Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 8

“MATE” Andra and I say as our eyes lock with the most beautiful set of Hazel eyes I think I’ve ever seen.

Just his face looks like it could have been sculpted by the goddess herself with his dark black hair that is just a little bit longer on top, just enough to grab on to and a short black beard that gives him a very rugged look.

He has muscles in all the right places but not to much so that he isn’t obnoxiously buff. His shirt showing off just how perfect those muscles are as they strain the fabric. Goddess I can only imagine what’s under that shirt. s**t am I drooling, yeah I definitely am. Andra is laughing as I stare at my supposed new mate. She starts projecting images of how our mate can use these muscles.

“Goddess he is so hot, definitely better looking then Alexander” Andra pants, her tounge hanging out her mouth. I mentally shake my head at my Wolf, she does have a point though.

I cough and turn my head away from him as a blush floods my cheeks, I sure hope he didn’t see that. Goddess that would be so embarrassing. I’m sure he would have been able to see right through me to where my mind wandered.

Sara then hands me a cup of water, I am so thankful for the minor distraction as I down the water not realizing exactly how thirsty I really was. She refills the cup and I down that one too, my throat was beyond dry. Exactly how long was I out for, I wonder to myself.

Once I think it’s safe I peek back at my mate from under my lashes, he has a small smirk on his lips, as if he truly knew just what I had just been thinking. great.

“How are you feeling mate” he ask and I swear his voice could make any girl melt into a puddle on the floor, it’s deep with a slight country accent. Goddess what is wrong with me I ask to myself. I never felt like this when I found out Alexander was our mate, not even close.

I stumble to finally get the words to come out of my mouth without drooling over him, “I’m ok I think but where exactly am I?”

“You’re at Blackwaters pack hospital. You passed out last night at the bar.” Sara says holding my hand, I give her a small smile. “That’s Eric my brother and the Beta.” She says pointing to the man behind her, I can seen the resemblance in them as they both have similer facial structures and they had the same matching blonde hair and blue eyes.

“An that’s..”, she starts but the incredibly sexy man cuts her off. Did I really just think that, Andra snickers at me as I try to pull my thoughts together and keep them from wandering again.

“Jason Black. Alpha of The Blackwater Pack.” He says, a charming smile spreads across his face. If I thought he was good looking before, goddess when he smiled I swear I could see the heavens. “What is your name Little Mate?”

Blushing bright red at him calling me his Little Mate. I finally studder out “H-Holly Winters” I don’t add the Rogue part pretty sure that has been established with my scent by now.

The door opens and a older man with grey hairs and round glasses walks in, he comes to a stop and bows his head to my new mate. “Alpha” he says and turns to me with a genuine smile “I’m glad to see you are awake Luna. We were a little worried about you.”

I pale a little when he calls me Luna, surely he hasn’t told everyone we are mates yet. My heart rate increases and you can hear the monitor beeping increase as well.

“Hey Hey, you’re ok. I swear nothing bad is going to happen.” Jason says as he rubs small circles on the back of my hand, tingles erupt in the area. The effects of the mate bond helps to calm my racing heart and the machine starts to slow down to a more normal rhythm.

The doctor nods, satisfied to see the numbers return to their normal range and he begins checking the rest of my vital signs and asking about how I feel. Answering honestly “I feel fine. Maybe still a little tired but other then that I’m good.”

I just want to get out of here, I really don’t like hospitals and it’s been so long since I’ve been on any pack lands that I am extremely nervous. I just want to go back to my dingy little room at the motel and resume my normal life.

“OK well since all your labs and test came back fine we want to just watch you for a couple more hours now that your awake to make sure you stay stable. If nothing changes you can be home before dinner” the doctor says. “I’ll check on you again in a few hours.” He says and he walks out the door.

Good the sooner I can get out of here the better I say to my myself. This causes Andra to growl in my head.

“We are not leaving mate,” she growls out at me. I’m taken aback, I can feel a power coming off her in waves. Almost like the one she gave off at the bar.

“We don’t know anyone here but Sara, how do we know we can trust them yet?” Trying to talk some sense into her.

“We don’t have to tell them anything about what the moon goddess said. But maybe they can help us stop whatever is supposed to be coming.” Andra pleads with me. “And remember you said you was going to meet with their alpha anyway to possibly join the pack. So why would we leave now.”

“That was before we found out that said Alpha is apparently our second chance mate. An now since we hold some magical power we don’t know if we can trust him.” I tell Andra

I snap out of my discussion with my wolf to see Jason staring at me with a look of concern on his face. He still continues to rub small circles on my hand trying to comfort me.

“He can’t hear us right?” I ask my Wolf.

“Since we aren’t mated yet he shouldn’t be able to.” She says shrugging her furry shoulders.

Both guys eyes go clouded from a mindlink at the same time, when Jason’s eyes clear I can see the struggle with in him. He is needed else where but doesn’t want to leave me. I’m so not used to this type of attention at all.

I nod my head and pat his hand trying to reassure him “Go ahead you dont need to worry, Sara can stay and keep me company.” I smile to let him know it is ok. He still looks torn for a minute before he stands and kisses my temple, whoa ok I didn’t expect that he would do that, the mate bond is obviously affecting the both of us.

“I’ll be back as soon as I can, Don’t leave her side!” He says to Sara sternly.

She now also surprise me too when she rolls her eyes at her Alpha. “I got it” and laughs. Oh s**t, is she crazy, how in the world can she speak to her Alpha that way. Most would have thrown her in the dungeon or had her killed for such disrespect.

Jason just laughes at her antics and walks out with his Beta following behind.

“Girl what the hell was that? Are you crazy? He could have you killed!” The words tumble out of my mouth the moment the guys close the door behind them. Had anyone in my last pack have done that even as a joke the Alpha would have had them killed. He was not a kind Alpha, he was not even ruthless, he was sadistic.

Sara starts laughing I mean full on belly laughing, this only made me scowl at her in confusion. How can she think this is funny.

“Calm down, your right had it been anyone else but Eric or I that acted that way to him yes we would have been in serious trouble. But the three of us have grown up together our whole lives, he is used to my smart mouth at times. I wouldn’t disrespect him like that especially in front of other pack members.” She says wiping the tears that have escaped her eyes during the laughing fit.

Once she has calmed down she sits on the edge of the hospital bed looking at me seriously. “How are you, really?”

I look out the window briefly before looking back at Sara. “Honestly I don’t know, I’m still not sure what all happened with the Mike thing and his friends. I never thought I would have another mate let alone another Alpha. I just don’t know how to feel or what to do.” I tell her.

“It’s ok to be scared, I would be too after all the stuff you have told me. I would be nervous to trust anyone but myself. But Holly we aren’t like them, just give us a chance, give Jason a chance.” Sara pleads with me. “He has been looking for you since the moment he could shift.”

I stare at my friend for a few moments and realize I know she and my Wolf are right. I need to try, and give them all a chance but I am to scared to. All I wanted growing up was to find my mate so he could take me away from those awful people. An Alexander ruined that. Now that I’m supposedly some special kind of wolf it makes me even more nervous to trust anyone.

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