s powers would have a effect on not only her mate but her entire pack.

Thirty minutes later the thundering sound of paws hitting the ground grows closer and closer. My warriors and I slink back as far into the shadows as possible to stay hidden as they pass by our location just inside their border.

Once they are far enough away I give the signal for my team to move out. We made our way through the forest following the scent of all their wolves to the pack house.

Finn watches as some of their wolves start to return to the party, He scans the small crowd looking for his targets, Holly and her new mate are not back yet, but once they know they are being attacked they will come running.

Finn gives a wolfie grin at the thought, he can not wait to tear into their Alpha again. This time making sure there is nothing left of him to bring back a second time, Holly powers will have to have a limit to them.

Victoria mumbles under her breath before the green of her eyes intensifies, glowing brightly. A surge of power hit my warriors and myself, Finn surges forward then, his lust for blood growing by the second.

Looking through his eyes I see the same situation has befallen my men. They all have a crazed like look on their faces, there pupils are pin pointed as they watch the celebration.

Victoria looks to Finn, “Now you are ready, you have the power to take out her new mate. You are stronger, faster and more ruthless then before. Use it to your advantage, we have no idea what your mates powers will be nor how strong they maybe.” A evil smile on such a beautiful face. “Hurry, I will stay here out of sight and do what I can from here.”

Finn nods at her, “No one touches the Alpha, he is mine. Keep Holly busy and out of the way.” Finns says through their mindlink with a deep guttural growl.

Finn steps out of the tree line first, his ears laid back flat against his head, snarling as he watches the expressions on the pack members faces go from shock and disbelief to fearfully as they see the rest of my wolves following behind me.

The elderly, women and children are quickly huddled together, the female warriors stepping in between the weaker wolves and my warriors. The few male warriors that had returned from the pack run shift instantly again once they perceive the eminent threat.

Finn throws his head back Howling out his presence, he wants them to come to him, then launches his attack. Screams ring out as Finn races forward, lunging for the first wolf he sees. Finn rips his claws down the wolf’s side, causing him to howl in pain.

The wolf manages to get back to his feet, circling Finn looking for any sign of weakness. The wolf charges forward and even with gashes down his side he does not let up one bit, he attacks relentlessly as if he was not even injured at all. The two are locked in a battle of snapping jawls and sharp teeth when Finn is suddenly knocked away.

Scrambling back to his feet he turns to face his knew opponent. A solid black wolf with those familiar red eyes stands just a few feet away.

“Is it me or does he look bigger then before?” I ask my Wolf, he does not respond only huffing in response.

His aura also seems different now too, stronger. Must be the effects of mating with a primordial.

Finn loses his mind now, his thirst for blood grows stronger but not any blood will do. No it can only be the Alpha before hims blood that will quench his thirst.

Fighting is happening all around the two of us as we eye each other, growls and howls of pain fill Finns ears as he watches the Alpha, his wolf snarls at Finn as he puffs his chest out to get Finn to just give up.

Finn gives a cocky grin before he takes his chance, pouncing on the Alpha. Finn tries to latch onto his neck but the wolf ducks and Finn latches on to the scruff of his neck.

His wolf slams us into the ground, Finn grunts from the air being knocked out of his lungs. As Finn stands and catches his breath, he looks out at his warriors, they are struggling even with the help of Victoria’s magic.

He can see a couple of his warriors bodies littering the now red ground. They do not seem to have lost any of the pack members, all the bodies are from his team.

There is a humming in the air now that intensifies, Finns fur now stands on end as if the air is electrified.

The Alpha growls at Finn as two more black wolves join him. All three circling. The Alpha shifts back to his human, his wolf still very much in charge as his eyes still glow red.

Finn goes to lunge for him, hoping to make a easier kill, the Alpha side steps his attack and punches Finn in the side of his chest.

Laughing, “What did you think we would not be prepared for you Alexander.” The Alpha says as he approaches Finn now.

Finn can not move no matter how much he struggles he can not get his body to move from the ground.

“What the h*ll is going on” Finn roars in my head. “Why can’t we move?”

“Shift” He commands, the power of his command washes over Finn as he struggles to resist the command, ultimately losing and is forced to shift back.

Finn is shoved to the back of my mind, growling from his sudden loss of control.

“Hello Alex” comes a soft voice that I instantly recognize before she steps out from behind her new mate.

Holly’s eyes glow bright Gold, the new power emanating from her is so strong that it takes my breath away.

She isn’t just coming into her power she has them all.

“Sh*t” Finn says

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