Her Second Chance Alpha Epilogue

Six Months Later – The Halo Pack

After Alexander’s final attack that day we started putting everything together that happened leading up to his escape.

Inside his cell there was a empty vial that was found under some of the debris. After examining it Heather had confirmed that it was an enhancing potion. After Alex felt the death of his father we assumed he took the contents of the vial that he had hidden somewhere on his body.

Once the potion took effect he pretty much hulked out. That explained his sudden abnormal werewolf abilities that I was able to pick up on. We were able to figure out that the reason Alpha Victor died as quickly as he did from injuries that could have healed was apparently do to the powers that Jason received once we finally complete the mating bond. Not only is Knight bigger then he was before, it appears he has a venom or something that will not allow a werewolfs accelerated healing to work. Any cut, gash or scratch that breaks the skin will not heal, if it is serious enough it can be deadly.

The Dark Witch had been put on trial and sentenced to death for her part in my kidnapping all those years ago and for conspiring to kidnap a Luna. The Coven Council had not been very happy with her death but like my father said once he explained the severity of her crimes they changed their minds. They knew that The King had the ability to decimate their numbers if he truly wanted to, and they did not want to start a war with him.

It has been quite for months now but there are rumors of a up rising starting to circulate through many packs. Rogues are banding together forming one giant pack. Information on their leader and who he actually is are kept under wraps, none of the rogues that have been caught so far have never seen him. He goes by Draven, meaning One who emerges from the shadows.

Jason and I have our suspicions of who their leader is but there is no concrete evidence to connect the two together so far. Our warriors have been very busy in helping train warriors in smaller packs to defend themselves and in return the smaller packs have become allies with not only Blackwater but Black Willow and The Halo Pack also.

Over the past few months I have spent alot of time getting to know my parents and I have started to really think of them as my mom and dad. My mother broke down the first time I called her Momma, I had not even realized I said it until I noticed the tears in her eyes. It just felt right in that moment.

Tonight is the night of the Winter Solstice Ball that my mother puts on every year. It will also be the night that I am officially declared the Princess of The Halo Pack. I also had my on news to share with my mate and I thought that tonight would make the perfect time.

I smile at my reflection in the floor length mirror, my hand covering my still flat abdomen. I had been sick for several days last week and was unable to keep anything down, at first I thought that I had caught a stomach bug which would be rare for werewolves but it does happen.

When I did not feel any better after a few days I finally I went in to the pack hospital to see the OB/GYN, pregnancy was the only other explanation for how I was feeling. The nurse drew my blood and I sat in the tiny room waiting to hear the results. When the doctor came back in with a bright smile on her face I knew it was positive.

“Congratulations Luna, your are about three weeks along.” She says handing me a copy of the test results.

Tears are streaming down my face as I read the words, HCG – POSITIVE.

“Andra, we have a pup, we are going to be a mom.” Andra is running circles in my mind and howling with joy now.

“I am sure you are aware that a werewolf pregnancy is a little shorter then a humans, weres being only six months instead of nine. You won’t be able to shift after six weeks and I would advice you not to over use your powers during training since they tend to cause exhaustion.” She says as she handed me a bottle of prenatal vitamins.

“Take one of these every day, and here is your next appointment for two weeks. By then we should be able to see the little bean with the ultrasound. Congratulations again Luna!” And she walked out of the room.

Some how I had managed to keep the news to myself for a whole week. That was extremely hard as both Andr a and I wanted to scream it from the roof tops. Jason being away going over the new Allied packs training had helped some.

Sara pokes her head into the room then and I quickly lower my hand from my abdomen, I turn to face her. “It is time, are you ready?”

I nod, “As ready as I am ever going to be” I say with a smile.

Liam and Sara had officially moved in together in a cute little cottage style house not to far from the pack house after the last attack. Jason had finally agreed that he was not a threat to my safety and allowed him to join the pack. Sara was currently about four months pregnant with their little girl. I was so excited that our kids would get to grow up together and hoped they would be the best of friends.

The Halo Packs Pack house was massive, it was basically a modern day castle. I stop at the landing before the final set of stairs as Sara continues on. Closing my eyes I take a deep breath to calm my nerves and keep my hands from shaking.

“We got this.” Andra says lending me a bit of her confidence.

I open my eyes, I take the cream colored fabric of my dress in one hand, lifting it slightly to keep from tripping on it as I descend down the stairs.

Standing at the bottom of the stairs is the most handsome man I have ever seen. Jason stands there in his tailored black suit, his muscles filling out his jacket perfectly. His eyes light up red as Knight comes forward to admire his mate too. His hair is styled back out of his face, his beard had been trimmed to where I could just run my fingers through it.

“You look stunning Little Mate” Jason says as he places a gentle kiss to my lips as his hands settle on my waist.

I place my hand on his chest acting as if I am straightening his tie, “You don’t look to shabby yourself Mate.” I smile up at him.

“Shall we” He says holding his arm out for me. I nod and wrap my arm through his, he leads us to the enormous ball room that was overflowing with guest that had come for the Mating Ball.

I watch as my father steps onto the stage and the music stops playing and eveyone goes quiet.

“I want to thank you all very much for come tonight for the Winter Solstice Mating Ball.” He says and the entire room erupts into applause.

“I see we have already made a few matches already this evening.” He adds as he looks across the crowd searching. If his smile could grow any bigger I am sure it would have when he finally spotted Jason and I in the back of the ballroom.

“Tonight is extra special” He calls my mother onto the stage now, “As many of you know our only child was abducted right after she was born, even though there was no trace of her my mate and I never gave up hope that maybe one day the Moon Goddess would bring her back to us.” He looks at my mother then “And she has granted our wish. Holly, Jason would you please come up here” He says as he motions for Jason and I to join him.

Jason leans over and kisses my temple and gives my hand a gentle squeeze of encouragement as he leads me forward to the stage. The crowd parts for the two of us, gasps can be heard throughout the room from the guest as we pass.

Stepping up the steps to the stage my parents pull Jason and I between the two of them.

“I would like to introduce you all to our daughter and the Princess of The Halo Pack Holly Black and her Mate Jason Black, Alpha of The Blackwater Pack.” If I thought the Applause was loud the first time, now it was deafening, the crowd cheers at the news of the princess being found alive after all these years.

We spend the next hour mingling with many guest as they welcome me home. Finally Jason and I are able to break free from everyone and make our way outside to the royal garden. Andra is bouncing off the walls inside my mind, her excitement is simply spilling out of the two of us.

We stroll under the fairy lights for a bit before stopping next to the water fountain that is situated in the center of the garden. I turn taking his hands and smiling up at him.

“What is it little Mate, you look like there is something you want to share.” He says with a chuckle as he cups my cheek and pulling me into his chest.

“Umm, what would you say if I told you there was going to be another set of little feet running though pack house soon.”

He looks at me for a moment as he processes my words and then his mouth falls open. I laugh as he tries to say anything but nothing come out and he looks like a fish out of water. Andra snorts in my head and I can’t help but laugh as well.

“A-are y-ou p-pregnant?” He manages to studder out and I nod my head.

Before I realize it he has captured my lips. Andra is howling with joy and I can feel Jasons excitement as it spills through our bond. He ends the kiss and places his hand on my flat abdomen, his eyes shining even in the limited light as he looks at his hand.

“I love you Holly”

“I love you too Jason”

Now this is the start of my life, what I have always wanted, I have a family that does want me, friends that I love dearly and a baby of my own on the way with the man or Wolf of my dreams with my Second Chance Alpha.

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  1. This story was exciting and wonderful. It has made me go through a rollercoaster of emotions. I like the story very much.

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