Her Second Chance Alpha Prologue

Today was supposed to be the best day of my life. Today I turn 18 and shift for the first time. My name is Holly Winters and I’m the orphaned Omega of The Silver Bow Pack. I was found at the front gates of the pack by a warrior, no one knows who my parents were or why I was abandoned. They still don’t understand how my parents left me without being seen by the packs wolves.

I grew up in the pack house with the Alpha, Luna and their son. They never really paid any attention to me or anything I did unless I got in their way. And I always seemed to be in Alexander’s way, no matter where I was he was never far behind. A beating from him was never far either once my wolf appeared at 13. I tried to stay as far from him as possible to avoid the beatings but then he always would come looking for me.

Now here I am mated to the very as.shole who made it his mission to make me as miserable as possible growing up. Andra growled in my mind when she realized who our mate was. She hates him as much as I do, she has seen alot of the se*x. Alex has done to me over the years. Though we may not shift until we are 18 we first get our wolves at 13 to bond, so Andra has seen a lot and has been my only friend since then.

“This can’t be right, why would the Moon Goddess pair me with you!” Alexander roared his eyes were swirling with black.

“I can’t have a weak a** Omega as my Luna there has to be some kind of mistake” Alex continued his rant as the other pack members stood by shocked and snickering at my embarrassment.

We stood in the middle of the dining room where everyone that was in the pack house would be able to see and hear all the commotion.

I knew it was coming the rejection, there was no way he would ever accept me no matter how strong the mating bond was he would fight it and that’s exactly what he did in front of everyone.

“I Alexander Stone, Future Alpha of the Silver Bow Pack reject you, Holly Winters as my mate and Luna.” He says with a glint in his eyes as the pain hit me.

I knew this would hurt no matter how much I hated him but the bond still made the rejection hurt like a brea.st I controlled my breathing to manage the pain as best I could and thankfully I stayed standing, he didn’t like that. He thought I would just fall to the ground crying and begging him to accept me, I could see the shock on his face, I mean I’m just and Omega, the rejection should have just about killed me but it didn’t. I guess I’m stronger then any of us thought as I fought to keep atleast a shred of my dignity.

I looked up at him with as much defiance as possible, ” I Holly Winters, accept your rejection Alexander Stone.” And with that I felt the bond pop an snap like a rubber band that had been stretched to far and then a burning sensation started in my chest and it spread all over my body.

Once the pain had subsided again I looked Alex in the eyes and added “I also sever all ties with The Silver Bow Pack.”

Pain flashed across his face as my connection to the pack was severed an as the future Alpha of the pack he would feel the loss of any pack member just as much as his parents would. I made my way to the front door to start my new life far away from this hell hole, as a Rogue.

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