Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 7

Earlier in the same day while Holly is in Andras Realm: Holly’s is still unconscious. There hasn’t been any change in her condition since we first brought her in.

Sara, Eric and I were taking shifts to make sure someone is always there with her in case she wakes up. I took first watch through the night, I’ve watched her monitors constantly looking and hoping for any change that she might wake up soon.

The morning light is starting to stream into the hospital windows as day break approaches. Knight and I don’t want to leave her at all but we have to deal with the four youngsters that had been at the bar when Holly collapsed.

It was now seven a.m. and Sara just walked into Holly’s hospital room to sit with her while Eric and I find out what happened last night.

“Morning Alpha, How is she?” Sara asks setting her things down in the chair in the corner of the room and turning to look at her friend.

Knight whimpers still very worried about his mate, “She’s ok but still no change yet” I wonder how long it will take to get the results of the labs back from The Halo Pack? I made a mental note to ask the Doctor about it. “If anything happens mindlink me.” I say an kiss Holly’s temple.

Sara was now beside Holly’s bed holding her hand. She nodded her head “Yes Sir, I’ll let you know immediately.”

I leave the hospital and make my way back to the pack house to take a quick shower before heading to the meeting. Only the Alpha, Beta and Gammas live in the pack house, the rest of the pack members have their own individual homes throughout the pack lands. It’s a two story annabellum style home just way bigger. Like five times as big, there were large pillars all the way around the home with a balcony that also wrapped around the home too.

The pack house had been be designed in the shape of a square that was open in the back with a large garden in the middle. The center of the house and basement were for the entire pack. It held the offices, ballroom, kitchen, dining room, game rooms and indoor gym. The right wing held the private residence for the Alpha, Beta and Gamma. The left wing of the home was spare rooms for visitors. The pack house was always full of life, just the way I liked it.

I made my way the the Alpha residence at the end of our wing. Here the quite was deafening, before I found my mate I didn’t spead a lot of time here for that reason, I preferred my office in the middle of all the chaos of the house. Now I can’t wait to show Holly it and have her turn it into a true home. Somewhere that I can’t wait to escape to to be with my family at the end of the day.

Knight howled in my mind “I can’t wait to see our mate swollen with our pup.” He says wagging his tail with his tongue hanging out.

Just the thought of seeing our mate pregnant with our pup and the thought of exactly how that pup would get in there had me twitching in my pants. Goddess this was not the time to have thoughts like this as our mate was still laying unconscious in the pack hospital. I made my way to the master bath and turned the shower on as cold as it would go to cool my raging hormones.

I striped out of my clothes, the evidence of my sudden desire for my mate springing up and throbbing once I removed my boxers. I stepped into the shower hissing as the bite of the cold water hit my skin. That did the trick, now with my mind clear from dirty thoughts I showered quickly ready to get the meeting done with so I could go back to my mates bedside.

“Boss, you ready yet?” My Beta mindlinks me as I’m finishing getting dressed.

“I’m on my way now. I’ll meet you there.” I say and cut the link.

Making my way through the pack house I see it start to come to life. The cooks are in the kitchen getting everything ready for breakfast for everyone. With it being Saturday that ment a full day of training for everyone that was over the age of 13.

Everyone is in the office when I arrive, Eric stands to the left side of my desk while the four young men are lined up in front waiting for me. Mike Williams, Aaron Landry, Zackary Evens and Jameson Calhoun.

Upon entering they all bow their heads to me in respect. I know they can tell Knight is also present as my eyes swirl with his Red color and he releases some of his Alpha aura.

Knight is not happy right now, he knows these pups had something to do with his mates condition even if it was unintentional. A small growl rumbles from my chest as Knight makes sure they all know just how pissed off he is.

“So what happened yesterday at the bar?” I ask looking pointedly at Mike as I ask the four of them. Holly and her wolf’s anger had neen directed solely at him last night so he must have done something to trigger her. Aaron, Zack and Jameson all look at Mike, confirming my suspicion that he was the main cause of conflict.

“We didn’t do anything to the Rogue Alpha. She must not have been watching what she was doing an triped.” Mike says all nonchalantly shrugging his shoulders.

Knight growls and comes forward taking over control, “You might want to watch how you speak about my mate and your Luna!” He says slamming his fist on my desk.

All the color drains form the boys. Mike has the audacity to looked repulsed by what Knight said and that just infuriates my wolf even more.

“There is no way a rogue can be our Luna.” Mike says in disbelief.

I’m around my desk with my hand wrapped around Mike’s throat with in seconds, squeezing just enough to cut-off his oxygen slightly. Knight is now ready to rip the kid apart for talking about his mate like that.

“SHE IS YOUR LUNA! I think you better be very carefully about what you say next pup or the only rogye there will be is you, if your even that lucky. Do I make myself clear?” Knight says as a menacing growl rips from my chest his aura is so thick right now it’s almost suffocating.

Mike nods his head the best he can with my hand still wrapped around his neck.

“Yes Alpha” he mutters as he struggles to breath. His eyes still hold contempt and defiance. I turn to the other three boys, my Alpha aura suffocating them it’s that strong.

“Yes Alpha” they say trembling where they stand.

“We need to keep an eye on this one” I say to Knight, watching Mike carefully through my wolf’s eyes.

“Leave” Knight growl out, dropping the pup an makes his way back to my desk. He gives me back control now as I hang me head trying to control my own anger.

“We need to go to mate NOW!” Knight suddenly yells out, I jump out of my seat and sprint for the door and take the stairs as fast as possible nearly falling a couple times in my haste to get to the hospital.

Eric is following behind “Dude slow down, what going on?”

Stopping at the front door I sling it open and turn to my Beta, “I don’t know, Knight says Holly needs us!” I sprint out the door and down the steps. Running the short distance to the hospital, there are a few pack members around the house that cast a curious gaze at their Alpha who now looks like some deranged wolf.

All the nurses also look at us nervously as we run down the hallway to Holly’s room. I sling the door open and Sara nearly jumps out of her skin when it bounces off the door stopper and sees her brother and I standing there looking like mad men.

“What’s going on?” She asked as she raises to her feet looking behind us for any sign of danger.

“Has anything happened since I left this morning?” I ask Sara as I rush to check on my mate. Checking for any sign that she may have been hurt. But there’s nothing, no bruises, cuts or marks on her skin.

Sara looks just as confused as Eric. Neither one of them understanding my sudden need to be with Holly “No there hasn’t been any change. She has just been sleeping.”

I continue to check her over, making sure I haven’t missed something. Everywhere our skin touched the bonds tingles spread through out my hands.

“Knight told him Holly needed him” Eric tells his sister. The three of us are all confused as to what was going on and why my wolf would say she needed us as if she was in immediate danger.

Just then a small groan comes from her lips and we are all surprised. My heart nearly jumps out of my chest. She is finally waking up, but how did Knight know it was about to happen I wonder to myself.

Moving my hands I cup her cheek and beg her to wake up. “Please open your eyes” I whisper to her. She trys to bury her face in my hand, it seems the mate bond is affecting her too. A smile spreads across my face when her eyes slowly open and I’m met with beautiful Blue/Grey eyes that take my breath away.

“MATE” Knight and I say together.

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