Her Second Chance Alpha Chapter 9

After the meeting

Seriously there is no way that a rogue could ever be Luna. Not to our pack not to any pack, it just wasn’t right.

My family has been apart of The Blackwater Pack since before Black Willow separated from us back when my grandfather was one of the head warriors.

Dad and pop always talked about how stupid it was to split the pack up, we were stronger together. The packs had been told the reason the brothers split the pack was because they couldn’t agree on how to run it, so instead of starting a war they divided the pack into two packs and allowed its members to decide who they wanted to follow.

Since Pop was the top warrior at the time he knew the real reason behind the split. Blackwaters Alphas mate was a human and his brother did not like this, he thought it would make the pack weak if it’s Luna was a human. She would be a easy target for any rival packs that would want to take out the pack.

Now our Luna is supposed to be some rogue She-wolf that we know nothing about. Alpha Jason is so completely blinded by the mate bond to see the trouble that this rogue could cause the pack. Hell she was already ruining s**t, the Alpha wanted to meet with all four of us in the office to discuss the incident from last night at the bar.

After she passed out the Alpha command she had given me dissipated. This rogue had given me a Alpha command, a rogue, a fility rogue gave me a alpha command.

Now the guys were scared not only of her now but also Alpha Jason since he damn near torn my head off. I will never accept that she-wolf as my Luna.

After I left the Alphas office I needed to go for a run to burn off some of my anger. Going out the side door of the pack house I sprint to the tree line, I didn’t even stop to take off my clothes I just leaped into the forest and shredded my clothes as I shifted into my chocolate brown wolf Dan.

Dan takes off into the forest, he runs for what feels like hours when he finally stops by a small creek that runs on the edge of the pack lands. He goes to get a drink when we hear a twig snap behind us, he spins around quickly and growls at the intruder.

A man stands there looking at Dan and I with a smirk on his face. Dan growls again bareing his teeth.

“Easy there pup.” He says with his hands raised in mock surrender, “I’m on your side man.”

I step back and shift back. “Who are you and what do you want?” I question him staying alert incase this is some kind of ambush.

He smiles again, “The same thing as you, the Rogue she-wolf. I need her and you want her gone.”

What the hell is going on. What does she have to do with this guy? See I knew she was nothing but trouble.

“What do you want with her?” I ask the strange man.

“It’s not that I want her for myself but my clients do. I know she has been taken into your pack, I just need help getting to her.” He says walking closer to me. “She sure did embarrassed the s**t out of you last night.”

He was there? Dan growls hating being reminded of the incident “This would be the easiest way to get rid of her.” Dan says. “No one would even know we were involved.”

“What do I get if I help you?” I ask the man.

“Her out of your hair, revenge on the cause of your embarrassment.” He smirks with that.

I shake my head “Thats not good enough.”

He sighs and starts to circle me, I keep my eyes on him, he doesn’t smell like a wolf but I still wasn’t sure he was just a human. Something about the guy didn’t seem right.

“Fine, What do you want?” He ask stopping in front of me.

I think over it for a few minutes, “Ten thousand dollars” I say smirking at him. If he isn’t serious about this then he will back off.

Shockingly he looks back to me smugly, “Deal. You get me the information to get to the she-wolf and once I have her you will get your money.” He reaches out to shake hands on the deal.

Hesitating for only a moment I take his hand “Well I hope you’ve got some more people to help you. Your definitely going to need them to get to her.” I say with a smile as I shake his hand.

He looks confused for a second. “An why is that?”

“Because she isn’t just some she-wolf now, she’s the Luna” I say and a shocked look comes over his face that he quickly trys to hide.

“s**t” He mutters under his breath. “Where is she right now? Have they completed the mating process yet?” He seems slightly panicked now as he rattles off questions at me.

“She’s been in the hospital since she was brought here. I don’t know if she has woken up yet but Alpha Jason stayed there all night.” A scowl setting on my face again as I remember how he had treated me, a pack member, a future warrior over some stupid rogue.

He looks to now be lost in his thoughts, then reaching into his jacket pocket he pulls out a small cell phone and hands it to me. “I need to know exactly where she is, who’s with her and the best ways to get in. Use this phone and only this one to contact me.” His eyes are swirling with black now, his wolf now making his presence known. What the hell, he is a wolf!

Suddenly there is a burning sensation on my neck, a silent scream rips from me as I fall to the ground trying to claw at the area. It finally starts to subsided and I’m able to catch my breath some, I stumble back to my feet.

“What the hell was that?” I yell at him.

I reach up to feel my neck but it doesn’t feel any different other then its tender to the touch, I look at him again confused as to what happened.

“Don’t worry your alpha won’t be able to see the Rogue Mafias brand. Only its members can see it.” He says pulling the collar of his shirt down displaying the letters RM inside a crescent moon.

The Rogue Mafia, s**t what have I got myself into. “You didn’t say anything about joining the mafia!” I yell at him, stumbling back to my feet.

A sinister smile now on his face.”Would you rather die then?” He tosses me an obsidian pendent. “Wear that when you don’t want others to sense your wolf, it will also make you smell like a human.”

So that’s how come I couldn’t tell he was a werewolf.

“Now go I want to get to her sooner rather then later.” He then pulls out another cell phone and begins texting someone. When he notices I’m still standing there he growls out “GO NOW” I take off into the forest to make my way back to the pack house.

Two hours later I’m standing in the tree line behind the pack house as I watch Alpha Jason and Beta Eric walk out of the pack hospital and back into the pack house.

“The she-wolf isn’t with him so she must still be in the hospital.” Dan says. “We need to get closer to see which room she is in.”

I grab a pair of basketball shorts that we keep hidden throughout the forest and slip them on. I stick the phone and pendent in the pocket and make my way around the side of the hospital. All the windows have the blinds closed so I can’t see inside and they can’t see me unless they look out.

I walk the outer perimeter hoping that the rogues scent will be strong enough to pick up from outside the building but its not, “s**t” I say “I guess I have to go in now.”

“Put the pendent on. We can go in from the back, we just need to stay out of sight otherwise we will have a lot to explain about why we are scent less.” Dan says as I slip the pendent around my neck.

We make our why to the back of the hospital, slipping in through the back door. I make my way down the long hallway with rooms on either side. We can smell the rogue, she has to be close. I pick up on two voices coming from one of the patient rooms. Being as quite as possible while watching for anyone to come down the hall I manage to crack the door open without the two occupants noticing.

The rogues scent hits me then, I want to gag so bad but I manage to hold it in, why do they have to smell of rotten eggs, this is definitely her room. Before I back away from the door I am able to hear part of their conversation.

‘It’s ok to be scared, I would be too after all the stuff you have told me. I would be nervous to trust anyone but myself. But Holly we aren’t like them, just give us a chance, give Jason a chance.’ A she wolf says.

So she doesn’t trust easily, good she shouldn’t and I hope her and the Alpha don’t have a chance to complete the mate bond. Not wanting to waste any more time I make my way back out the back door of the hospital. Once outside again I head to the tree line and pull the cell phone out of my pocket. Going to the contacts I see one contact ‘Trigger’.

I dail the number and what for him to answer.

“What do you got?” Trigger ask

“She is still in the hospital for now. Room 11. There is another she-wolf in the room with her. No one else was around, go in through the back door of the smaller building.” I tell him.

“Stay close by, I’ll be in touch.” Is all he says and ends the call.

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