Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 52

Andra and I have both been on pins and needles since Jason and the others left first thing this morning. It has been hours since I have heard anything from my mate, he had called when they landed safely and were about to make the drive into Silver Bow.

I did not won’t him to leave this morning, about as much as I hated staying behind in Blackwater. I tried to pull him back into bed with me this morning when he got up, but nothing worked, Jason and Knight were determined to confront Alpha Victor and make him pay for what was done to me as a pup.

I have been keeping myself busy by helping Beta Eric with some of the smaller pack details. I may not know anything about being a Luna yet but I have always had a knack for numbers. Eric was more then happy to pass off the account books to me, it took some time to get all the numbers back to how they should have been. It was safe to say Eric definitely was not good at book keeping.

Closing the last of the books I stand up, stretching my sore body. I go over to one of the windows that looks out to the back garden of the pack house. There were not many pack members out there right now but every so often someone would exit the pack house.

Eric just did, he had just walked out the door when he suddenly stops. He looks off in the direction of the cells building, before he looks up to the second story window that I was currently at. It was like he knew I was watching him and when his gaze meet mine I realize that something was terribly wrong.

A loud roar can be heard coming from cells that is still extremely loud inside the pack house. “This is not good” Andra says and I race down the stairs to the back door that Eric had just exited. He is already rushing down the hill towards the cells and he is not alone, several warriors from the pack are following him and a few of the Kings as well.

“Everyone needs to get inside and keep their doors locked.” Andra commands through a pack wide mind link as I stand there dumbfounded at what was happening. There is no way he could get out of the cell, they were coated in Silver and Heather had added her magic to prevent any of them from escaping.

The few pack members who were outside the pack house rush inside to safety. One warrior attempts to get me back into the pack house, but I can’t move. If Alexander gets out I need to make sure everyone that was not near the pack house is safe.

I shake my head at him, “No, I need to make sure eveyone is safe first.” I reply as I try to pull my hand from his grasp.

“Luna it is not safe, we do not know what is going on yet. You need to come inside the pack house. I am sure eveyone is inside their homes by now.” He pleads with me.

As I am about to enter the house there is a sound of clashing metal that rings out loudly through the air. Turning quickly I see one of our warriors is now sprawled out on the ground, the doors to the building wide open and I can see a fight between Beta Eric and Alexander. I gasp in surprise as the two go at it. Fist connecting with each other.

“That b*stard killed him. He killed my father.” Alexander roars out as he picks Beta Eric up and now slings him outside to join the first warrior. The rest of the warriors who rushed there are also laid out on the floor of the cells building.

“Sh*t, if his father was killed it would make sence in this being his reaction, but he should not be this strong.” I tell my Wolf. He would feel the bond with his father break if he was indeed killed but it would not make him strong like this, if anything it should have weakened him.

Alexander stalks out of the building then stopping at the door he scans the area now, his gaze meeting mine as he snarls. The warrior who had been trying to get me inside before is now pushing me towards the door, trying to force me back into the pack house.

I am stunned, unable to move a inch as Alexander advances towards the pack house. The warrior beside me gives one final push as he shoves me over the threshold and into the pack house, slamming the door closed right in my face.

“BOLT THE DOOR NOW” He yells out from the outside. Snapping out of my dazed state I throw the long bar latch across the door keeping it from being opened again.

Bones cracking can be heard from the other side of the door as the warrior shifts to protect all those inside the pack house. He is a large Grey and white wolf with a bit of black fur sprinkled throughout his coat.

“GET EVERYONE INTO THE PANIC ROOM” He yells through a mindlink. He then turns around, ready to fight off the threat that is none other then Alexander.

Alexander smiles smugly at the warrior, “I will get to the b*tch. And you are not going to stop me.” Alexander spots me through one of the windows. “You will be mine and I will make you pay dearly for what you and your little Alpha have done.” He says to me bareing his teeth.

The warrior growls out a warning grabbing Alexander’s attention once again before he now shifts into Finn. Finns dark eyes meet mine now and he growls out menacingly before he launches his assault on the Warrior.

I watched as Finn starts to over power the warrior and Andra pushes us away from the window just as a howl of pain rips from his throat and a sharp stabbing pain penetrates my chest.

“He is gone Holly, there is nothing we can do except get all these people down into the panic room.” Andra says trying to snap my out of my haze again.

“HOLLY MOVE” Andra says forcibly, and that does the trick. I wipe the tears that had escaped my eyes and look up to see everyone standing just behind me. There is a loud thud that hits the door causing it to rattle. Their sceams fill the air as Finn continues to throw himself into the door.

“EVERYONE TO THE PAINC ROOM, GO NOW” I yell once I am able to find my voice again, they all rush down into the basement, Ella had come down with the kids now and was guiding eveyone in the pack house through a long tunnel that connected to the underground bunker.

I follow behind making sure no one is left behind this time. Once eveyone is safely in the bunker I go to leave. I can not let Alexander keep destroying my pack.

“We need to end this once and for all.” Andra says as the humming I have come to realize is our power coming forth. It is so strong that it causes vibrations in our body. Andra joins me and we share control of our body now simultaneously.

“Holly wait,” Ella yells out.

Turning around I can see what she is about to say, “Lock the doors, do not open them until I, your mate, or Jason tell you to. Do you understand?” I command Ella, I didn’t want to use my Luna command but I knew she would try to talk me into staying in the bunker with them. I can not though, I can not let another pack member die because of me. Because of Alexander’s greed for power.

She nods her head and does as she was commanded. I wait until I hear the lock engaging before I race back out into the basement and up the stairs back into the main pack house. I can hear the door creaking and poping as Finn continues to ram his body into the door trying to get in.

“We need to get him away from the pack house, away from anyone else that could get hurt.” Andra says and I take off out the front door, rounding the house I stop at the cells building. Eric is still sprawled out along with he other warriors in the front of the building and the ones inside. They all appear to still be breathing, good he did not kill them atleast, but that does not mean he won’t if he has the opportunity.

The wind shifts directions then carrying my scent to Finn. He stops his attack on the pack house, Turing to face me now, Finn snarls at Andra and I. He shifts back to his human before he stalks down the hill.

“Your mate killed my father” he growls out his eyes swirl with the black of his wolf’s. “I am going to make you both pay dearly for that” He says with a sneer.

Andra laughs as she comes all the way forward now. “You are mistaken there Alex” She says as she shifts into her beautiful white wolf.

Andras ears are laid back flat against her head, she snarls at Finn showing all her razor sharp teeth. Finn waste no time taking back control from Alex and also shifts, he growls now in response.

“Do not underestimate him Andra, I know you can feel what ever is effecting him, it is very strong.” I tell my Wolf. She growls again never taking her eyes off her enemy.

She is ready to end this all today, she circles Finn slowly taking everything about him in. He appears very jumpy causing his movements to be erratic and not smooth and fluid. He lunges for us suddenly, he catches Andra by the back hip with his claws knocking Andra to the ground.

She scrambles back to her feet as pain radiates through her back left leg, Finn tackles her once again and pins Andra beneath him. Andra uses her back legs to claw at his belly but with one injuredshe is not able to do much damage, he howls in pain as his blood spills onto her white coat but he does not loosen his hold, snapping his jawls just inches from her face Andra manages to wiggle her right front paw out from under his weight.

Andra lashes out across his face, her claws dragging down his snout, Finn stumbles backwards releasing her from his hold. He now has three long gashes down the left side of his face. Andra winces in pain as she tries to stand and put weight on her back leg.

The humming with in her grows stronger as she glares at Alexander, Andra is fed up with the games, she did not want to use her powers to deal with Alex since she knew neither she nor Holly were completely recovered from the last time they used their powers on him, but it looks like they will have to. They have to ends this now.

Drawing her power forth Andra stands tall now, just a inch over Finn. The power that is radiating off of Andra now causes Finn to take a involuntary step back. Andra growls before she launches her attack first this time.

She if savage as she bites and claws any bit of flesh that is with in her reach. She and Finn roll on the ground fighting for dominance until Andra ends up on top. Finn struggles to get free but our mist seeps out of Andras chest, the tentacles pinning Alex to the ground. Without hesitating Andra grabs him by the throat, piercing his delicate flesh with her sharp teeth she rips his throat out in one fluid movement.

Shock is evident in his eyes as his wolf registers what just happened. His blood pours from his neck, pooling in the grass underneath him as his body goes limp.

Andra sags in relief, it is over, she and Holly can finally have peace from this monster.

“Luna” a voice says, it sounds so far off now. And why is the ground swaying so much. I think before Andra falls to the ground and gives me back control. I shift back noticing the large gash on my hip, it is pretty deep but I know it will start to heal soon.

“Luna, are you ok” Eric says as he skids to a stop and drops down to take in my injuries. “Sh!t, Jason is so going to kick my a*ss” He says to himself.

I can not help it, I laugh, he is right Jason and Knight are not going to be happy at the news that Alexander got out and not only killed a pack member but also managed to hurt me.

“We will deal with him later. We need to check on the others and make sure they are all okay. And find out how in the hell he managed to get out of the cells in the first place. ” I tell him as I try to get back on my feet, this only causes him to shake his head.

“No, you are going to the pack hospital to get checked over, you used your powers again to subdue him and now you look a little green.” He laughs when I growl out as he picks me up bridal style and carries me to the damn hospital. I am getting really tired of being in that place.

“I am fine” I say through gritted teeth.

“Nope, not going to work, you are going.” I roll my eyes at him then and just let him take me in.

Five hours later

After sitting in the hospital for hours I finally had enough of the poking and left. Eric was not happy with my decision but I felt fine, the claw marks on my side had already started to heal and the world had stopped spinning after thirty minutes with the IV bag.

Andra agrees she wants to get out of here and check on everyone else, Eric was keeping all the information to himself and it was starting to p*ss her off.

“Where are you going? You really need to be rest—” I push him against the wall, my hand wrapped around his throat. I knew my eyes were gold, I could see it in the reflection of the glass cabinet next to the wall.

“I am not about to lay in a damn hospital bed anymore. Now you can either tell me the state of the pack or I will figure it out on my own when I walk out that door.” I growl out point to the door that leads to the outside.

He gently touches my hand, I did not squeeze originally just wanted to get my point across that I would not be kept in the dark any longer.

“Ok,” He says and I release him. “A couple warriors are hurt pretty bad, mainly the ones who originally tired to stop him before they called for help. They are here in the hospital.” With out thinking twice I walk back into the main portion of the hospital.

I find them all in one big triage room, Doc is currently working on one warrior who has a pretty nasty sized gash from his left shoulder down to his right hip.

“Luna you should not be in here.” Doc says, a nurse then tries to shoo me out of the room, but with one look she stops in her tracks and backs away. I step up to the side of the hospital bed and take the warriors hand in my own. He is still unconscious.

Andra comes forth just enough and my mist slowly covers his abdomen. Doc stands with his mouth agape as he watches the gashes slowly get smaller.

“He is not completely healed but it should be enough to take him out of critical condition” I say as I move onto the others. All their vitals now slowly return to a more normal level.

“Have you heard from Jason and the others yet?” I ask Eric as we head out of the hospital finally.

He shakes his head “No nothing yet, I am sure he felt something earlier but….”I stop in my tracks as I step through the doors leading to the outside.

Andra whines in my head as she remembers the warrior who lost his life. “Did he have a family?” I ask Eric.

“No he was young and had not found his mate yet.” Eric says.

I gaze up at the sky now the sun should start setting soon. “Moon Goddess, please bless her with a new mate.” I say to my self. A soft breeze picks up blowing my hair in different directions as a smile graces me lips, she heard and I believe she will take care of her.

I want to inspect the cells and see if there is anything that will tell us just how Alexander managed to break free. Just as we are about there a loud roar fills the air. My entire body is now covered in goosebumps from the force of the roar. There is only one person that could do that.

“Mate is home” Andra says her tail swishing back and forth.

“Holly where are you, Doc said you left the hospital” came a voice that I have missed.

I turn around and run back up the little hill just as Jason exits the hospital his eyes swirling with red, his nostrils flare when my scent hits him. He reaches me faster then I thought he would, he now has me wrapped up on his arms as he buries his nose in the crook of my neck taking in my scent.

“What happened” Jason growls out looking to his Beta for a explanation.

“Alex felt his dad die. And manage to break out of the cells. He attacked anyone who got in his way of getting to me.” I say quickly, I know Eric was nervous to tell his Alpha and best friend what had happened. He mouths a ‘Thank you’ when Jason was not paying attention, I just nod and give him a small smile.

“Where is he I am going to kill him.” Knight growls out taking control, drawing me into his chest even more if that was even possible.

I place my hand on the side of his face forcing him to look at me now. “He is already dead. Andra and I killed him. He is gone.”

Jason pull me into his chest again and kisses the top of my head, I wrap my arms around his waist and just breath him in again.

It is finally over they are gone.

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