Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 50

Holly had passed out as I carried her to the pack hospital that night, she has been out for three days now. Doc said that it was a combination of stress and over exertion of using her new powers. The amount of energy she had used giving Alexander matching whip marks had completely depleted her already exhausted body.

Holly had tapped into several new powers during the fight, she was able to keep Alexander from moving while also repressing his wolf at the same time. She was also able to see into a person’s deepest memories which had revealed the true masterminds behind everything. Her mist was not only for healing purposes but could solidify into a solid and cause immense pain. Alexander’s wounds were not healing due to his wolf being repressed.

Alexander, his Gamma and the dark witch had all been moved to the cells after the battle, Heather added enchantments to prevent them from escaping, she also bound the dark witches powers so that she would not be able to use them to help them escape either.

We were lucky to have Heather show up when she did. She not only helped in locating both Holly and Sara when they were taken the first time but she shared that Holly had asked her to do a protection spell over the pack, she said Holly had a gut feeling that if Alex did attack he would not care about using dirty tactics as long as it increased his chance at victory.

Holly’s intuition had been right and saved us from losing any of our pack members during the attack. Now she is back where it started for us, the hospital.

Once Knight was satisfied that she was well taken care of and safe, not only by his own team of warriors but also The Halo Packs elite warriors were standing guard around the hospital, Knight took full control stalking out of the pack hospital to the building that holds the cells.

He wanted blood, Alexander’s blood specifically, Knight was envisioning tearing the Alpha to shreads and sending his remains back to his father before Knight showed up to kill him too. Just as Knight was about to enter the building for the cells the Alpha King stopped him.

“Not now, we have bigger things to deal with right now.” The King says as he watches Knight fight the subtle command to stop.

He smirks at Knight, “Even though you are my daughtes mate you are still not above my authority, yet” He says as Knight observes the Alpha King who now smiles, he grasps Knights shoulders, looking him in the eye. “Now we need to get the last culprit before he catches wind of what happened the other night and bolts into hidding.”

“Holly is strong but you saw what happened to her when she tried to deal with Alex by herself. It drained her, it is time we help her see that she is not all alone anymore and that we will protect her.” I tell Knight.

The King must see the moment Knight pushes his blood lust for Alexander away and relinquishes his control back to me because he smile broadly.

“Come, we have planning to do.” And the King leads us away from the cells and back to the pack house. Holly was not able to tell us what exactly she saw in the memories of the witch before she passed out completely, all we knew at the moment was that Victor Stone former Alpha of Silver Bow was indeed involved in kidnapping Holly as a pup.

We enter one of the conference rooms on the bottom floor, my Beta, Gamma and Emmitt along with his Beta and mate are seated around the long oval shaped table in the center of the room. The King had brought in even more of his own men over the past three days and a few of them are also present around the table.

In the center there are many maps of the area surrounding Silver Bow, there are surveillance reports scattered across the table showing the comings and goings of the former Alpha. Photographs of the gates that lead into the pack with the number of patrols and guards at each shift change and their postions along their border.

“How where you able to get all this in less then three days?” I ask as I examine the photos of the pack house. It is designed more like a large hotel over a home to me.

The King snorts, “I am the King, I have many tools and resources at my disposal.” He crosses his arms as he watches me, “One day they will be at your disposal too.” He adds.

The picture I had been looking at falls from my hand fluttering to the table once again. It never crossed my mind that since Holly was the King and Queens daughter that she would one day become Queen herself, making me King since I was her mate. Now the thought of that was slightly nerve-wracking.

The King laughs noticing my slight discomfort at the thought of becoming King, “Don’t worry there is plenty of time to teach the two of you what is needed to run The Halo Pack.”

“Now what else do we know?” The King asks his warriors paying no mind to my almost mini heart attack any longer.

“So far it appears he may have realized that something went wrong with his sons attack the other night. He has been calling Alexander’s phone multiple times a day and he has also called the witches as well.” The warrior says, everyone quiet for a moment.

“What do you suggest is the best tactic to get in to handle him.” Eric asks as he clasps his hands in front of him on the table and leaning forward.

The King smiles, “Walking right in there.”

I turn my attention to the King, that’s not what I thought he was going to say. “Why would we just walk right in there? He will know something it going on the moment he sees us.”

“Victor was there the day before Holly was taken, many Alphas were. It never occurred to any of us that she may have been taken by someone who had been there from the Alphas Meeting.” The King drops his head, his sorrow at what happend that night still haunts him to this day.

The King reels in his emotions, his eyes turning hard as he sees one of the surveillance photos of the Silver Bow Alpha. “He will not turn away a visit from me.” He smirks as his gaze locks with Heathers.

“You and your cousin will accompany me, your light Witch has agreed to conceal your Alpha Auras so they do not realize who you are. I know he is not one of the Alphas you have come in contact with before so he won’t recognize either one of you. Let’s see if he slips up before we confront him and take him in.”

“You think he is going to go peacefully?” Emmitt ask for the first time.

“Not a chance.” The King says, his eyes darken, his wolf wants the other Alpha to run. He is looking forward to the chase.

“What about the rest of them?” Eric adds.

“The witch will be hanged for conspiring and kidnapping the princess. I will deal with the Council of Witches later, once they hear the truth behind her death they will agree that it was justified. As for the wolf from your pack who helped them that will be up to you Alpha Jason.” The King says to me now.

I nod, “He dies, he pushed his luck that night at the bar but he didn’t know she was the Luna, but he over stepped big time in taking her and Sara.” Knight growls out in my head.

“And Alexander? What happens to him?” Comes a soft voice from the doorway. Holly stands there with my mother and her own. She is not very happy that this discussion is happening with out her input, I can feel both hers and Andras anger mounting though our bond.

Even while angry she still looks so tired, “She should get to decide his fate. But she can not do it by herself, we have already seen the toll it will take on her body just to inflict a punishment with her powers. The choice should still be hers but we do it together.” Knight say in my mind now.

Meeting Holly’s gaze, “We do it together. Whatever his punishment shall be we carry it out together.” I make my way across the room until I am standing in front of her. Cupping her face with my hands I kiss her solf lips gently, she smiles up at me now once I break the kiss.

“When do we leave?” She asks, and her eyes begin to blaze with anger again when she see my reaction.

“You are on your on bud.” Knight says as he runs to the back of my mind to hide from Holly and Andras anger that he knows is coming.

“Really man you just going to throw me to the wolves?”

“Yup, no sense in them being mad at the both of us, if it was up to me she would be glued to our hip.” Knight adds with a snort.

Rolling my eyes at my wolf before I return to see Holly’s anger has only increased.

“Your staying here Hol-” I can not even finish saying her name before she let’s out a furious growl that shakes the walls of the conference room. Well Sh*t

Her eyes now blaze their beautiful gold color, “Well looks like she is mad at both of us too.” I mutter back to Knight who is watching his mate more closely.

“I am going too” Holly says her voice melding with Andras, her hands are clenched into fist, her body is lightly trembling from the intensity of her emotions right now as they spill out of her in waves.

Knight trys to purr to Andra in the hopes of calming her, but that does not work either, “Don’t you dare!” They shout, pointing their finger at us poking my chest. “Don’t you dare try to calm me down when your planning to go after Silver Bows former Alpha without me.”

“Excuse us” I say to the room without looking at anyone other then my mate, taking Holly’s hand I try to pull her out of the conference room but she digs her heels in refusing to budge. “Holly let’s talk about this in my office, privately.” I say through gritted teeth. “Please” I add at the end hoping to sway her to leave the room without causing a scene.

It does not work, Holly is so worked up right now that I can see her mist starting to expand from her chest.

“s**t” I have to move quick, all we know about her powers is that they are heavily influenced by her emotions.

“If she won’t move on her own then we must move her ourselves.” Knight says as he pushes forward, and before Holly can say another word Knight has her over his shoulder and is walking out the door of the conference room.

“Knight you put me down right now.” Andra says now in full control of Holly’s body as well.

“Not a chance Little Mate.” Knights says smacking her a** as he opens the door to his office.

He kicks the door closed with his foot and flips the lock into place. He strides over to the front of his desk and plops Andra on top of it. She gasp as Knight grips her knees and opens her legs, stepping in to her even more. His hips now pin her to the desk as his arms cage her, keeping her from moving away from him.

Andra glares at him, “Brute” Andra mutters under her breath, she crosses her arms while turning away from him now.

Knight is now growing agitated with her behavior, he takes her chin between his thumb and forefinger, turning her chin until she is forced to look him in the eyes. Her golden orbs are still blazing from her own irritation but they soften just a little to where they do not hold the same hard glint they originally did.

“I may have been a brute but it was for your own good. Your mist was starting to manifest again and you have yet to fully recover from the over exertion of your powers from the other night.” Knight explains. Andra huffs, she knows Knight is right. Her body can not take much more in its already exhausted state but she doesn’t want to admit he is right.

“Now, you need to stay here to rest and recover your strength. But also because we have no clue what we are about to walk into when we get to Silver Bow.” Andra goes to speak but Knight holds his hand up stopping her. “I can not risk anything happening to either of you neither can Jason. We do not want Victor to become to suspicious of your father showing up at his pack out of the blue either- “

Andra tries to say something again but with the look Knight gives her she decides against it turning her face away from him. “If Victor sees you with your father he will know something is up and will bolt instantly. Do you understand why you need to stay here for this?” Knight ask as he turns her to face him once again.

Andras shoulders sag as she sighs in defeat, realizing she will not win this battle. Both Knight and I are fully on the same page on this issue, Holly stays at Blackwater.

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