Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 48

Once Jason and I heard the screams coming from our pack members Andra pushed herself forward taking over complete control of our body. Looking over to her mate, I can see that Knight has also done the same, his chest rises and falls rapidly, snarls and growls coming from him as he stalks off back to the pack house.

I can feel his emotions through our bond, his feeling are so strong that they take our breath away. Hatred for a wolf who refuses to give up and leave me and our pack alone. Andras emotions mirroring his once they both exit the tree line and see the battle that is ensuing before their eyes.

I knew that Jason had made some type of arrangements before the ceremony to ensure the pack was safe but I did too. Jason would go more for brute force and numbers to over take the enemy. With the warriors that the Alpha King had also brought in from The Halo Pack it gave us the upper hand, it would be impossible for Alexander to bring all his warriors to capture me, that would leave his entire pack vulnerable to any form of attack while he was away.

I have known Alexander my whole life and one thing I know is that when he sees something he wants he dose not stop until he gets it. So if he could not use all his warriors he would use other tactics to gain his prize.

They had already used black magic in the first attempt to kidnap me and Sara so I guarantee he will use the same tactic again. I found a bit of time just before the ceremony to talk to Heather, the Hybrid from his cousins pack about what I was thinking.

After giving her a quick recap of what she missed before they had arrived, how Alex’s wolves were able to get into the pack undetected, how they were erratic and seemed to have more strength and power then before. She agrees with me and decides to do a protective spell that would help keep our wolves from being seriously injured by them.

She said it was not a guarantee sincen she did not know exactly what spell the dark witch was using therefore she would not be able to counter it as accurately, but that the spell should help if they should catch us off guard.

He did infact take advantage of the day and attacked the pack house when most of the pack was still in the forest from the pack run following the ceremony, leaving only the elderly and many women and children who were unable to shift do to their age or pregnancy.

I am glad I talked to her even more now, trusting my instincts. Knight looks at me, “Stay here until I or Eric come and get you.” He growls out at Andra.

Andras anger roars to life and before he can race off to join the fight himself Andra steps directly in his path. Her eyes are blazing I know as I feel her anger grow more and more at being ordered to stay out of the way by her mate.

“If you think that for one second that I am going to just sit back and hide while the rest of you all put your lives at risk for me then you are sorely mistaken, Mate.” Venom dripping off her last words as she spins on her heels heading for the pack house now.

Knight grabs my wrist, pulling me back to him before he pins me between his strong arms with a tree trunk to my back. Andra let’s out a loud growl that surprises not only me but also Knight at the amount of force that she put behind it.

“I will not sit here waiting to be saved. That is not what a Luna does. She protects her pack just as much as its Alpha.” Andra raises her chin in defiance and crossing her arms over her chest, daring Knight to contradict her.

He steps back releasing her from her cage, he drags his hands down his face on frustration, “Fine, but stay close I do not want anything happening to you.” He sighs, giving in knowing that Andra was right.

A Luna does not hide she stands and fights, she protects her pack members. I have done enough hiding from this a**hole my entire life and I will not do it any longer I think to myself. This ends tonight, with either his death or imprisonment.

“There she is” Andra snorts at me but I can tell she has a smile on her face. “I knew she would eventually come to the surface.”

“What are you talking about”

“That you are finally coming into your badassery.” She teases. “You are starting to see that you are stronger then you ever thought possible. We are not the most powerful wolf because of me Holly, we are because of you. The Goddess new that my human had to be someone who would do everything in her power to protect the Were kind. They made us think we were weak, that we were not wanted for eighteen years, but in the end we are more powerful then all of them, it is time we show them just who we really are.”

Coming back to her mate, she smiles up at him sweetly as he stares at her with concern. He knows something is up but he can not quite figure out what we are thinking. He gives up when Andra does not offer anything more.

The two of them then take off towards the pack house, they leap over a fallen tree and shift into their black and white wolves. Knight makes a be line for a group of wolves that were seriously out numbered while Andra goes to the defenseless wolves that had been corralled the middle when Alexs wolves originally atracked and are surrounding them. One of Alexander’s men was now stalking them from behind as the she wolves tried to keep the most vulnerable in the center of their circle. Andra spots him and races forward, just as he is about the launch his own attack on the innocent, Andra snaps her jawls shut around his tail.

The wolf howls out in pain before Andra silences him when she throws him up against one of the large hardwood trees, his body hitting the trunk with a sickening crack before his body goes limp and falls to the base of the tree.

She shift back to our human body, “It is ok, let’s get you all into the bunker. Quickly now.” She says as she encourages everyone to make the made dash to the underground bunker. Andra keeps her wits about her as she helps the other wolves to safety, she lifts the heavy metal doors that cover the entrance to the stairwell that leads down into the safety bunker.

There is a childs scream that comes from behind us as everyone is rushing down the stairs. When Andra turns she sees a little girl with red hair that looks familiar. She had stumbled apparently and none of us had realized that she had not been able to keep up, that was not the worst part, a dirty brown wolf was snapping at her feet as she scrambles backwards trying desperately to get away.

“Is that Clare, one of Eric and Ella’s twins.” I ask Andra as I watch the brown wolf getting closer to the small child.

Andra shifts faster then I have ever seen her do before, she races to the girl, just before she is about to slam herself into the other wolf Andra let’s out a growl that is so menacing that I even get goosebumps. The wolf stops in his tracks, turning to see where the sound had come from when Andra slams her entire body into his. The two wolves roll on the ground for only a moment before my Wolf pins him to the earth.

Fear oozes off of him as Andra grabs him by the throat, he struggles and that just causes her to tighten her hold momentarily before her teeth pierce his neck, his blood pooling in her mouth as she rips his throat out.

Dropping the wolf’s body Andra goes back to Clare, using her snout she nudges the frightened child to get her attention, telling her that she was ok. After a few seconds Clare finally snaps out of her daze, tears stream down her little cheeks as she flings her little arms around Andras neck, burying her little face in Andeas thick fur.

Andra shifts back, the child never letting go, Andra wraps her arms around Clare picking her up gently and holding her tightly. “Shhhh, you are okay little one.” She says as she strokes the child’s bright red curls.

“Let’s get you to the bunker.” Andra says and runs back to the heavy doors of the safety bunker, one of the she wolves that is heavily pregnant stands waiting to take Clare down with the others, but when Andra tries to pass the child to the she wolf Clare panics clinging to Andra as she sobs, “Please do not go, what if it comes back for me.” Clare crys out.

“He is not coming back sweetie, I promise.” Andra coos to the child trying to sooth her fears, “But I do need you to be a very big girl for your momma and go down and find your brother to make sure he is safe too. Can you do that for me?”

Clare shakes her head no again as more tears spill from her eyes. “Oh I think you can, one day you are going to be a big strong wolf who protects everyone in this pack just like Alpha Jason and your mommy and daddy.” Andra says softly, reassuring the child that she will indeed be ok.

“B-but how do you know?” She questions, her tears stopping as she eyes Andra, I can feel as Andra smiles down at her while tucking a small peice of hair back behind her little ear.

“Because the Goddess told me so.” Andra says softly so only Clare can hear her. Clare’s eyes light up as she stares at Andra in shock. “You and your brother need to protect those within the bunker, keep them safe. Can you both do that for me?”

“Yes Luna” comes a voice from behind Clare. Jaxson stepping up and taking his twin sister’s hand, “We will keep everyone safe Luna.” He says and for the first time I see his blue eyes shine before he bows his head, pulling his sister down into the bunker, I close the heavy door, the clanging of the lock engaging let’s me know they are all safe now.

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