Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 49

Andra turns scanning the area in front of her looking for the one person that can end all this. The one person who started it all, all the pain, all the fighting. She spots three black wolves as they surround a Tan wolf that I recognize as Alexander’s wolf Finn.

My anger is now boiling past even Andras anger as I push myself forward taking back control, it is my turn now. If anyone is going to deal with Alexander it is going to me and Andra.

A power ebbs out of us that is so strong that the fighting around us comes to a stop. Saras voice enters my mind in a mindlink, “Heather found their witch, she was just beyond the tree line. She took care of her and the spell she cast on his wolves should start to wear off soon.”

I grin from ear to ear now, I was right that he would use black magic to try and get a upper hand. “Cause he knows he is no match for us.” Andra adds.

“Oh one more thing, we found one of his wolves, he was fighting against the black magic with everything he had. Heather has released him, he is Alexander’s Gamma.” She says and I growl loudly causing everyone to step away and lower their heads in submission.

Andra has her chest puffed out as she spills more of our aura out suffocating their wolves.

I watch as Jason shifts back in front of Alexs wolf, I am positive that Knight is still in control, his aura is also pouring out of him. Finn goes to lunge for Knight but Knight simply side steps his attack and throwing punch into the side of Finns ribs.

Knight mocks at Finn for his lack of technique, “What, did you think we would not be prepared for you Alexander.” Knight growls lowly.

“Knight he is mine, I need to deal with him first before you kill him.” Andra say to her mate.

“You sure mate” He says through our link but never taking his eyes off of the wolf in front of him.

“Yes” is all she says.

“Shift” He commands Alexander’s wolf, the power of his command washes over Finn, he struggles to resist the alpha command, ultimately he is forced to shift back. Most of the time a Alpha can not command another Alpha unless they are the Alpha King, well I guess it comes as a bonus of being our mate.

Andra smirks now as she let’s out a new power that I have yet to discover, I feel her pull Finn into our mind she subconsciously commands him to stay put.

I can feel his mind struggle as he tries to fight the new command, “Hello Alex” I say as Andra joins me, she does not take over completely, more like she joins me and we are able to control our body together simultaneously.

He stares at us, his mouth agape. He continues to struggle against the hold that I have on him, I smirk at him as he realizes that it is I who is actually keeping him held down and unable to move. He trys fighting even harder, growling out when nothing changes.

“Are you through with your little fit Alex, you are not going anywhere.” I say as I step closer, Knight reaches out to stop me, his worries filling our bond that something would happen to me should I get closer to the enemy.

“He can not hurt me anymore mate. We need to do this.” I tell Knight as I peck him on the cheek.

That causes a reaction out of Alexander, he thrashes around trying to break free from my hold.

“Mine” Alexander roars out, his outburst only causes Knight to taunt him even more by wrapping his arms fully around my waist and kissing my mark causing my body to shiver and a moan to escape me. Alexander growls out again.

“Not the time dear” I tell him, stepping out of his arms and turning my attention back to Alexander. “No Alex I am not yours, once again you seem to forget that you are the one that rejected me. You and your a**hole of a father both beat me and abused me from the time I was little.”

“You were always supposed to be mine no matter what, no matter if we were fated or not you were supposed to be mine. I just was not told about it until it was to late, I wanted to make it right but you had to keep running from me.” Alex says trying his best to act sincere, like he really did just realize his mistakes and wanted to make up for them. He was never very good at pretending to care.

My claws elongate from my hand as I wrap it around his throat, the sharp points easily puncture the thin skin. “You see the thing is, I know the truth now.” I whisper in his ear.

“I know who I am” I say with a sweet smile. Heather and Sara both make their way to me dragging a reluctant little blonde witch, Heather had done a number on her, there was debris in her hair and her right eye was swelling shut. Sara had the Gamma of Silver Bow. He had not taken over yet before I left but I knew he was not a awful person. He may never have partaken in my abuse but he sure as sh*t knew about it and did absolutely nothing to stop it.

Andra steps forward again, she releases Alexander’s throat and circles the witch, “My My what do we have here Alexander, you would not be in Alliance with a dark witch now would you?” The witch trys to wrestle herself from Heather’s grip but is unsuccessful. Andra snickers at her before turning to Alex’s Gamma who simply bows his head in submission to her.

“Even your Gamma did not won’t any part of the fiasco that you and your father have caused that he turned himself in.” She taunts him.

Alex fights against my hold on him, snarling when he still can not get free. “You and your father wanted me for my power, though I am still lost as to how you knew that a baby that was drooped off at your gates was so powerful.” I say once Andra let’s her control go and the two of us once again sharing control.

I knew I was kidnapped already I was simply seeing if one of them would slip up and give the culprit up. Alexander looks over to the witch who visibly gulps in fear, Bingo.

“May I?” Andra asks.

“What are you planning?”

“Oh just a little party trick.” She says taking over again. She reaches out taking the witches hand and closes our eyes.

Suddenly I can see all her memories, everything. She trys to pull her hand away from us but Andra simply grips her hand even tighter. Andra filters through the the memories until she finds the one she was looking for.


It was pitch black out side as she made her way up the back side of the massive pack house. She has a black cloak on covering her body with the hood pulled over her head to hide her identity.

She was following the power she had felt come into the world late last night. A power so strong it was almost calling to her, she had tracked it to one of the wolf packs, The Halo Pack.

She knew she had to be very careful and not be seen, wolves hated witches especially dark witches. She wore her masking pendent to cover her natural scent making her smell as if she was just one of their human mates.

She opens the back door and follows the ebbing power that leads her up the back stairs before reaching the top floor. The Alphas floor. The source is just beyond the tall innate double doors at the end of the hall. Just as she is going to open the doors, a very handsome wolf steps out with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes that turn cold as ice once he sees me.

s**t of all the wolves to run into here it had to be him, why couldn’t he just go back to his mate, why is he always everywhere I look. He pulls me down the stairs to the floor below, searching for a open room before he drags me into it slamming the door closed behind him.

“Victoria what the hell are you doing here and on the Alpha Kings floor? How the hell did you even get in here without being noticed?” His gruff voice is music to my ears, as much as I can’t stand him right now for how he left, my treacherous body still responds to him all the same never the less.

“Answer me” He growls when I am quiet for longer then he likes.

“There is a power in that room, it’s new, and I want it.” I say as I snatch my wrist from his grasp and attempt to walk around him and out the door.

He growls and slams me against the door I was trying to leave threw. His front is against my backside and I can feel his excitement growing as it pokes me in my bottom. I guess I am not the only one who is still effected.

“Tell me of this power you sense, what is it?” He asks as he grinds his arousal into my behind driving my own desire to soar.

He tortures my body in the most delicious ways that only he is capable of doing. Driving me absolutely mad that has me telling him everything to obtain my release.


I snap back to the present as I now stare at the witch infront of me. She was the fomer Alphas lover and apparently he was in on my kidnapping, I had my suspensions but now knowing the truth everything falls into place. The abuse, to break us so they could use our power for their own evil deeds. They intended to mate me to Alex regardless of us being mates just to gain my powers.

Looking over to Alex I can tell he does not know who this woman is to his father, “Did you know she was your father’s little play thing?” I say and watch the color drain from her face.

Alex was always a mommas boy, she was the only woman he treated with any form of respect, he would not like that his father had a side peice all these years. His face contorts into a look of pure disgust as he now glares at her.

I snicker at seeing this, still a mommy’s boy. “Not only is she involved in my kidnapping but so was your father.” His attention snaps back to me then, I kneel infront of him, “I think my father is going to enjoy his justice on the two of them very much. Right Daddy.” I say as sweetly as any daughter would to her father.

And when the Alpha King steps out of the crowd Alex attempts to get away from my father’s powerful aura but can’t as he is still held under my command. I may be more powerful then him but my father is feared by many who have tried to stand against him. Alex’s face is a white as a ghost, he had no idea about who my parents where. His Father and the witch still keeping that information to themselves.

“I will be personally dealing with the both of you.” The Alpha King growls as he glares daggers at the blonde witch.

“Enough toying with him, I want to make him pay for all he has done to us and those that love us.” Andra growl at me now as she releases my mist, it crawls down my body and towards Alexander who trys his hardest to get away from it.

My mist grabs a hold of both his hands and yanks them out in front of him, making him lay flat on his stomach on the ground. Two more tentacles of mist grab his ankles securing him.

“W-what are you doing Holly?” He ask as he turn his head to look at me.

“Giving you every ounce of pain and misery that you and your father gave me for eighteen years.” I say as another tentacle forms in the shape of a long whip.

With a flick of my wrist the whip lashes out at Alexander’s back, breaking the skin, blood trickles down his back to his side. I had counted the scars I had long ago. I knew where each one was adn how bad is had scared over, I gave him identical scars now.

Flick after flick the mist whip lashes out striking his skin, he is now lying in a pool of blood his back shreaded just like the many nights that mine was. He howls out in pain after every lash, begging for Andra and I to stop.

After the last lash I realized that I had started to cry, tears streaming down my face. My emotions getting the better of me as I relive the past for the last time. Strong warm arms wrap around me, from the tingles that erupt on my bare skin and from his wonderful scent engulfing my scenes I know it is Jason.

He holds me tight as my mist slowly retreats back into my body and releases Alexander. Two of the Alpha Kings warriors grab him and haul him away while another two take the witch from Heather, their fates sealed now.

Black spots dance in my vision, I feel my strength slipping from me, I feel my knees give way, buckling out from under me. Jason catches me quickly lifting me up bridal style before exhaustion settles in.

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