Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 51

The next day

The plane had just touched down at a private airstrip just outside of Atlanta, we were now preparing to drive the hour and forty-five minutes North to The Silver Bow Pack. Holly had not been thrilled about staying at home for this but thankfully she finally agreed.

The pack was probably over guarded now. Everyone in the pack was on high alert and the border patrols had been increased once again. Eric and my father would ensure that the pack and Holly were safe while I was away dealing with Alexanders scum of a father.

Heading out of the gate of the airstrip we are in three black SUVs that are completely blacked out, no one can see into any of the vehicles. Situated in the second car, is Emmitt’s Beta, The Alpha King and myself were all seated in the back of the SUV with Heather in the front seat while Emmitt was driving and following the lead car as we drove through a few small towns before it turned into a dense forest.

Alpha James currently has no idea that the Alpha King is on his way to his sons pack and I can’t wait to watch the man sweat a little before Knight rips him apart. Heather turns around in her seat and passes back two pendents, one for me and one for her mate John before handing another to Emmitt. They are different from the obsidian pendent that was found at the campsite, they are a sapphire blue color that sparkles as the light from the sun hits it.

“Make sure to keep these on at all times while we are here otherwise your natural scent and auras will start to show. They are ment to make you all seem as if you are apart of the Kings personal warriors.” She says as she pulls another pendent out of a black drawstring bag. She pulls a clear crystal pendent out and places it around her own neck and tucks it into her blouse. “Keep them covered too. I am sure that if he is involved with the dark witch he has probably seen her use many of these same pendents before.”

“Sir how do you want to go about this?” I ask the Alpha King as I slip the pendents chain over my head before tucking it into my s**t.

“I want eyes on him the entire time, he does not leave anyone’s sight for even a moment. We do not know what he has at his pack or what he might do with it.” The King stops for a moment and appears to be lost in his own thoughts before he comes back to the conversation.

“Rumors, tell him there are rumors of attacks on a pack in your area. See if he slips up and offers any information first before we confront him and take him into custody.” The King says with a hard glint in his eye now.

The tall silver gates that mark the entrance to Silver Bow appear just ahead now. The first car stops at the guard shack, we all watch as Silver Bows warrior approches the other vehicle to ask about who was inside the SUVs. I watch as the guards eyes lock onto our vehicle, his Adam’s apple bobs nervously as he swallows, his eyes glaze over as he mindlinks someone letting them know that The Alpha King is at the gates.

The tall silver gates slowly open and the guard steps back and waves us through after a few minutes and we drive the long and windy road that leads into the pack. Their pack is surrounded by thick forest until it opens up into the packs town. Unlike how Blackwater and Black Willow sit just to the outside of Black Lake, Silver Bow has its own town just behind its gates.

Little shops, grocery stores, restaurants even a bowling ally are inside its gates, everything that it’s members would need could be found insides its gates. Little houses are situated all throughout the town, thining out so they are not as close together the farther into the pack we travel. The road continues on until it comes to a cul-de-sac drive way with a five story pack house sitting just off the driveway.

Standing at the top of the stairs leading into the Pack house is the former Alpha himself. Knight growls aggressively the moment he lays eyes on the man, ready to exit the car and tear into him. The King leans over and grips my shoulder tightly in warning not to screw this up. Knight huffs in annoyance but retreats just enough to where my eyes will not be red but that to where he is still present at all times.

The Kings actually warriors exit their own SUVs before they open the back door to ours. The King steps out and I follow right behind him, Beta John steps out after me and opens the door for his mate while Emmitt rounds the front of the vehicle and joins us. Alpha James rushes down the steps of the pack house, bowing his head as he approaches the King now.

“Your Majesty, this is quiet a surprise, we were not expecting you to visit us today.” Alpha James says, he is rattled as he wipes the sweat beads from his forehead, his heart rate staring to increase as well.

“It has been a while since I have visited packs in this area, thought it would be a good time to check in Personally.” The Alpha King says, his gaze holds a hard glint as he watches the former Alpha.

“Oh yes your majesty, I just figured someone would have called before so we could prepare for your visit.”

“It is quite alright no need to go out of your way to much, this shall be a short visit anyway we are just passing through.” The King adds with a tight smile.

Alpha Victor nods, “Please come in then.” He says then leads our group into their pack house.

Knight observes everything he sees, how many times did Holly have to tiptoe around these hallways growing up just trying to stay out these as*holes way to avoid being beaten. How many pack members knew about her abuse but did nothing to stop it. Knight growls in my head, his lust for their blood grows as we follow behind the King into what looks like the Alphas Office.

Knight snorts, “Looks like daddy is the one that is still running things around here and not Alexander.”

He is right, this office is massive and everything in here screams Alpha Victor. Even though Alexander is technically the current alpha it appears that his father is definitely still running everything behind the scenes. Alexander either does not care about his duties to his pack or his father refuses to relinquish his control.

“My bet is on the latter option.” Knight grumbles as he eyes the former Alpha.

Alpha Victor offers for the King to have a seat but the King refuses, he simply strides over to one of the tall windows that happens to over look the driveway to the house. Our team spreads out in the room, making sure to cover all access points of the room in case things go south.

“Have you heard of any packs being attacked lately?” The King ask as he turns to face Alpha Victor.

The Alpha does not flinch or show any more discomfort from the Kings question then he already was showing. “No your majesty, everything has been quiet around here. Why do you ask?” I can hear his heart rate pick up just a bit, I know the King is also picking up on it because the coldness in his eyes is clearly visible.

“There are rumors going around about attacks in Louisiana, have you heard anything about that or Who may be behind them?”

The Alphas heat rate spikes even higher now, “N-no sir I have not heard anything about such attacks. When did the attacks start?” So he is going to fish for information to see if it has anything to do with his son and his attempts to kidnap Holly again.

“Oh maybe a month or so now since the first attack. Would you say that is about right?” The Alpha King turns to me then with a cocky smirk.

I nod my head. “Yes sir, that is right but no one has any idea yet of how long this may have been coming for.” Puting my hands behind my back, I watch the Alpha gulp his forehead now perspiring profusely as he trys desperately to wipe his brow. “It appears the attackers where after the New Luna.” I add and Alpha Victor’s head snaps in my direction, fear is evident in his eyes. If it is for his sons well being or for his on skin I don’t know.

“Poor girl almost died.” I could not help but exaggerate just a little. The Alpha goes stark white as he stares between the King and myself.

“Did they catch her attacker?” Attacking a Luna and almost killing her in the process was a very serious crime, something that would not be taken lightly by any pack. Punishment was almost always death.

“I believe so.” If I thought he was white before then he looked good as dead now. His color was now a sickly grey. “You do not look so good ‘Alpha’ maybe you should sit down.” I say ‘Alpha’ with a sneer.

He stumbles backwards slightly into the chair behind his desk, his hands are now shaking as he reaches for the phone on the desk. He dials a number letting it rings once from the speaker before the Alpha King ends the call with his hand.

“You wont reach him.” The Alpha King snarls out in his face. Alpha Victor stares at the King in utter shock now as the King stands to his full height once again glaring daggers into the man before him.

“W-what do you mean” He stuttered out trying to hide just how nervous he really was.

The King sneers at Victor, “Oh did I forget to mention that it was your son that attacked a Luna, but not just any Luna either, Blackwaters Luna and apparently my Daughter.” He growls out menacingly as he slams his fist down on the desk. “Imagine my surprise to not only find my daughter finally after all these years and find out she has been in your pack the entire time.” The Kings wolf was now out and livid as he stalked the Alpha before him.

Knight pushes himself forward then, my eyes know glowing red as Alpha James shrinks back against the wall while Knight and the Kings wolf both surrounded him. His eyes go dark now to as his wolf also takes over his body now.

“What have you done with my son?” His wolf grits out.

“Oh nothing yet” Knight says as he sneers at the man. “My mate got some justice for all the pain and suffering the two of you had caused her growing up here. I am sure there will be plenty more pain that he will feel before he dies.” Knight smirk at him as he charges for him.

Even though he was a older Alpha he still had his Alpha strength, he slammed into Knight but in his blind rage over his son he never noticed that Knight had shifted my hand into his long sharp claws.

Knights claws slice through the Alphas abdomen as if it was butter. Alpha Victor gasps as he realizes what just happened and stops, looking down he watches as Knight retracts his claws, a sick suction like sound fills the office.

“You and your little witch toy stole Holly as a pup for your own ambition and greed to have her power, then you and your sick [email protected] of son abvsed her entire life.” Knight snarls out at Alpha Victor as he falls to the floor of the office. “And just when she thought she had gotten away from you fvckers you come right back for her.” Knight growls.

Blood is now running out the side of his mouth. “You will never lay a finger on My Mate ever again.” Knight says as he watches the man struggle to stop the bleeding, I did not think we hit anything important but his bleeding continues until his hand falls limp next to his body.

Howls suddenly erupt, coming from every part of the pack as they fill the loss of a pack member. “Knight what the hell, we were not supposed to kill him yet.” I yell at my wolf.

“Can’t say I am not happy to see him dead. He deserved everything he got and I hope the Moon Goddess sends him to the abyss for all eternity.” Knight retorts as he stares at our now bloody hand before meeting the Kings hard gaze.

“Well that was not how I thought this was going to play out. Why did he not heal? His wolf should have started to heal him but he didn’t.” The King says as he looks down at the body. “We will deal with that later, now we need to settle the rest of the pack members. They will need a knew Alpha or the pack will have to be disbanded.”

I nod when Knight gives me back control and we leave the office to handle the situation my wolf had now caused.

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