Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 6

I’m blinded by a bright light suddenly and once it dissipates I realize I’m not in the bar any more. I’m not to sure where I am, there is a beautifull little lake with a steady waterfall that is just breath taking. It’s night time and the moon is high in the sky and the stars are shining brighter then I have ever seen.

I am no longer wearing my jeans and tank top anymore. Instead now I am wearing a white gown with a V-neck line and the back is a even deeper V, most of my back can feel the cool air that is blowing in the breeze.

I hear movement to my right, I spin around to see what’s there and Andra my Wolf steps just out of the tree line. Her beautiful golden eyes are shining bright in the darkness, as she approaches me I notice her fur is glowing almost silver under the moonlight.

“Hello Holly” She says. Something is different about her, I can feel a power radiating off her like I have never felt before. She also seems bigger then before, she’s always been a big she wolf but now she is even bigger. She now stands as tall as me while on all fours, she has more muscles that feel out her frame more.

“Andra, where are we?” I ask taking in all the changes that have happened to my Wolf. When did she start to change? I begin to wonder to myself.

“This is my realm, it’s where I come when we aren’t together” She says. “Come now we don’t have much time and there is alot to explain.”

She makes her way to the waters edge and sits down looking out twords the waterfall. “We used a lot of energy when our alpha aura manifested because of that douchbag. So I brought you into my world until your body has the chance to recover” She says.

“Wait, Alpha aura? How do I have a Alpha aura?” I was shocked at what she just said.

“Yes, we have a Alphas aura, because we are a alpha.” Andra says turning to look back at me when I sit beside her. I am in complete shock by this, how am I a Alpha? How have we never known until now I wonder.

“Andra, what is happening to us?” I ask my Wolf.

“I don’t know everything that’s happening to us. I just know that what we’ve been told about ourselves isn’t true. We are not Omegas.” She says, if a wolf could grin that is exactly how she looked.

“We are so much more then we ever thought possible. We are powerful. We are special.” Andra says with so much passion and pride. “We come from an old lineage of werewolves, from some of the first of the werekind. This makes us stronger then the average wolf and gifted as well.”

Seriously gifted? This can’t be right. “What kind of gifts are we supposed to have?” I ask completely confused as to how we could be some special wolf with powers.

“We won’t have all of them until our 21st birthday in a few months but some may manifest sooner, like the Alpha aura.” She says looking over at me her eyes sparkling in the moonlight. “We have to be careful in who we trust Holly, there are wolves out that that want us solely for our power and the power that we can give our mate.” If a wolf could grin I swear she whould have been then.

“But he rejected us remember, he didn’t want us because he thought we were to weak to be Luna.” I say as I remember the feeling of his rejection.

“Alex and Finn were not worthy of you my dear.” A woman’s voice says from behind me. I spin around to see a beautiful woman with jet black hair an gold eyes just like Andras. She wears a tiara with a crescent moon on it and there are twinkling lights in her hair that resemble bright stars. She wears a solid white dress that softly flows all the way to her feet with a gold tasseled rope around her waist like a belt. Almost matching the dress that I now wear.

“I thought those two would grow up but sadly they never did.” The woman says as she approaches Andra and I. “They never lived up to their full potential and I’m sorry I gave you to them in the first place. Your new mate is a much better man and wolf.” She continues smiling.

What? New mate? Who is this woman? Andra giggles as I had forgot she can still hear my thoughts even here in her relam.

“She is the Moon Goddess, Selene.” Andra replies and I go white as a ghost as I peice it all together now. The moon goddess is standing right in front of me and I had no idea. Why is she here in the first place?

“What the hell Andra, you could of said something a little sooner.” I tell my Wolf as I panically look back at Selene who burst in to laughter along with Andra.

“You are fine my child. No need to worry about formalities here.” Selene says an she takes my hand in hers. “I know you have many questions about your past. I can’t give you all the information you seek as you have to learn the truth on your own my dear. But be careful in who you trust like Andra said. There are those who seek the power that you will hold for terrible reasons. You must stay alert and vigilant. The danger is getting closer and if they get what they want then everything will be lost.”

“Why can’t you just stop them then?” I ask confused as to why she wouldn’t be able to change or prevent whatever terrible thing that was coming.

Shaking her head with a sad smile “No my dear I am not allowed to interfere. I only match wolves to their humans and mates. What each wolf chooses to do in the end is completely up to them.” She looks at me fondly, her eyes sparkling once again “I do have something for you my child,” an she places her hand on my right shoulder.

There is a bright light emanating from her hand that causes a slight stinging sensation on my skin. She smiles brightly at me when she removes her hand and nods to Andra.

“It’s time to go back Holly” Andra says as she turns to look at me, I still have so many questions that I want to ask the Moon Goddess but I nod in understanding.

Andra places her big wolf head to mine and then I’m blinded by the same bright light once again. Man I’m getting tired of that. I can feel a headache start to settle in and I groan in pain, Oh that hurt like hell, why does my throat hurt do much.

Suddenly I’m hit with a intoxicating scent that just seems to surround me. Oh Goddess what is that smell, it smells like Sandalwood and Frankincense, oh my I just want to roll around and bathe in it.

I suddenly feel tingles on my cheek as someone strokes my skin, I can hear them gently whispering for me to wake up an open my eyes. I turn my head into the big rough hand that is holding my face trying to get closer to the scent and the warmth that seems to fill my soul from that simple touch.

Man seriously what is this, I have never felt anything like this before. Andra then whispers “Its time, open your eyes Holly” I slowly try and pry my eye lids apart and I am met with a pair of familiar Hazel eyes, the same eyes I remember seeing through Andras eyes from when we passed out at the bar “MATE”.

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